Reviews for Second Wind
Billy chapter 63 . 9/15
When you will update? Its already two month
Guest chapter 63 . 9/10
I love this story! I was so happy to see I had 2 chapters to read! I can't wait for more! Thanks for the great work as always! :)
Saucyheat chapter 63 . 9/10
Fantastic fight seen, excited to see what happens with Boa
kisskisskill chapter 63 . 9/10
Finally got around to reading this in full, and I love the original take on the Sabaody arc! I can't wait to see where you're going from here, and for the answers to who Luffy is counting on as backup (I assume Whitebeard, but you never know!), As well as that hint from way back, that Roger had sent a third person back in time, unless that's the Merry? So curious! Especially since the other two parts of ASL, as well as Law have been ruled out as options.
NiggaModeVergo chapter 1 . 9/8
Just though I'd say: You do know there are stories where characters simply aren't meant to change right?

Go look up: "Writing characters without character arcs"
iluvfairytale chapter 9 . 9/9
So... Luffy just let them leave with all their gold and jewels... to pillage East Blue?
Since you know, he only deafted the Captain not kill him. Krieg's rank is still intact...
Ak Arora chapter 8 . 9/7
Cliff hanger? Motherf**ker
Nice chapter tho
Kojo208 chapter 63 . 9/5
Please tell me you got a fight in the future where Luffy and Katakuri fight through their future sight. Amazing chapter as always btw! Looking forward to more.
Ryan Mashall chapter 3 . 9/5
Dont trust zoro with directions in general
Jisa chapter 63 . 9/5
Loved it lots!
Chris Jacksion chapter 43 . 9/4
BLACKBEARD! I just realized it’s Blackbeard!
Chris Jacksion chapter 10 . 9/3
When Usopp left at wave 7.
umbreonS chapter 63 . 9/3
next chapter Please
Lun3th chapter 63 . 9/2
I really enjoyed this last chapter glad to see you diverging more from canon it makes for a much more interesting read. I do hope you continue to explore more of what you could change I hope you make more permanent additions to the straw hat crew eventually as one of their biggest weaknesses are definitly their size and the power disparity between some members. I do hope you do eventually decide to give devil fruits to some of the weaker members or have the ones with some already explore new and different abilities. I’m really looking forward to Luffy’s Interactions with Hancock especially as he’s more mature in your story so I hope he’s not completely oblivious to her feelings like canon it would feel a bit forced when you’ve presented your Luffy as being more intelligent then canon. Anyways it’s a good story hope to read more soon :)
CeKhay chapter 63 . 9/1
I almost forgot who Mavric was I had a moment where I thought this was a different one piece fanfic called second wind that I was excited about. Anyways loved all the action can't wait to see what happens next!

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