Reviews for The Green Girl
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 19 . 7h
"Tarwin of Cayr Dalbin(or however you spell it), I'm not speaking to you anymore!"
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 13 . 11h
The Toad didn't define "rife" correctly. Or at least, she mostly wasn't correct. Bitch needs to pick up a dictionary.

(especially of something undesirable or harmful) of common occurrence; widespread.
Pcml2009 chapter 1 . 12/10
I do love this story. I love your Draco in most of your stories, but I *really* love seeing him grow up with Hermione.
Lepetitloustic chapter 21 . 12/10
I really enjoyed reading this story. It was suspenseful and thought provoking and well written. Thanks for sharing your creativity & talent with us!
LyntD chapter 22 . 12/10
Absolutely fantastic story! It had me enthralled from the very beginning, and I am incredibly impressed by your characterization and changes you made to fit your AU. Thoroughly enjoyed how well-written and entertaining it was, thank you!
randomfanficshit chapter 12 . 12/2
readers drop away? are you joking? this is the best chapter! turning point! this whole turning-hermione-to-the-death-eaters plotline has been masterfully done. love it
A-Ravenclaw-Demigoddess chapter 22 . 12/1
This is INCREDIBLE! The fucking plot twist!, I sure as hell wouldn't have thought that they would kill Riddle too, but then I realized that Hermione would never let herself be under anyone's power, much less under a madman... (I say, completely ignoring the hundreds of Tomione fanfiction I've gleefully read throughout the years)
Your stories are just sooo awesome! You deserve an award! (a few hundreds of awards actually)
Andante825 chapter 22 . 12/1
Still one of my absolute favorite fanfics. I'm in awe of the plotting every time I reread.
CaliforniaCougar chapter 22 . 12/1
I was worried at first that Granger was too invested in the Death Eater propaganda to be believable, but the ending was extraordinary. This is the only acceptable way for a Dark Hermione to be written IMO. Excellent writing and I'm glad I kept reading.
FlowerChild23 chapter 22 . 11/29
THis was really good could not stop reading
FlowerChild23 chapter 10 . 11/29
Wow this is really good
Autumn chapter 11 . 11/29
What is the deal with hermiones snow leopard patronus? Who is shape talking about when he asks her how long?
FlowerChild23 chapter 4 . 11/28
BackgroundHeroine chapter 20 . 11/28
Guest chapter 21 . 11/27
"Nothing but a housewife with no real responsibilities" my left arse cheek
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