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halo4hire chapter 26 . 22h
Alrighty, we have graduation, now where will it go, I wonder? You don't exactly have kishimoto's caste to do a quick smelt of the story, what with all the previous generation (Naruto and Shippuden.) And seem to have tossed aside boruto (honestly can't blame you, boruto feels...wrong. to me it doesn't exactly live up as a sequel.) Korra is still...just...aweful. like boruto, the show just doesn't live up as a successor. They have aang dying in his 60's, the time as a aangcicle supposedly wore down his body. I get that, but still the story telling in Lok seemed like they made it up as they went, with Korra knowing fire, earth and water pretty early were it took aang time (miniscule time, not really enough to learn a full blown martial art style. Let's face it, 12 year old aang was an idiot,) to learn his elements. The humor was terrible and I am rambling about the show... Excuse me. Point is, it didn't feel like closure to me, as it peft several questions that honestly you have some very thoughtful theory's, i.e. sokka's death. I actually felt like one of my friends passed with the way you wrote the epic exiting of Akela. I'm not opposed to asami/Korra (even though in the final scene all it showed was them looking at each other before heading down the rabbit hole) but I did feel like the symbolism of it was aweful. They beat raava til Korra was the only avatar, then she just walks into the spirit world and I'm rambling again...
The Cowardly Christian chapter 67 . 7/14
I like the dialouge between Natsumi and the teacher.

Also, Love all the spiritual world-building and intrigue.

Hope to see more soon!
The Cowardly Christian chapter 66 . 7/14
A good lesson to learn indeed!

Hope to read more soon!
halo4hire chapter 4 . 7/13
Kinda feeling like it was aang who started the fire. Probably baseless suspicion, but in the previous story, you detailed how the avatar grew to resent and eventually hate the paragons. Sokka is dead now, no info given yet on Suki and I'm guessing aang's military son (whose name I cannot remember correctly, think it was bumi,) is the air paragon. Who better to strike at the leading paragon, then his distinguished son and wife? Again probably baseless.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 67 . 7/9
Looks like Toitsu's leader is aiming to gain the powers of the Avatar's predecessor. What were they called again, the Tyrant?
Guest chapter 67 . 7/3
WHO IS THE MASTERMIND BEHIND THE EVIL ORGANIZATION, and how could they have threatened Minato And Kushina!?
JPMod chapter 67 . 7/4
Well, first off, I'm glad Arashi finally meets his great grand-parents and his dad. It was a no-brainer for *anyone* reading this fic, given it would be a waste IMO to pass such an opportunity for Minato and Kushina to meet their great grand-son. It was brief but nice encounter.

Oh, just great. Another egoistic power-hungry person now seeks *immortality*. Does this reminds me of the egoistic avatar that existed for *thousands* of years prior to current Avatar state? If someone is seeking to repeat that nightmare, I'm sure Naruto and the other Paragons would not allow it to happen. I certainly do not want to see some evil guy living forever.

Anyway, nice that Natsumi's cousin finally is being born, and that her friend have an offer to become a model. If she plays her cards right, she can have a great career ahead of her. I've heard of real life models' careers crashing due to being trap by bad bookers who have them doing crazy jobs. Ummi better hope she does not end up like that.

Well, great chapter. Things certainly are on their way to unite the two halves of the world against Toitsu. The Bending Countries can't ignore this threat anymore than the Elemental Nations.
Rio Skyron chapter 67 . 7/3
So this whole plan with the river of eternity thing actually makes me think of something that Hao Asakura, the main villain of Shaman King, did in the ancient past when he got control of the Great Spirit, and that was why he as so powerful. In fact by the canon time period, they were dealing with his 3rd incarnation.

This is a nice touch, actually helping to boost Toitsu's threat level.
desdelor97 chapter 67 . 7/3
This was a solid chapter,
Keep up the astounding work.
Jebest4781 chapter 67 . 7/3
this was great and now Arashi will need to inform Naruto and the others back in the Bending Countries on what the new antagonists are trying to do exactly with the Spirit World
Guest chapter 66 . 6/20
Cmon man update misplaced already
JPMod chapter 66 . 6/15
Nice chapter. Great to see all three groups adapting themselves to new challenges. The Paragon apprentices learning to earn a living and fend for themselves. Natsumi learning to surf and how to handle rumors about her. Arashi and his team taking the challenge to find Rin in 'hide and go seek" while dodging the news media, fans, etc. Cute ending with Arashi giving the CD music disk to Tsukiko as a gift, making Hiro wondering how far will the two go. Will they remain friends or turn into something more?

As I said, nice chapter. Looking forward to the next one. :)
Riku Uzumaki chapter 66 . 6/15
Seriously? People actually believing that Natsumi tried to surf naked and/or drunk? I know that students, especially High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers, tend to be comprised of about 33-60% idiots that double as total sheep, but this is a bit of a stretch due to how outlandish the rumor is. If those students have any pattern recognition skills then they should eventually catch on to what is really happening should the students that I shall label as "snobs" attempt to further perpetuate the rumor mill in an attempt to shame Natsumi's group. Should that ever happen then the "snobs" should be outed as the liars they are and lose a lot of respect and credibility in the eyes of their peers.
desdelor97 chapter 66 . 6/14
This was a solid chapter,
Keep up the astounding work.
goddragonking chapter 66 . 6/14
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
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