Reviews for You're my Density
CarolsSister chapter 29 . 10/20
Nice. No dank tunnel leading to the chamber, no Ronniekins attempting to "bask in the glow of reflected glory" (really, that phrase seems to be far above his intelligence level), and it nicely makes MoldyVoldy a lot harder to come back and terrorize anything beyond a rat for dinner.
CarolsSister chapter 26 . 10/20
If Harry hadn't cleared up the idea of FU being a magical banishing curse, the response of MoldyVoldy to receiving one of them might have killed him from the pure shock of it.
Hinate chapter 33 . 10/17
Harry Hermione forever...
I don't really have many words for this.. just it was pure bliss... loved it till the end... Thank you so much
TBearTech chapter 33 . 10/8
great story. Thank you for writing.
libaka chapter 33 . 10/7
Loveeeee love love love this! The ending for Gilderoy and Tom is so fitting, probably one of my favorites for how to take the, down! Very enjoyable read, could barely put it down.
RT89 chapter 33 . 10/1
A truly great story, more than worthy of favoriting. Thank you for sharing with us all.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/29
RT89 chapter 29 . 9/29
Wow... This chapter was something else.
FFFudgeUp chapter 33 . 9/27
Love this story.
E.Elliot chapter 33 . 9/25
I love it!*-*
suziq968 chapter 30 . 9/21
Oh my gosh, I love you so much! Watching Snape think he's heading to his master and salvation and knowing he's going to find an obliviated couple of morons is never going to get old. All the conniving just doesn't even matter, thanks to Lockhart it's just funny as it's gets.
suziq968 chapter 28 . 9/21
That would be the best magic for flamers. If it was real I'd want to cast it on every story, even the awful ones because they are trying and flamers don't deserve to Ever read another fanfic.
suziq968 chapter 21 . 9/21
I've lost track of how many times I've read this now. So much fun every time. Hedwig for the win!
Tbone696 chapter 33 . 9/15
Great story! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into writing this story!
Guest chapter 24 . 9/13
Why didn't Amelia get them a time turner to help Dumbledore deal with the ring before he died? I know the death clause in the rule forbids that now, but before he died? Thought sure that was where you were going the "Three Turns" chapter title. that was how many turns they used in the hospital wing to save Buck Beak and Sirius.
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