Reviews for Second Wind
Voldi-Sama chapter 19 . 6/13
is this a naruto reference?
Voldi-Sama chapter 15 . 6/13
you can also see the future with observation haki, like how katakuri and luffy can
abishasoans chapter 27 . 6/13
Add the seal permanently! it'll be boring if it follows canon too much
Yeetumus prime chapter 69 . 5/31
It was a good ride and if you ever return I will be eagerly waiting for the next chapter
Robotdocter chapter 38 . 5/30
i had no idea you had Bonney threaten to eat those guys, what a threat lmao
NickAce chapter 69 . 5/24
This is an amazing story and you just had to leave it here. At least complete this arc...
Squisher chapter 69 . 5/18
Hi, I remember starting to read this story a long time ago, so I decided to revisit it! I really love it and how everything pans out so far. I really hope everything goes well for you in your life, and anyone who gives you any flack for putting the story of hiatus can go eat one of Zoro's Oni Giri's.

I'm really thankful that you made this story in the first place, so this is me trying to put it into words! Thank you for writing Second Wind, and congrats again on you accomplishments in life!
Gamester200 chapter 69 . 5/12
Heart broken to see it endmiss ya lost
SapphireKiddTaeyeon chapter 69 . 5/8
jabraha chapter 69 . 5/5
I really hope this might get updated
ryeomyongsun chapter 69 . 5/3
I'm not tryna be mean but it's been years did someone adopt the story. I wanna because the story it's quite good
lilbigstoryteller chapter 36 . 4/26
Though it's a bit late to say this, did anyone notice how vivi's duck (forgot it's name) was only mentioned in whiskey peak, but never again? Maybe I missed something but I never remember hearing about the duck for the rest of the arc.
Altzelic chapter 69 . 4/25
Absolute banger of a story. Hope u come back to update it but understand if real life delays that. Cheers and stay safe mate!
Guest chapter 69 . 4/21
So I see you have finally written the last bit of in Chapter 69? It’s a shame you have to discontinue it but maybe someone might have time and and want to continue this. This was great story all the way though!
Mohamad576 chapter 55 . 4/22
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