Reviews for The Green Girl
Guest chapter 12 . 7/16
I think the last bit still gets me in laughter (as well as shudders) every time I read it. Thank you so much for this wonderful story! This is my nth time rereading it and it never gets old or boring. *thumbs up*
Virginie Cires chapter 21 . 7/14
this was amazing real wonderfull story
mamajensen827 chapter 1 . 7/13
I've read this several times and I love it. Well done!
dammnedmagicallisa chapter 22 . 7/12
I simply love your writing :) this is a story i always come back to and incidentally also the story which really brought me into the fandom. Thank you so much for it!
Papapapa123 chapter 22 . 7/10
I've read this story at least 3 times and it's still one of my favorites!
Jamesbaa chapter 22 . 7/9
The writing is very solid and the premise intriguing, but I'm disappointed that everyone was so OOC. I understand that was kind of the point, showing that we only see one point of view in the books, I just find the complete removal of prejudice against muggleborns, somehow managing to make more non-death eater characters racist scumbags than literal magic Nazis, unrealistic as all hell. Ron calling Hermione a Mudblood was just entirely out of character. He's an asshat at times in the books, but not a racist, at least not in that vein. There's also a complete lack of conflict which makes it a little dull and lacking suspense or plot threads in many places, as well as direction. Is it a Dramione romance? Is it a powerful, plotting Slytherin Hermione fix? Is it a Dark Hermione fic? I spent quite some time hoping for Hermione to do something unusual or different which showed to her to be worthy of Voldemort's attention. She gets it, by being... witty and confident in herself? She's about as competent as in canon, probably less or more so in certain areas, but I really don't understand why she's special, or Draco for that matter (why exactly is he in particular chosen as Minister? His character develops fairly well and Hermione's influence could make him as he is at the end, but he's not exactly special or mature enough for the role), at least at the start. She kills Dumbledore and the Lestranges, sure, but that's not enough for the psychopathic Voldemort shown in the books to treat her like a goddess, let alone before she does those things. He kills whoever he wants for fun if they bring him some annoying news. His followers are constantly in fear of him in the books, but he's laughing and making sex jokes here. I just don't buy it, and it feels more to me like a bunch of OCs are in the HP universe. I guess Harry is kind of in character sometimes, but barely anyone else major (aside from Snape at times) is.

Complaints aside, I enjoyed pretty much everything with Snape in it (although he too was out of character, albeit less than everyone else), and the romance side of the story is fairly well done, although once again there is a lack of conflict. The characters were generally charming and although they were pretty horrid people, I still liked them because they were written decently (albeit as entirely different characters to the ones they are in the books). That's a fair step above a lot of Harry centric fics, where it's all too easy to have an arrogant or constantly whiny Harry which the author cannot prevent me from loathing.

Apologies, I'm being very critical here overall and it's turned into one big ramble... I hope it's all constructive: I don't want to criticize for the sake of criticizing and you're a good author, I wouldn't even care enough to write a review if it was bad. It may not be my thing, but this is one of the best stories in its niche imo, one of the few I've been able to finish without struggling to do so, and interesting enough to not get too boring. It never drags on or gets too slow paced. The writing is consistently good and despite being advertised as "darkish" is really a fairly safe yet different Dramione with several original and charming characters and concepts (although some less so than others. I'd definitely recommend to fluffy Dramione romance fans. I don't know if you'll read my review, but thank you for writing this story!
Akorah chapter 22 . 7/8
This story is enthralling and beautiful in so many ways. I read the first 13 chapters before bed and only managed to sleep an hour before my brain insisted I finish reading. While the idea that Voldemort would embrace his Muggle name is a bit far-fetched, the rest of the story felt natural and logical. Will definitely re-read.
Lady Calcicus chapter 22 . 7/7
I have read this story for the umpteenth time and it never gets old. i mean, i never get tired of reading this over and over again. keep up the good work! btw, would you like to try your hand in writing a Severus and Hermione story? bc I'm really into their ship. thanks!
Lalala chapter 6 . 7/6
I like the story, but you do realize all of the main characters are thirteen years old or less, right?
GnarFTW chapter 1 . 7/5
Literally that ending made me so triggered, no matter how many times I read this! But I love this story and have read this story many times! you are one of my favorite fanfiction authors!
Instratic chapter 12 . 6/26
This doesnt make any sense. in what world would voldemort himself have a sit doen chit chat with a muggle born.
false account chapter 22 . 6/26
I've just reread this story and I'm confused as to why Theo reacted that way infront of Tonk? What am I missing?
Instratic chapter 8 . 6/26
what if the 3rd year blaise was obsessed with was luna like in isolation
Instratic chapter 8 . 6/26
Her relationship with potter is hella confusing
evieshadow chapter 4 . 6/26
This is one of my favourite fanfics and I have read it sooooooo many times , its so well written and I am glad I found it.
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