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Guest chapter 69 . 10/12
Like to sharing one piece expectation base on ch 1028 at YouTube by Sawyer7mage - excellent analysi : / / m . youtube bwatch ? v LHwyO3 -l3Yk

One Piece Is Ending Sooner Than We Thought! One Piece Chapter 1028 Review: Sanji Awakens New Power!

Thank you
waywardego chapter 1 . 10/13
is this story dead?
binyhun chapter 69 . 10/11
I’m sad to see the story dropped, but it is understandable. Nonetheless, I loved this fiction. I don’t really have any negatives that come to mind only positives. Thank you for your hard work.
binyhun chapter 9 . 10/9
It is not clear to me when luffy and zoro traveled nack in time, since you mention a shanks vs blackbeard fight i assume it was really end game. But if luffy already found the one piece i doubt this story makes sense, he wouldn’t want to do the same adventure again.

Otherwise, so far extremely enjoyable story, thank you
Aisucold chapter 51 . 10/4
gahhhhh i forgot about aokiji!
Aisucold chapter 48 . 10/3
im so curious who will get it!
Aisucold chapter 40 . 10/3
Yay sabo! i need to start reviewing
RevisitedLand chapter 3 . 9/26
Lmao never ask Zoro for directions, ever!
RevisitedLand chapter 2 . 9/26
Interesting! I like Luffy and Zoro’s exchanges in their conversation. This makes me kinda miss Zoro’s laughter though. He still laughs now but not as much. And Luffy in your fic can lie yay.

Thanks for the fic!
Llllllll chapter 1 . 9/26
pacing is slow
RunOnSentences chapter 22 . 9/16
Eh. It was sort of the only plot twist you could add and it was predictable. This isn’t the first nor the only nor the last story to use that particular “surprise”
jbadillodavila chapter 1 . 9/14
Buena historia
chargerport chapter 69 . 8/18
Its a great story, thank you for writing it.

On another note, i love how the current last words of the fic were sengoku thinking about how uselesss moria is
Uncle Dork chapter 69 . 8/19
Man, I hope that sometime in the future the stars align to the point you an update this again
Red guy 2q2 chapter 69 . 8/19
I hope you get out of Hiatus soon and update
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