Reviews for Enter Digital World
DarkHorse26 chapter 3 . 9/4/2015

Haven't I told you that I love this fic so much (except that I somehow make a boo-boo and discover this too late)? The adventure. The actions. The thrill. And a badass snarky Guile. And references to Berserk (dat dark back story of Guile's). And this reminds me a lot of the PSX game Digimon World.

Oh, no, no, no! Guile isn't a squishy wizard. ;D Getting hit point-blank by RedVegiemon's Rotten Rainballs and smacked around? Need much more than that, bro. MUCH MORE!

Super thrilled for an update (especially thanks to dat cliffhanger, you mischievous lil' imp)!
Legendary Biologist chapter 3 . 8/5/2015
You finally updated, Impy!

Now, that beginning is disturbing. It's great that you can keep the detail minimal while giving some kind of...creepy feelings. I can relate with Fortuna feeling disturbed as she imagined that one disturbing scene. Poor Guile.

And we're back to Guile and Gabumon!

[Trees here, trees there, trees everywhere; getting out of this place should be a pain in the arse.] - Impy, your narrative is bliss! It reads so well, and gives me a huge chuckle. Guile is getting snarky haha!

And lol at Guile remembering how the Digimushroom tasted. Only acts as a pollutant to the mouth, yeah... And dying taste buds? Hahahaha, love your narrative SO MUCH!

Enjoyed the part with the blue apple. And RedVegiemon's entrance. Should've guessed it from the onomatopoeia and other various sounds preceding it. Lovely auditory details.

I envy your descriptions, Impy. Simple, but very to the point. I especially love how you describe RedVegiemon. Perfectly looks like one. Narrow eyes, lots of fangs, no legs, and the mace-like tentacles.

And that boot to the face! Very funny. And the snark. Guile is just being...Guile, although way more snarky than the canon counterpart. I can understand though, because this takes place waaaaay before the canon. Character development exists, doesn't it? ;) Right now, like what Fortuna has said, Guile is a cranky guy thanks to his past. No wonder.

That is a very tense battle. I like that you keep me hanging. You don't immediately let Guile win; instead, you let RedVegiemon poison him and beat him up.

And how the table is flipped and the following scene. Very touching, which makes a nice end to the adrenaline-inducing battle. Guile has been deeming Gabumon as a prospective ally because he has trust issues (which I'm sure that it is related to that awful past). But Gabumon's concern moves him. And the handshake scene is just so...awww!

I like the talk about Guile's profession. Turns out that it plays a role in turning him into a battle-hardened badass. Squishy wizard? Pfft. His job requires him to beat up people, which makes him great at physical combat as well.

["Definitely. I especially enjoy fighting strong crooks."] - That's the lovely Guile we know. ;)

You mischievous little author, Impy! YOU END IT WITH A CLIFFHANGER! PALMON IS BEING HOSTILE? GUILE PASSED OUT? You'd better update fast! ;D

A quick pointer: I'd recommend keeping 'prospective ally' consistent throughout the chapter until Guile finally accepts Gabumon as his partner Digimon. That's all!
Legendary Biologist chapter 2 . 2/24/2015
Hi, Impy!

"This is my territory!" - Love this. It completely brings me back to Digimon World when I somehow can't avoid the ModokiBetamon below Green Gym. ;)

I find that this chapter is visual-heavy. Not a bad thing of course, as an adventure story just needs it. You have nifty descriptions here and there, such as ModokiBetamon's Blade Fin failing to hit Gabumon.

The whole Digimushroom sequence is funny. Guile's snark is priceless (love how he regards a Digimushroom as just a plain old giant shiitake mushroom)! This: how afraid he is, if Gabumon sees his face really messy with the liquid from the mushroom, is awesome. I love the simile to 'eating rubber' lol. Shows that the Digimushroom's stalk is that elastic.

Once he was done with the bounty quest, he'd go home and spend his money on several pints of wine to forget about how the Digimushroom tasted like. - By this, I'm giggling like a loon. XD Excellent line!

Guile's flash of the past is quite creepy. Since I know what you're planning to do about it (at this, there's no need to bump the rating to M; nobody knows what actually has happened in the past and why Guile goes berserk when remembering that man), I can understand why he hates that man a lot.

A fun read, Impy!
Legendary Biologist chapter 1 . 2/14/2015
Hey, Impmon! I've decided to check your, red envelopes for us! :)

Of course I'm familiar with both canons.

That start. What a hook. Simple 'Two vandals', then followed with Guile wiggling his finger at them. And your narrative. YOUR NARRATIVE! Short and sharp; fitting for the fight scene.

Yeah, I see how Guile is different from the canon (even only slightly). A bit arrogant and really hot-blooded (seriously, he's that hot-blooded) and badass. And he lives by adrenaline. Also, I love his 'nonchalant' kick. And eavesdropping, eh? Lol.

I find that Guile sneezing is funny. Your descriptions and that "Atchoo!" just make it even funnier. *imagines Guile sneezing* Can't resist!

I find that you've got nice descriptions for Jijimon and Tokomon. Your descriptions for Botamon is fitting, but I'm now giggling like a loon. XD

The nice thing is, your plot isn't cliche. It isn't like the standard 'I'm your partner' in Digimon; instead, Gabumon just acts like Guile's ally. And the CC and Digimon universe just merge well (although I admit, Magic Guild is a wild card for crossover plots; now I'm thinking of Gungrave x Chrono Cross, wth I'm talking about...).

Also, I like Guile's reactions towards the Digimon. Sure, he's new to Digital World, so he doesn't really trust the Digimon. Besides, he just cares about the great mage and the bounty, so he just trusts Jijimon and does the errand. Makes the crossover feel realistic.

- The earth was further below him; in this height, he could see nothing other than a patch of green and brown there. - The second half of this sentence doesn't read right. Maybe add a 'down' before 'there' should work.
- Flying downwards at high velocity, he found several buildings standing on the lush earth rushed up to meet him. - The second half of this sentence doesn't read right. Besides, it's inconsistent with the building stuff later (there is only one building).
- Guile rushed and delivered a straight. - Seems like something is missing here.

And the ending has the hook. And so it begins... Yeah, of course I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

Oh, and added this to the community. :) I hope you'll be developing Guile closer to his canon personality later (not that he's OOC; he's just a wee bit darker and more 'jerkass').