Reviews for Remembrance
Wenchster chapter 1 . 2/3/2017
I'm not a fan of the troops where Kagome dies of old age, but despite that I thought this was such a really sweet story and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Hentai Strumpet chapter 1 . 2/24/2016
I loved reading this. I just wanted to cry in the end. Thank you fro writing it.
MariPessoa93 chapter 1 . 12/3/2015
Awn, so sweet fic 3
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24/2015
Loved it
dragonroses chapter 1 . 5/1/2015
aww wonderful hope you keep it up even though it ends sad
SirMojosJojos chapter 1 . 3/22/2015
I really have no words. That was absolutely amazing.
phantomgirl21 chapter 1 . 2/16/2015
Wow... that was impressive! - never thought I'd love a tragedy that much!
guest chapter 1 . 2/12/2015
Oh wow. I loved this. It was sweet and sad and such a delicately written work of art. I loved your view it's fantastic
Heto chapter 1 . 2/12/2015
I honestly love this. Perfect combination of a feral inuyasha and a lonely kagome lol
Christopher chapter 1 . 2/11/2015
Very good I really enjoyed your story.
Warm-Amber92 chapter 1 . 2/13/2015
Oh it was so perfect and so sad,I totally cried at the end but at the same time I was so happy that they were able to have such a wonderful life together!
VEENA4 chapter 1 . 2/12/2015
God!... I cried so much at the end of story..:'(:'(:'(
Such a beautiful story. But i don't want kagome to die.. :-(