Reviews for Godling Ascending
god of all chapter 24 . 7/11
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Pianist-hime chapter 3 . 7/2
I love this story !And i like the name Herakles . It is lovely
Reymen chapter 8 . 5/21
Lupins promise to be himself is exactly the same mistake he has done earlier. Standing besides his friends without ever doubting them is exactly the wrong way to grow from his self flagellation. He need to learn to stand up for himself and actually put his fot down if his friends step over the lines.
Sunstar Writer chapter 24 . 5/11
the chapter is lovely, and please by all means please do hand wave the lateness of it away. Writing with a baby is a pain in the butt however they are great sounding boards on my opinion as someone who is helping raise one that being said i love that everything in this story is coming together and the thought that must have gone into your religious organization here is genuinely impressive though im probably going to need a flow chart of names once we get more into it! please dont forget to rest while you can, and i hope your city stops messing with the electricity in water. i live in the sonoran desert so i feel your pain.
Guest chapter 14 . 4/29
I give up... F. U. this is the last of this story i will read and il do my best not to even start anougher of yours.
mr1980rivera chapter 1 . 5/1
It's a good story but I can't read a transvestite story and yes changing his gender from him to her makes it transvestite because the Creator made Harry Potter not here yet not any other variation of the name but like I said it's a good store I hope those who like it continue to read it peace out
Starhunter18 chapter 24 . 4/25
can't wait for the next chapter please update soon
PasiveNox chapter 24 . 4/25
Great chapter wonderful wonderful lol that end
Wishfull-star chapter 24 . 4/24
I'm sorry for your power and water troubles I hope that it comes to an end soon. Awesome chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
RaatKiRani chapter 24 . 4/24
…. Babe… I’d watch your life if it was a soap opera but, like, glad your back and this is a fantastic chapter. My guess on of herri’s parents…., hmmm, the dad I think isn’t Greek, so Lord Pluto, maybe? And as a mother…Hestia, or Demeter, maybe? You basically said no Hecate…. I can’t see Artemis, Athena, or Aphrodite. There aren’t that many female olympians but I’m starting to think she isn’t one, and is instead a minor goddess or primordial or titan. I think amalia must be Hera, though, that’s freaking amazing. I dunno. I’ve been watching very earnestly to see who it ends up as.
Little Elfie chapter 24 . 4/24
Holy shit is Hera her godly mother?! I really hope so bc that would be so fucking cool honestly. Now that theres an update time to reread this whole story again.
ArashiNokitsune chapter 24 . 4/24
a great chapter in all parts of it, especially in the parts in which it's essentially messed up, when it comes to the supernatural Humanity often get the short stick doesn't it... even those in between
gryphan.master900 chapter 24 . 4/24
It never fails to astonish me how callous and cruel the gods are in the legends and in the series, you did a good job with that in this chapter, that conversation in the labyrinth was messed up.
evymel chapter 24 . 4/24
Holy fuck a baby being dropped off like that is… good luck! Completely understandable btw priorities are priorities
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 20 . 3/30
"together, we charged."

"WE charged."


Seriously? You're not even trying to pretend to not be copy and pasting all this stuff?
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