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Guest chapter 35 . 12/8
Finally I can get back at reviewing this story ... even if you probably aren't reading this.
I liked the fight: it kept well with the themes of strategical fights. Ehat I liked most of all, were the adults' reactions: from Mioki being perfectly able to analyze and predict the ending of the match despite being a civilian, to the usual banter between Kakashi and Gai, to Trollrochimaru who truly starts to shine here.
Kudos again!
egemsuperstar chapter 33 . 12/7
Hilarious . I’ve never seen Guy in a date before but I imagine that’s exactly how he would handle it. It was like watching a RomCom but it was so earnest it didn’t feel like you were trying too hard. There are a lot of stories that have to make people completely out of character to be funny but you don’t do that and I love it. Can’t wait for the next one
Ragnarok Ascendant chapter 47 . 12/3
So Orochimaru is this fic's TTS!Alucard.
I didn't know I needed this.
Ragnarok Ascendant chapter 44 . 12/3
So, let's see.

Troll Orochimaru.

Sasuke being reasonable.

Hiruzen being smart in his decision-making.


A wonderful lack of OP characters.

Literally the only possible problems I have with this story are how easily clans give out basic techniques (which you've addressed, and I largely agree with your reasoning) and that some of the emphasis early on seemed a little too like several bashfics I've ended up reading (which was addressed well and quickly, and as it never lingered on the subject too long it's minor).

Thank you for this story.
Ragnarok Ascendant chapter 42 . 12/3
I was not expecting Zabuza.
I am both amused and highly intrigued.
Ragnarok Ascendant chapter 29 . 12/2
I don't know what I expected. It was not this madness.
This is perfection.
Brume Grindellwald chapter 50 . 10/30
Hi ! i don't know if you will read this, but i though it would be nice to try.
I really really love your work. I had a great time reading it and discovery it. And really love your characterisation of the personages, not only team seven but, most if not all of the other characters. With my personal favorits being Anko and Guy. I must admit i may have gotten way more invested in the story then i should have, even if i knew it wasn't finished and was on haitus. But your writing is so good that i had trouble leting go of it and was genuinely sad to see it end. So here is my thank you message, hoping it reaches you well.

Thank you. Thank you for this amazing fic, i had a great time, you are an amazing writer.

PS: please excuse the errors i may have made , i'm not a native speaker and am afraid a few may have skipped past me.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/25
Loving this
Guest chapter 18 . 10/25
I honestly think that at this point i can say that this fanfic is perfect. Please finish it (sorry for the bad english :(( )
Guest chapter 7 . 10/24
I'm loving this
VeraciousFFConsumption chapter 50 . 10/26
Thank you so much for all your work writing this story MrBright01. It was a great joy to read! I hope you come back to it, but as a fellow non-enthusiast (is that even a word?) of Naruto, (just mild fan) I completely understand your hiatus. I'm sad to see such a well written and interesting fic (maybe)lost, buuuut thats the way the cookie crumbles and its just a Fic! I reeeally appreciate this last chapter though. At least having an idea of what is going on in Oro's brain is very satisfying. I hope you have more fun writing your Fallout fic! if I had played any of the game's I'd read it, but I'm hoping to play them at some point, and don't want any spoilers. Also, it might not make complete sense to me atm. I'm not exactly and editor, but your writing is really good! (You have better grammar than some published books I've read, unfortunately...) Also, I'm soooo soorry for all the jerks who gave you Bad reviews. It sucks.
In summary- I grieve for my loss, I celebrate your lighter heart and mind, and I wish you luck in your future endeavours! Have a nice life!
VeraciousFFConsumption chapter 37 . 10/21
Hmmm I don't mind. I trust that you have a reason author, and honestly, it fitted! Although I am soooooo curious about Oro now...
VeraciousFFConsumption chapter 36 . 10/21
Love. The Omake! Bahahahahahahaha! Thank you for that wonderful idea!
Hmmmm I'm looking forward to seeing what your Oro has planned!
VeraciousFFConsumption chapter 35 . 10/20
Really interesting chapter! (especially the last 3 or 4 paragraphs XD ) It was great seeing some of Sakura's new summons in action, and they have such a cool name tooooooo! Poor TenTen, Bluff and everything. Although, maybe if she had thought about why the cat had dropped the vial down there, then she would have realised it was a bluff. Even if she had called Kierri's bluff though, she would have gotten scratched up baaaad. She didn't get to show off any of her skills really, but I suppose she had been deliberately training for the 'Old Style' Chunin Exams, rather than the more 'ninja-ey' New one. I do really appreciate how ninja-ey you've made most of the Characters in your fic! Well done!
Wow. That was grumpy. I applaud your previous self-control, and hope the public announcement (and dressing down) was helpful! It was definitely interesting to read, although I'm not sure whether that's in a good way or a bad way... I didn't go cross-eyed at the last sentence, but my brain did explode in admiration of your eloquence. Buuutt…. I think ya should have said 'with a top hat to tip' rather than 'and a top hat to tip'. Cause, ya know, that's so totally important!
Thank you so much for writing so much of such an awesome story! I can't wait to read more! (Good thing I've still got some more to read!) I hope you can continue to enjoy writing all your fics! (But mainly this one :D)
Peace OUT!
Spades231 chapter 50 . 10/19
Best of wishes to ya mate, hope you enjoy your writing whatever that particular writing may be on.
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