Reviews for You're my Density
q.thews chapter 33 . 12/8
This was a great read and Luna's solution is... is... just wow :-)
Thank you for sharing.
q.thews chapter 28 . 12/8
After years of reading times everyone develops quirks, likes and dislikes and one of mine is chapter titles, i'm happy with plain numbers for it but if you give them real titles they too can be good or bad and i assure you that yours are very, very good. Hinting at something but then the chapter goes to all another route but in a way which still make the title relevant.
Thank you for sharing.
Aurora077 chapter 33 . 12/5
This was really nice :)
Schnuff chapter 32 . 11/28
Some stories (like this one) deserve a second read.
So thanks again for writing ;-)
brennan.mholmich chapter 1 . 11/25
I'm not sure if you know this, but there are other ways to address Harry than 'that lad'
Nytefyre chapter 33 . 11/23
Wow. This was such a great story - you walked the tightrope of going back in time very nicely and grounded all their actions in both their past and their families. The addition of Dobby was a masterstroke, and the way you brought the Dursley's back into the fold was wonderful. You managed to show Ron's very expected reactions without really bashing him, and the ending with Lockhart had me laughing out loud.

I really like the way you ended with it all coming full circle.

Thanks for writing and sharing.
shiho59 chapter 5 . 11/21
The Ghostly Minion chapter 9 . 11/20
I honestly don't know whether to ROFLMAO, or to sob with frustration!

For all of you who can't ken the title of this tale, haven't you every heard of the movie, 'Back to the Future'? Look it up on your browser. The line altered is 'You are my Destiny'. TA DUM!

The entire story is an inversion of sorts: Hermione encounters and saves the 1998 Harry Potter, whose memory and magic were removed from him at the set-up trial between his fourth and fifth years. The Dursleys' memories were altered too, which is why the reality of the 'real' Dursleys comes as such a shock to him.

The action moves through their Hogwarts years, until they make it 'Back to the Future' and the same Uni bar and date, albeit with some major changes.

BTW: Those of you (mainly 'brave' anonymous reviewers) who act like Robst beeped up with plot, or characterizations, etc. PM me when you can show us what YOU can do as a writer. I'd love to see how you 'show us up'.

Waiting . . .

Check my profile, I dare you.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/16
So the density joke is because m/v looks like a heart?
whiteartsnun chapter 29 . 11/12
I've no idea what to expect thereafter! :) GJ author! :D
whiteartsnun chapter 28 . 11/12
Oooh,.. your reader is in Singapore! This is how far word travels... :)) Pity, not sound. Do send a messenger with how musical that scottish spell sounds! :D
whiteartsnun chapter 26 . 11/12
Wowww... lotsa things going on here. Pillow-cases and Moony,.. Am very happy with the long chapter and your creativity. Muchachas gracias! :D
whiteartsnun chapter 19 . 11/12
Ohh, you scripted in that moment of domestic bliss most tenderly in-character! :D
whiteartsnun chapter 17 . 11/12
whiteartsnun chapter 12 . 11/12
Heheh :)) so indeeeed!
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