Reviews for Dear Snow, Love Regina
manhattanpizza chapter 13 . 11/5
I am so relieved. I mean the whole giving birth in an elevator and Regina losing a baby was intense as fuck. I literally screamed. And now I'm just happy with this ending. This story was great ;)
manhattanpizza chapter 7 . 11/5
Damn, this is just too cute. And I really like all these interactions between Regina and mary-Margaret
manhattanpizza chapter 4 . 11/5
Oh gosh sorry. That was Emma's mistake lmao. I get it now. She was just miscalculating
manhattanpizza chapter 5 . 11/5
I love this story and am not trying to be rude or anything. But if Snow was 28 when she carried Emma then it means she's now (thirty years lates since emma's soon to be 30) 58 years old. And if Regina is 7-8years older than Snow then she's at least 65-66 now.
saragabriel chapter 13 . 10/18
And you managed to do it again, another two chapters that had me in tears. Boy was it heartbreaking to read what happened to regina, even with all the love she bestowed on little eva and by extention snow it still was so sad to read what followed. JUst thankfull yu didn't leave it at that and gave us readers and the two lovely ladies a happy ending. Heartmelting at the thought of nora and henry togther and gina getting her happy ending.
saragabriel chapter 9 . 10/18
Well that is two chapters in a row that had me in tears, first chapter 8 with laughter at the crazy hen nights oh boy that was too much fun, and second this very heartfelt emotional and beautiful wedding and flashback chapter. Seriously those snow and regina moments are to die for.
saragabriel chapter 6 . 10/18
Seriously these little moments and flashback from the two brunettes are just awesome. Love how you are building more and more on their shared background. And how it formed them and their relationship, and how small things in the now in storybrook manage to call back on those things. Very well written. Love how you manage to go from hot and sexy to funny and sweet and emotional.
saragabriel chapter 5 . 10/18
Oh yeah that was hot for sure, always knew regina had a handywoman fantasywho wouldn't with emma. Loving the little sweet things thrown in to your story aswell, the magic tea, the birthday eventhrough the strife between the two royal brunettes
QueenLana15 chapter 13 . 9/25
That was an amazing story! I loved that you named Emma's and Regina's baby Nora; that is so much better than Sarah or some princess-y name like that. Quick note: Eva would have been Regina step-granddaughter or sister-in-law not her niece. Thanks for this unbelievable story. I really enjoyed it!
QueenLana15 chapter 10 . 9/24
I love your sense of humour! Emma's final comment is priceless!
Secretkei21 chapter 12 . 9/13
what the actuak fuck
Secretkei21 chapter 11 . 9/13
what? i thought emma was planning something for reginas bday
Secretkei21 chapter 5 . 9/13
and on another note: its not her house. why is she just walking in people house where they can do what they want. its called privacy. ok im done...really enjoying the story so far tho
Secretkei21 chapter 5 . 9/13
ok mary margarte could be less of an ass lol. i mean regina got really hurt and she just kept being her seriously annoying self
Crescent Sunrise chapter 13 . 8/12
Another great story, thanks again for sharing this brain child with all of us SwanQueen-ers. The world can never have enough SwanQueen.

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