Reviews for Second Wind
aspsi chapter 69 . 1h
looks like you need to get your... second wind.
Fudgecicles chapter 69 . 1h
I’m sad to see this story on hiatus, but I understand. Take care of yourself.
phonenix chapter 69 . 1h
You worked hard on, so take of yourself for a while. It's okay :)
NoFocus chapter 69 . 1h
Thanks for letting us know about the hiatus instead of just leaving everyone guessing. I look forward to you picking this back up one day in the future when you have the free time and motivation.
ZairHelios chapter 69 . 2h
Thank you for everything... everyone needs their own time to relax..and you must really busy...loved it and will be waiting for the next chapter...even if it takes few years..till then relax...enjoy your life...see you soon...
marmotul chapter 69 . 2h
Very sad to hear about the hiatus but take care. I have faith you will come back to it when things settle.
Zen0Parad0x chapter 69 . 2h

SakuraS41 chapter 69 . 2h
Thank you for letting us know about the status and it was great reading this fic! Wishing you all the best in your endeavour!
VargasREborn chapter 69 . 3h
Wish you the best, thanks for the great story
TheLastGarou chapter 69 . 5h
Sad to see you're going on hiatus, but better to take a break than work on something until you don't love it anymore.
I'll keep it in my Follow list, and hope you get back to it eventually.

"Do not go gentle into that good night." - Dylan Thomas
Monkey D. Chimera chapter 69 . 5h
Well it's not as if it wasn't expected. The best stories are often the ones that take up the most effort and time on the part of the writer, so it's not rare when it gets too much and they need a break.
I understand, of course. Sometimes, real life doesn't give you any room for things that really are unnecessary. Unfortunately, fanfiction counts as one of those things.
Even so, it's always kind-of disappointing when it happens to good stories. Especially since this one was a good One Piece story, since there aren't that many good ones out there.
Anyway. You just do what you need to do until you can find the time to come back. And if you can't? Then it was nice reading the story.
Xenith5 chapter 69 . 8h
It’s totally Blackbeard’s fruit. That means if Luffy eats it he can eat Enels fruit too and become a Lightning Rubberman of Darkness or something equally as edgy.
AnneonymousReader chapter 69 . 9h
I wish you the best and thanks for the great story, reading up to this point was truly enjoyable. May God bless you on your endeavors.
LoveToBake chapter 69 . 10h
Qwq I hope that someday you can finish this
effweffwe chapter 69 . 10h
I wish you the best and thank you for your hard work!
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