Reviews for You're my Density
Soraslove chapter 22 . 1/29/2021
I wonder if that witness is sirius?
Soraslove chapter 21 . 1/28/2021
hedwig taking lockharts wig... lolol
Soraslove chapter 20 . 1/28/2021
That feeling when everyone thinks, everything is harry's fault, lol.
Soraslove chapter 19 . 1/28/2021
ngl, lucius is prob rate, draco would fuck up the diary shit and implicate him to lol
Soraslove chapter 18 . 1/28/2021
I honestly think narcissa is doing a disservice to her son by not telling him what lucius will do to to them if the doesn't straighten up. Then again maybe malfoy jr will go with the, "it's all harry potter's fault" spiel that again show's he's an idiot.

Ronald fucking weasley in hufflepuff?! Ya.. that's not going to happen if he does a resort it'll be in slytherin. Hufflepuff actually wants people who are hardworking and loyal, ron does not fit the bill what so ever.
Soraslove chapter 17 . 1/28/2021
Well cissi certainly made her bed, now she's going to have to lay in it.

Hermione for all her experiences in her last life is still so naïve, then again her non-magical life was privileged and easy. It's not like her parents struggled for money, or she had second hand things.. struggling earlier in life usually makes you look at things in an different way.
Soraslove chapter 16 . 1/28/2021
I wonder why malfoy hasn't been "thrown" out of hogwarts yet, he's already said mudblood like 50 times, lol.
Soraslove chapter 14 . 1/27/2021
Nicely played, harry and hermione.
Soraslove chapter 13 . 1/27/2021
Yikes... ron will always be a wrong wizard to choose for anything.
Soraslove chapter 12 . 1/27/2021
hmm i wonder how smuggling the dragon out themselves, will help sirius get out of azkaban... I guess we'll find out.

Honestly, i think harry an dhermione should just leave britian. All they had was problem after problem in the canon and very unhappy school years.
Soraslove chapter 11 . 1/26/2021
House elves are OP, too bad most of the pure-bloods think they're dogshit.
Soraslove chapter 8 . 1/26/2021
You know.. i could see canon ron, pulling this shit. He was really possessive over harry, almost like a wife, tbh.
Soraslove chapter 6 . 1/26/2021
I hope harry and hermione, telling her parents about the future or some of it doesn'tcome back to bite them in the ass.
Soraslove chapter 4 . 1/26/2021
Dumbles actually doing something productive... very different from the canon. I like he's talking str8 it needed to be done, if only the canon dumbles did the game.
Soraslove chapter 3 . 1/26/2021
Ya... if even a tenth of what hermione said is true.. she could actually take harry and run far away, maybe after doing malfoy sr and jr. in with poison or some shit.
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