Reviews for From the Old Galaxy to a New One
animefan29 chapter 1 . 6/9/2015
Hmmm…. An interesting setup for this type of crossover, though as you say it leaves some gaps.

First would be why there is a Mass Relay in the “Andromeda?” galaxy? Well that’s easy, I figure the Reapers wouldn’t stop at a single galaxy and would try to initiate their cycles in every galaxy they could reach. But their efforts there were disrupted by say the Celestials or the Rakata and Palpatine learns what the device is from records the Sith had found and kept. Though that still leaves the why Palpatine would want to send a fleet into what I assume is unknown territory.

The second question is, why hate the Asari so much? Why hate biotics? Does he see it as a perverse recreation of the Force? One would think that as a Sith he would be glad for the opportunity to create a cadre of elite soldiers that could mimic some of the abilities of the Force without access to some of its more insightful capabilities. Granted they would have a weakness since even the Asari need to use amps to increase their biotic power and precision. And starting off by trying to conquer the Asari would create a core resistance group for the Republic to meet later since Asari military tactics evolved around milita and commando units.

How would the Krogan fare? I imagine that some of the mercenaries might end up in Maul’s employ but beyond that they are probably too volatile a race to become subservient. They also aren’t much of a threat since they lack any sort of space fleet and unlike the Council Maul has no problem bombarding a planet from orbit. Though without the Salarians to keep the Genophage strong, or getting them to work on a cure, could create a resurgent Krogan population that would give Maul a headache.

The Geth probably have some of the greatest potential in this. Because of their information gathering abilities they saw Maul coming so they packed up and left. Unlike other civilizations they can survive in the darkness between stars easily as long as they have power. And if they can acquire SW engines then they wouldn’t be limited by Mass Relays. Beyond that I imagine one of their first objectives I suppose would be to study and understand the battle-droids, maybe free them from their programming if possible (don't think it is).

30 years after the end of the Clone Wars would be the period 9ABY to 13ABY. The first three of those years were very turbulent times in the Legend Mythos as the New Republic had to deal with Thrawn and the Reborn Emperor (twice). As such even if they go to war deploying the full force of their military would be difficult, especially since passage between the galaxies is a bottleneck.

Then there is the issues of the Reapers. Honestly not sure what to do with them.
hunter 139 chapter 1 . 5/10/2015
Excellent idea
six samurai of dragon order chapter 1 . 2/4/2015