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JPMod chapter 61 . 3/18
Wow. You were not kidding me that Arashi will meet Orichimaru. Not a great person to meet compare to the people Hiro and Tsukuki had met. I'm still hoping for Arashi to meet his great grandparents. Maybe when Naruto visit, they'll meet Kushina and Minato.

Even though she does not have chakra, I bet Asumi will become quite a skilled swordswoman by the time Naruto is through with her training. She has quite a mind to not fail. :)

Bolin is being set up for him to one day be recruited by Kuvira. He does not know what to do with his life, thus he'll keep wandering until he joins Kuvira's quest to unite the Earth Kingdom under her banner. I think Naruto will be smacking him for doing so.

Anyway, nice chapter. I look forward to the next one. :)
Guest chapter 61 . 3/14
The Biju, they are looking for the Biju in the Spirit World!
javalalo chapter 61 . 3/14
With this chapter I'm more convince the Tõitsu is not Arashi version of Akatsuki, but the original Akatsuki, or at least whatever member was left, and that they want to get to the spirit world to get to the bijus once again.
Can't wait to see if this is true or not!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 61 . 3/14
Natsumi's school appears to have a bully problem, but then again doesn't every school have that problem?
Radomir's Renegades chapter 61 . 3/13
Do I see a repeat of Hiro in Osamu in this case? I hope that Natsumi doesn't end up getting tortured by Osamu's tormentors the same way poor Arashi was tortured by Ichiro.

As for Orochimaru, I would guess that his lab might function in a similar manner to that Wan Shi Tong's library in the Spirit World. Although seeing as how the cracks are now connected to Toitsu, I'm glad that it isn't connected to the Red Lotus at all.
Vizard890 chapter 61 . 3/13
The Biju! I want to say that Toitsu want the Biju. Didn't the last war started up because the other villages couldn't get their Biju back? Some people thought that the Biju might of crossed over into the Spirit World to get away from humans. That would explain why they're going after Naruto since he is the last known Jinchuriki; who might know the location of the Biju.
Rio Skyron chapter 61 . 3/13
I do like what you did with Orochimaru.
Jebest4781 chapter 61 . 3/13
great chapter and enjoyed what you did on the details. the meeting with Arashi with Orochimaru was quite interesting and fun on the conversation.
Parks98 chapter 61 . 3/13
Chill Orochimaru who isn't a Nazi scientist is best Orochimaru.
Guest chapter 18 . 3/2
Naruto is completely right here though. He has had the time and separation to understand what his time as a shining really was. That he was a child soldier taught to gladly murder people for a few ryo. Rin lacks the separation and Arashi doesn't understand what he is getting into at all.
Vizard890 chapter 60 . 2/26
Will we get to see Madara to try and kill that boy who is picking up Tsukiko?
Riku Uzumaki chapter 60 . 2/26
I'm getting the feeling that Shin is not going to ask Tsukiko for a second date. Reason why? Three words; overprotective Hokage father.
The Cowardly Christian chapter 60 . 2/25
Sheesh, if she dosen't want to shop, leave her alone!

Nice set up for the up-coming earth kingdom crisis

also some nice drama about Naruto struggling to go home.

Solid chapter overall

P.s. Good news, I'm getting a book published!
JPMod chapter 60 . 2/24
I really like this arc you're doing now, showing us Arashi and Natsumi's lives as teenagers, going through the hardships teens go through, like dating. Nice twist on having Arashi and Tsukiko date others for the time being, it will likely show them what having an actual relationship be like. It will be an interesting 'ride' to see the two go through their feelings. :)

As for Naruto coming back to visit Arashi, I wonder if Madara is using that to get Naruto's permission to get help regarding the Spirit World, not to mention it fit in with what Yue is saying regarding Naruto's 'laws'. Frankly, it is only a mater of time before the two halves will mingle.

Anyway, nice chapter, I look forward to hearing about Tsukiko's date and how it came out. :)
NeonZangetsu chapter 60 . 2/23
Glad you put this out here even with the site glitching.

Always good to see Naruto, even if its only fleeting.

Darn, now I've got the itch to get back to my own crossovers!

Warm regards as always,

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