Reviews for The Harem War
Guest chapter 1 . 9/12
Please update the harem war
Bronze chapter 21 . 9/7
I need no answer as I ask no question so please read this before you delete it. The wedding scene was wonderful. The whole idea of getting married to escape Fumblewhore's control seems perfectly logical to me at least. You call him a Dark Lord in this and I totally agree with you. To me, everything he's done just to Harry, in school or out, screams Dark Lord. The more I read this story the more I enjoy it. And I figure by the end either Fumble's will have to take out Riddle or Riddle'll take out Fumbles. Either way I'm pretty damn sure Harry and company'll only have to deal with one Dark Lord. The likelihood of a mutual take down by each other is extremely low as I'm sure that really spoil the story.
Bronze chapter 20 . 9/7
Frankly, I can't call you on anything to do with nude beaches or camps as I've A, never been to one and B, never even thought to research them! Truthfully, it simply never occurred to me to do so. AS far as writing birthday parties goes, if I can't write a love scene between to people and making it interesting enough for people to want to read, how am I supposed to make a birthday party interesting?! Now when it comes to Harry watching two or more of his wives kissing and touching each other, I think he would be very turned on by it! Now then, I don't know what country you've set them up in but, I think they should supplement their wand work with firearms training. Yes, a spell is fast, however, not as fast as a bullet. Make it an explosive round and it might do more damage than a spell. Make it a hollow point and put something like mercury or even liquid Teflon in it and you've just added a whole new level of nasty! So you shoot the De and he portkeys out or apparates and thinks he'll soon be healed and back in the fight. Teflon has the nasty habit of clogging up the valves of the heart and killing you fairly soon thereafter. I don't know off hand how long mercury takes to kill you when it enters through a wound. But it sure ain't good for the body! Though if you go the explosive round route, a shot to the head of any DE and he/she's out of the fight forever. Same for Fumblewhore as long as he hasn't made a Horcrux or two. Yes I realize the most countries of the world ban such rounds but to me at least, the only good DE is a dead DE. Once dead they can never torture, rape, murder or burn anyone ever again. Besides, firearms have a greater accuracy at a greater distance than any spell, hex, jinx or curse. Also, even if their shield will stop a 9mm to a 50 pistol round, I doubt the same could be said for a 50 cal. sniper round. But on the off chance it did, I refuse to believe it would stop the next one or two right behind it! Too much kinetic energy hitting in too small an area to be fully absorbed.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/20
When is The next update
Bronze chapter 19 . 8/18
Oh I'm absolutely sure Harry's meeting the Weasley family at Kings Cross Station was a set up! The more you think about it the more you realize it had to be. Molly went to Hogwash for seven years. Bill and Charlie both went for seven years. The tins had already gone for three years and Percy for five I think. That works out to well over three decades. Thus it was a set up just like MoooRon giving Harry all that bogus information on Slytherin House. Had Harry been more socialized he'd have known right off the bat that MoooRon was ma greedy selfish pig! Dumbles didn't do him any favors if he allowed him to pass all his end of year examines. Cause unless he got MoooRon a job, MoooRon would need a wife to work outside the home just to have an income! He couldn't even take over his father's job as he doesn't know anything at all about muggles. I really don't him ever being able to correct a case of Muggle Baiting like his father's job calls for. But unfortunately, MoooRon believes the wifes place in the home while the husband goes out to earn money. Too bad for MoooRon his earning potential is the next best thing to zero. Which is likely why Dumbles very likely promised him Hermione. Though I wouldn't put it past MoooRon to have an " Accident " that resulted him his death. Hermione's smart enough to make it undetectable as anything else.
Bronze chapter 18 . 8/18
The CA has a Potions Mistress so why not have both Harry and Neville given Flushing Draught? There's the possibility that Dumbles has them both on Potions at least nine months of the year. There's also the possibility that Dumbles bond their cores. It would insure that neither had the power to challenge him. It would also work to insure Harry lost against Voldemort. Neither possibility is too outlandish when it comes to Dumbles and his desire to get and keep power.
Radiant Arabian Nights chapter 18 . 8/18
Amelia, Remus and Tonks
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
I know you have written several harry/hermione pairing stories, and I have read at least neko mate. Now finally it hit me today why rowli SPECIFICALLY did not pair harry and hermione. The reason being psychological, Harry’s first impression of her was older authority figure that believed the lies in books about him. So even if he wasn’t aware of it canonically this is why he wouldn’t be able to get with her SPECIFICALLY! Every thing else relationship wise she did I disagree with.
Bronze chapter 16 . 8/7
Harry always was a noble sod. I think it was a very good idea to remove the Longbottms from St. Mongos. Very likely Fumbles the great would try using them to force Neville back. What he'd use to get Harry I have no idea! I do like having Gabby in this with the other four. By the way, any chance of Harry sending Fumbles the great something say in the high explosive type range? You know something like two or three hundred pounds of C4 set to go off in say his office in Hogwash? That'd really piss him off. Another thing that'd really piss him off would be an investigation into his banking history by the Goblins. Seeing as how they hate thieves they might just get to dispose of him for Harry. I'm quite sure he's done a lot of bad things to various children over the years all for the Greater Good of course.
Bronze chapter 15 . 8/7
I suppose you could call four wives interesting. Though I think it should be more like either down right scary or confusing as hell! But whatever you call it, it certainly won't be boring! Especially when later you add in the concubines and slaves. Though you haven't said will Forge and Gred also have concubines and slaves? I already know Neville will.
BRonze chapter 14 . 8/6
Wizards is so stupid! They continually look down on muggles and think themselves so far ahead. Yet they don't know war like the muggles do. So really, Harry and his allies should learn to shoot and kill every single Death Eater on sight. Truly thin out Riddle's forces. It'd also throw a monkey wrench into Fumblewhore's plans. After a lot of his Death Eaters die at the hands of Harry and his allies Riddle would start having trouble recruiting.
Bronze chapter 13 . 8/6
This is why I say carry a big gun and shoot to kill. Dead men and women don't continue to fight! These people have no redeeming qualities. They're too stupid to realize Riddle shares nothing but pain and death. They totally enjoy torturing, raping and murdering anyone and everyone that doesn't worship their half-blood psycho master. AS for Fumblewhore and his lover, I'm not at all surprised Grindelwald is once again by Fumblewhore's side. I was wondering if Harry or one of his allies would ask the Goblins to investigate whether or not the man was truly dead. I wonder how Fumblewhore's allies would take it if they found out Grindelwald was once again free and supposedly fighting on their side? This proof positive that APWBD has gone DARK.
Bronze chapter 12 . 8/6
Are you nuts?! Of course they're outnumbered! Isn't that how the Death Eaters always operate?! It's never one on one or two on one! It's always more like six to twelve on one! One on one and they might loose. And that'd be embarrassing to say the least. It would also really piss off their half-blood psycho master.
Bronze chapter 11 . 8/6
Well, Harry did say he had a bad feeling about the day. Now we learn why. I wonder if the great Fumblewhore will stay and fight or run and live to fight another day? Of course, the Weasley's being quasi allies and all, he'll likely stand and fight. Of course the presupposes he's even there when the Death Eaters arrive. Though, that doesn't mean he'll actually fight to win. To do that he'd have to actually kill the attacking Death Eaters. Something he doesn't want to do as they are very useful in culling the sheeple of Britain.
Bronze chapter 10 . 8/6
I certainly understood the thirty pieces of sliver part. I'm not the least bit surprised that MoooRon didn't. If it not food, quiddettch, chess or sleeping, MoooRon isn't interested in it.
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