Reviews for The Green Girl
loverwasaday chapter 7 . 9/5
i cannot wait for the yule ball! i am way too excited for it! but draco's reaction to hermoine better be something good
loverwasaday chapter 6 . 9/5
im so glad that people like you exist
loverwasaday chapter 5 . 9/5
ughghghhghghg i love this storyyyy
loverwasaday chapter 4 . 9/5
loverwasaday chapter 1 . 9/5
ok but THIS is a hell of a good idea. you go girl! or boy or non-binary person!
AW chapter 21 . 9/3
This was AMAZING! As promised, I came back to review. It was A. MA. ZING. I knew she was good, I knew it! Poor Harry though... I still liked it though. Voldy was an arse however, so I sympathize with Mione for killing him. What's their child's name?
AW chapter 16 . 9/3
Why did you kill off Bellatrix? And make her crazier than she was? (Sorry but I'm being truthful) I like her... she's one of the strongest female characters in the original franchise! But anyway I like your story. I'll review again at the end of it!
VelvetWonderland2001 chapter 1 . 9/5
i can’t remember when i read this fic for the first time but it’s come to be one of my favourites and i always come back to read it every so often so thank you for writing this masterpiece!
kategranger13 chapter 6 . 9/1
I definitely get jealous about Pansy and Draco although I'm not Hermione! It's weird. Biggest fan ever! You are SUCH a good writer.
kategranger13 chapter 3 . 9/1
I love this. Best. Fanfiction. Story. EVER!
kategranger13 chapter 21 . 9/1
Haha - if only those nurses knew that she killed Bellatrix, Fenrir, Voldemort, and Dumbledore! They're so wrong. But anyway, love it!
kategranger13 chapter 10 . 9/1
It's nice to be on the side of the Malfoys, for once. I think that when you write this story, we see the Harry Potter series in a new light. Yes, it was pretty bad that Voldemort killed all those people, but you can feel pretty bad for the people who got mixed up on it. I mean, Narcissa is so nice! I'd sort of love to be this Hermione.
kategranger13 chapter 8 . 9/1
YES! This is what I want. Go Hermione, the sassy bitch.
imnotahorcrux chapter 21 . 8/31
This is the my first fic where I really want Voldemort and the Death Eaters to win and at the same don't.
This is also the first time where I pity Harry and just shrugged it off. lol.
That ending though is so quietly planned out, not too grand or anything. Though I also feel disappointed because they are like father and daughter. (a messed up one at that)
No-Name chapter 13 . 8/22
Just shut up with the A/ns, it's a total waste of space. Like you.
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