Reviews for One Eye, Full of Wisdom
CinnakinCat chapter 29 . 9/8
I fucking ADORED the fight. It was the perfect chaos.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31
Not really worth its own TV trope page. Or at least, the story is nowhere as good as its title would suggest. Kakashi doesn't act "wise". Instead, he's an insert so the author can complain about the original series. The characters don't work in their on right, only as reactions to the original series. The story meanders without driving purpose and the author fumbles his tone frequently.
Unslaadahsil chapter 47 . 7/21
Orochimaru is hilarious in this. I almost wish there wasn't going to be an obvious EvilPlan(TM) just so he could continue to be bafflingly polite and helpful.
Jaydee4 chapter 33 . 7/19
Awww, my teeth are rotting.
Anyways hmthis was hilarious.
Pule Cheese chapter 37 . 5/24
... Nigga..
Pule Cheese chapter 2 . 5/22
I keep reading Pom Rania as Porn Rania bro
Candice Carter6 chapter 1 . 4/3
I enjoyed the story. At bagen is great stand. Good work on the story.
eliasdarklight chapter 35 . 3/6
For the record, regarding the kage title. I belive it Started with the first 5 vilages having their leaders taking the title and then became somewhat the system of keep what you can hold you suggested. That being said i only have the anime for this and even then its been a few years, so take this with a grain of salt.
eliasdarklight chapter 33 . 3/6
Just want to say that the aburame are among my favorites in the series. I love how you have portrayed them. Its a rare treat indeed for them to be taken seriously let alone done so well
eliasdarklight chapter 29 . 3/5
This was the most ingenius bit i have ever had the pleasure of reading
Karmic Acumen chapter 37 . 1/17
Yeah, sorry, this chapter was stupid. Even stupider than Sakura losing to Shino because of author fiat making Shino behave OOC.

Chouji trained with Gai? So did Naruto. And where were his gains from his suepr healing? Naruto should be well ahead of Sakure, Sasuke and even Chouji himself in the physical department, give me a break.

I also don't appreciate that everyone except Naruto gets new powers as the plot demands. Sakura managed to Surpass Shino in a couple of months of training, Sasuke has all his canon standbys plus bugs, but Naruto has his clones and that's it? His 'trump card' against Shikamaru is something he would have come up with in one afternoon, what did he do for the rest of the month?

Sorry, but no, it's not that people are angry, it's just that this entire thing is ridiculous and only worked because you went back on literally everything you said and showed in-story about Naruto and his capabilities.
Karmic Acumen chapter 14 . 1/16
Not really a fan of dehumanisation, so the Inuzuka stuff isn't my thing, and I don't think it fits Sakura at all even if I ignore that distaste.

I've enjoyed everything else though, so far.
Karmic Acumen chapter 4 . 1/14
So far so great.
Guest chapter 31 . 12/26/2022
RIP Ino lmao
xxXMr. DarknessXxx chapter 3 . 10/18/2022
Maybe cost of living is really high?
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