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Guest chapter 2 . 4/19/2015
I'm hungry
AgitatedDog9288 chapter 2 . 2/22/2015
worth it keep with the updates!
TeenIvy chapter 2 . 2/21/2015
are her wings black now
Guest chapter 1 . 2/16/2015
Loved your story
When r you gonna post the next chapter?
Debbie Hicks chapter 1 . 2/13/2015
Chapter 2.
it happened the world were into shock she created a Coveven a large one very much many more were known was the Swan Coven as very as all of more as more herself was Immortal but undead it happened Broken free of the control from the body risen with her looks but her own hair with as all of them broken free with the Wives and children as all of them very as all of them as much many more as all of with their best friends Breaking free with the Allies with as all of them suddenly her Vampiric self fled with them all of the sudden the Senior Volturi guard destroyed the good but took the bad to Volterra, Italy then it happened were his Prizes as all each both of them now the Cullens met her differently was Cursed had Golden eyes her wings grey with their wings as well became the Vampiric Angels of death in other words the Guardians of death with as very as all of Members and as all of the Sudden slipped outside and Causing themselves to Age then ripped outside she taught them to make their wings invisible but it happened were locked tightly God heard this gained them then Suddenly cursing them all as the First Vampiric Guardians of death cursed forever but it happened they Exploded but resurrected but risen but Erupting in the same but interchangeable clothes with shoes with the first Guardians of death of Werewolves and Guardian of death Imprints their bodies vanished then it was no more were with child but it happened greatest noise both of them Exploded Created Tainted Guardians of death were fallen Angels but were Vampires but it was too late later married each both of them causing sin and cruelity on Earth but it happened to the each both suddenly Exploding created their broods of children but caused the ashes cursed them to wander now the world calmed itself the Cullens were immortal like her could not die but with the Angels were done slipping outside but lost their bodies but the each both with their hybrid children sinned forced to join the Volturi declared as the Dragons of Earth they became the Dragons of Heaven from X/1999 the youngf Vulcan woman had a child so her best friends had a mate who talked young but she looked at Sixteen years old with a body of a Exotica dancer made men go nuts over Women were the Pack were cursed had a big problem gossiping but told them had a motormouth then Shiloh Blackhawk was allergic he noticed about themselves he prepared himself to Sneeze then a loudest CH-CHOOOO! With Abby Golda Stevenson thunder Roared Oy my god it's Luna Artemis Diana yes in your hands girls your lip rod say your planet name I Go first Bella Herself cleared her throat then BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! a very thunderous but glorious transformation God was right about them then all of the Sudden stood in her battle uniform the first Vampiric angel to get good powers my turn ready team HENSHIN YO! MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Her twin sister suddenly froze the people a little became Super Sailor Mercury MARS CRYSTASL POWER! MAKE-UP! Herself was into flames and became Super Sailor Mars JUPITER CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Was Super Sailor Jupiter then a Rumbling of thunder stuck VENUS CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! URANUS CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! NEPTUNE CRSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! PLUTO CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! SATURN CRYSTAL MAKE-UP! TRANSFORM! They unification of voices and suddenly Ascended to Godhood then were the Super Sailor Guardians I am the pretty guardian in a sailor suit of the soul and the mid on the behalf of my Guardian world BETAZED! I Will Right Wrongs and triumph over EVIL! My lethal weapon is my brain Douse yourself in water and REPENT! SUPER SAILOR MERCURY! mess with me You'r Sushi i will Chasite you in the name of MARS! You want trouble pal you are lookin' at trouble the Name is SUPER SAILOR JUPITER! Ack I am getting out of here of her You are looking a pretty face Sailor Vv stands for I am Super SAILOR VENUS! Yikes Summoned by a new age Invited by a new Crisis we are the Super Outer Sailor GUARDIANS! ARE HERE! Ready you bet SILVER MOONLIGHT ETERNAL DREAM ACTION! They transformed into warriors oh Man these chicks are reincarnates from their past lives selvres then all the sudden Gasp oh my god Sis Eeek her face went a unholy color was Red was too Embarrassed was blushing scarlet oh no you Baka Stop right here Negatrash I stand for love and justice on the behalf of the moon we shall PUNSIH YOU WE but ARE THE PRETTY GUARDIANS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE! Oh man it's Women YO! Females! What?! Where are we in According to my supercomputer we reappeared in Tokyo, Japan oh my god she is right I know Japanese power down now it's a Brooch in disguise we are clad in high school uniforms and shoes hoo boy her twin sweat-dropped anime style but they were forced to attend a Japanese school momma mia they are new yes meet ourselves we can't eat food only Energy eeep Vampires! yes we died in America disappeared but reappeared here the Pack were Muscular men were built underneath their new uniforms and shoes but Seth and his own sister were clad but it happened the each three in the Volturi castle their next generation of royalty created a lab were dead vampires formerly angels but they were Dark ones then it happened Noise happened much many more of their creations Exploding with their next generation were freed were Mutated Vampires as all of then suddenly violently but viciously Cracking outside and became Volturi members causing them to be so hideous had role played from the Black Moon Arc were of high royal blood prepared to Invade Earth into their used dorms was a Temple a Angel a very old man was her grandfather the priestess sensed this then a Vision oh Kami Sama Girls in here now they took over and each four ruled Italy and created their first droids on the planet Earth and they caused the first Nemesians to reside yikes that's not good news Oy girl it's cats nice bangs Bella Cullen yes a Angel is my helper turned her as Reneesme Carlie Cullen she survived the change So they had helpers as well then it happened gotten us/them trapped here we are Super Sailor Solider we protect the royal family us oh no the Volturi heard this discovered their youth busy who did changes but it caused God be angry but he was pleased of the newly formed Unification of warriors reprogramed but maded them to rip outside and made them Kindred others were Interplanetary Lycans trapped them but they were into ther 30th century in death but their souls reincarnated to as all families causing Earth to have as very as masillions and bazillions much many more people but released death to the All Elderly the grandparents to pass on then it was too late then it was all over but it happened the present Earth had a problem much many more kids birthed around the world but it was too late they were from their era and century to find them then it was no more the Elderly died out too late causing parents to bury their families into the ground then it sped up too late Momma mia they can't not see or hear us Commander Aunt it's changing my queen DARK DOME CLOSE! Then happened Exploding with as very each both Era Deceased but they sighted changes in the timeline But caused Humanity to enter a new phase Escaping but were unable to return here then it Exploding it all of it made as very each five then Vampires took over the Earth but where are they in now then it happened found a Super Earth merged with Vulcan but as all of them created a new race and species they all found bodies of then removing their as all of their members Eight were allow with as all others burning then a very as all of them the remains destroyed but as all with their pets cremated now as all but more Came to planets then it Shattered it as very as all of it dropped as all of them here to planets but they were all home but as all of them forgotten their way back after cracking outside but lost within Limbo.
kraqui83 chapter 1 . 2/11/2015
Jasper il est ou?
Kiss Christal.
AgitatedDog9288 chapter 1 . 2/6/2015
why is bella preying on innocents? when is she gonna be able to control herself?