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V2d12 chapter 1 . 1/24
Not gonna lie, don't exactly like Slender. But hey, this is damn good. I was moved, yes. I loved the prospect of not actually getting a good description of Cynder. Adds to the last bit a lot. Know that I will keep track of your works, hence forth.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/9
ShadowPhoenix10 chapter 1 . 12/23/2017
There isn’t such thing as a word that describes how incredible this is! You conveyed the emotions, fear, doubt, love, so well! I couldn’t stop reading! My eyes were still darting across the screen as I was having a full on conversation with my brother! Amazing work, and I hope you never quit writing!
Drago The Firesword Dragon chapter 1 . 10/12/2017
Absolute perfection. Just simply put, absolute perfection.
TheDox234 chapter 1 . 10/5/2017
This story is a legitimate horror story, it possesses all the aspects of a horror story. Stories are good when they make you feel like you're in them; stories become great when they make you feel exactly what the main characters feel in the story. There were times that I had to stop reading so that I could catch my breath and remind myself that it was just words. I could see everything and feel everything. I completely lost it when spyro talked about his fears of being lost in the cell. I felt fears that I never knew I had, you have accomplished what so many writers strive to accomplish. I strive for it. It's incredible the amount of detail you put into this. If every book was this good, I'd be reading every waking second of my life. Always keep writing.
~ 234
kostas1348 chapter 1 . 5/29/2017
I have to mention that at the beggining and at the end of your story I almost cried... :'( It was a really dramatic story and you have combined two of my favourite games: "The Legend of Spyro" and "Slenderman".
I am really grateful that you shared this amazing and sad story and I hope that you will continue this great work of yours.
Fantastic! :)
Anon1718 chapter 1 . 5/24/2017
You know, I actually do remember seeing a picture of slender Cynder on deviantart whilst randomly browsing a while ago. After finding this, I wonder actually, if that drawing was yours by any chance? :P

At the time I didn't know if there was too much of a story behind it, but I'm sure glad I found it! Loved every bit of this piece. Really had this strong pull to it, wanting to make you read the whole thing to find out what happened next. I didn't stop once, I was that enthralled!

Was a bit disappointed at the open ended finish, but I really was gripped by the emotion of the setting all the way through, though. Super jealous of how easily (or apparently so at least) you pulled off such a heavy sense of "feels". Not many people (including me) can't do it very well at all, so well done on that!

The only thing I could criticise is that we need MOAR! xD I want to know what happens next, gah!
Arcantos the Storyteller chapter 1 . 2/28/2017
Well now. This was a short story and a half, wasn’t it?

I hope I always remember this story, long after I’ve read it. As I doubt I will ever read anything like it again. From the emotional struggles that Spyro had to go, though, both in order to find Cynder, as well as finally being able to talk with her once more. To the sheer amount of fear that glimpsing her new form brought about...

And then the means that Spyro was willing to go for her. Losing practically all of his senses, but that off touch... and yet described in a matter that was amazing and evocative at the same time. How everything else slowly faded away, until nothing but his sense of touch remained, made even worse than before. How hard it was, both for Spyro to go through with it, and Hunter to see him lose those senses one by one. And how, despite her form... Cynder’s mere presence was enough to be a comfort to the purple dragon.

Plus, the small touches. Such as Volteer’s concern and care for Spyro. How Sparx came back in order to offer his brother comfort and distraction in such a trying time, and the appearance of their parents... I do not think any story of equal length could ever hope to match this.
Usurper of Souls chapter 1 . 10/9/2016
'deep exhale'.

Wow. Just, wow.
This is absolutely incredible work. I could fill this entire page with the praises that this story deserves and still could not express the complete awe that fills me.
You described the lack of senses so well that I almost seemed to experience it myself, and the way you structured the letters was so brilliant. You set down the context of the story in a way that conveyed just the right amount of information in a deep and thoughtful way. Even though you can't respond to this, I just want you to know that you are an incredible writer.

May you be untouched by Writers Block of all forms.
CanadianSpyro chapter 1 . 7/31/2016
HONESTLY...I think you are now my 2nd favorite writter/ story.
4Dragons chapter 1 . 7/27/2016
I knew the song went with this story, but I didn't dare playing it until now. I'm crying.

Reading this story is painful, I could never imagine writing anything like this, I may even be scarred from it. We shall see about that.
If it was badly written then I would hate it. It would come across as cheap, cruel and pointless. I would do my best to forget all about it, but... but it's good. In fact it's more than good, it's beautiful.

I have no desire to read this ever again, but I'm glad that I did.
I can't recommend it lightly, but it's worthwhile.
I do not like this crossover.

The Rhombus chapter 1 . 7/5/2016
"I'm afraid of myself. You'd think I'd be used to it after being turned into her, but still. I've decided to write myself these notes, like a journal, to scatter. My memory has been an odd affair and the idea of losing any remembrance of Spyro kills whatever is left of me. Maybe these can help me remember."

Ah, now this reminds me of Slender...

"The buzzing static filled the air moments later, causing him to turn and dart towards the sound. It had to mean something. He barreled past a few trees, but tried to skid to a stop when a flash of white and red caught his attention to the side. But when he managed to get himself facing the right direction, there was nothing there. His throat burned."

Oh, God... now this reminds me of the Slender games. Be afraid, man. Be very afraid.

"I killed a rabbit today, and it was pointless. I don't even know how.
All I did was look at it and it seized up, coughing. I tried to flee, but I couldn't. From the second it saw me, I froze. I could only watch it hack until it collapsed. The only mark on it was blood trailing from its nose and mouth.
I knew what it was, but I hadn't seen it since I was the Dark Master's monster. Its heart had burst. I'd tortured beasts with my fear before, but what does it mean that all it had to do was look at me to die?"

"He yelled himself hoarse after that, wanting to give her something to listen to, barreling blindly through the woods. It was stupid. It was reckless. It ended about as well as one would expect."
"Then he saw it. And everything was on fire.
Fear clamored through his head.
She didn't want him there. Didn't want him. Didn't want help.
His throat burned as he fought to keep looking at the still figure, to analyze what he was seeing.
Wouldn't accept help. Would stay here. Would be alone. Forever. Left to the desolation. Left alone. Lonely.
Were these his fears, or hers? His knees trembled and it felt like the joints were melting, an achingly dry magma that crawled up and over every bone within him.
He'd never again see that spark in this new, vacant face. Never again see her ferocity for staying alive. Never hear 'I love you' again… Never see her again.
With that last barrage of fear, it all became too much. Pressure exploded inside his head and forced his eyes closed as every bone in his body seemed to give way at once. Blackness crawled into his sight and then overtook it, leaving nothing."

Good Lord... Happy Valentine's Day everyone! XD

"Spyro nodded grimly before walking over to Terrador and silently wrapping his legs around a foreleg. He squeezed briefly, then walked to Volteer and did the same. While Terrador stayed fairly stoic, only dipping his head so his breath washed comfortingly over Spyro's forehead, Volteer scooped him up to his chest, causing him to squeak in surprise. The Electric Guardian cradled him for a full minute, and Spyro couldn't complain. He lay his forehead against his elder's shoulder and let out a strangled sob.
Sparx was by his horn in half a second, having remained silent since they'd found each other. One twiggy arm wrapped around his horn, and a tiny hand rubbed his forehead in gentle circles. "Hey," Sparx murmured. "You found her and now you've got us here to help. We're here now.""
"It was an exercise in trust for us, as well," Hunter said tersely. "And one of the tribe's traditions I have never personally agreed with. It came from a time when trust was integral to our survival. We sat in a circle, holding paws so that was our only contact. We remained still, which will be very different than what you will do. But with that, the ground and each blade of grass seemed to grow in importance. Shifting weight felt different, as well. I know my balance became better in the next few days, as it was one of the few things I could focus on. The paw I was holding finished the process after I had, and I felt Meadow tense and his claws unsheathe and shake before he calmed again. I believe they gave us the herbs in a specific order so that would happen. I hadn't noticed Lark, the cat on my other side, do the same."
Hunter stared into nothing for a moment, then closed his eyes and shook his head. "There was a strange peace to it, in all honesty. As time passed, we came to know better the things we felt. I realized later that I had become a better archer, as I could instinctively feel the wind without overthinking it. I had always been good with balance, but now I could zero in on it, because I knew what it was telling me without input from my other senses. However, while dead to the world, any discomfort, however small, was worse as well. I struck myself with my own bowstring, having forgotten my armguard, earlier that week, and the itch of it healing was hard to ignore without much else to focus on. I hope that this has helped."
Now this in interesting.

"The action tickled his tongue, but besides that, there was no difference than when he had held it idle. His mouth seemed dead and sterile and, realizing what that meant, he made the mistake of drawing in a calming breath through his nose."

Bad choice, Spyro...

"The air was cold, but had no scent or flavor to it, causing him to stiffen as Hunter held him closer, the soft downy fur of his arm rubbing reassuringly against scale."


"Before Spyro could think, furred arms were wrapped around his shoulders and his face pressed against cloth he recognized from his scarf, rounding back. Thinking that had to be Hunter's shoulder, he lifted his chin and rested it on the arch. Longer fur and slightly more wiry strands of something rubbed and tickled his cheek. Some of the fur seemed damp and, after precious seconds of trying to figure things out, he realized the cheetah must have tear-tracks running down his cheek.
Spyro tried to say that Hunter didn't need to cry for him, but he could only feel his throat rumbling, with no idea if it sounded right at all."

Oh God, the feels…

"He waited, heart in his throat, for the floor to dip and shudder at her footsteps. Eternity stretched on, mindless of the pain it caused him.
The world seemed colder than it ought to be, and the blanket did nothing to fight the cold that clawed and burrowed into his flesh and scales. It reminded him of the suffocating haze the forest had forced upon him."

A perfect description of depression. The lack of hope… of dreams… of escape. Your descriptions are both horrifying and bowel-crushing, and I hope you take that as a compliment.

"With her beside him, the jolting prison seemed to sway in a rhythm that coaxed his sightless eyes to stop searching, to close and rest, and reminded his frantic heart to remember that things were not yet over, that his best friend and love might yet be saved, a wish he murmured and uttered in his sleep. A stream of hopes and promises left his slumbering form, which he could not hear or clearly say outside of pleasant dreams.
And she, wreathed in a cold, hard and lost place, curled around him and forced to remain agonizingly awake, believed them."

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I honestly don't know what else to say about this story, except that it was in no way what I expected when I began to read it. It is a horror story… that is romantic. A depressing story… that is yet inspiring. A story that both crushes and rekindles dreams.

I thoroughly applaud this work. (-:
Dothurnaax chapter 1 . 6/24/2016
Err merr gerrd! You got meh right in the feels! This was beautiful;.; I can't say I'm surprised with Spyro's actions, he seems like the type of stubborn bastard to slowly kill himself just to be around the one he loves. This is probably the most successful unique Spyro story I've ever read. What makes it successful in my eyes? How well it's put together. It's not just "Hey Spyro! I'm a monster now, let's live together until you wither away into bleached dust!" Combine spelling and grammatical errors I could count on my hand, ten... no... ELEVEN points for that. I can definitely see myself re-reading this in the future, thank you for writing such a perfect one shot!
The Silent Insomniac chapter 1 . 7/18/2015
There's not a lot of bad things I can say about the story.

Your opening reminded me instantly of an anime's introduction or the opening of a movie. The focus on nothing but dialogue left me with the impression of urgency, and a brand of mystique that is different from dropping metaphors, rhetorical questions, throwing us into the action, or even beginning with heavy exposition. The choice was sound, its execution even more so.

While I'm not familiar with Slender lore, I've at least watched and played the Slender games to at least have an idea of the mechanics and even Slender's image. Judging by those, "Cynderman" makes a very good Slender, and you've certainly done well in portraying this.

Moving past the Slender lore and zooming in on the meat - your storyline - I find the loneliness, exhaustion, and resignation of Cynder's current state as poignant as you have described, and the way you wrote about it through her notes and Spyro's own reflections on it was chilling to read. I was absorbed in the writing through and through, and I daresay I spent a good three hours reading almost word for word. That you've properly gotten me immersed in the story is in itself a VERY good sign.

But honestly, the best part has to be the end. The extensive detail you've put into the loss of Spyro's senses and the exacerbation of his fears as he experienced it was gripping - too much for me to put my phone down. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a lot more when you finally reunited Spyro with Cynder, and having the "reunion" happen at the end was so short, when you threw in the ending, I was sad to see it end.

As for the ending... well, its open-ended nature disappointed me - as I feel with all open-ended endings in general - but despite it, the execution was satisfying and it left me with the feels.

Overall, great job. I applaud you.
1121123211234321 chapter 1 . 4/2/2015
I'll begin with what you should already know; I think this is your best story yet. When you first pitched the premise to me and showed me the excerpts I was a little unsure, but you've pulled this off, no question.

I wouldn't normally have gone for backstory in the way you did via dialogue, but it works here. What I noticed more was the foreboding and creepiness of the first part. The complete unknown of the forest, the static (perfectly done) and the reaction her presence caused. You nailed the Slender-vibe opening, so well done there.

Then there's Cynder. I didn't fully get what you meant originally concerning how Cynder was, but after reading it was crystal-clear. Again, the convexity warping universes, giving her some of the traits is believable, and explains why she doesn't have the murderous/mind-control side of the Operator. That she has no control over the power was a good choice, I felt. It makes the combination feel more real; instead of her just being Cynder with a new body and powers, she has the uncontrollable side-effects, illustrated by the rabbits.

Then the visit to Flash and Nina. This was the one bum-note of the story, I have to say. I know you were going for some light relief here with the mom jokes, but it just doesn't sit right in such an otherwise serious story. Of course, this is only my opinion, but I feel something less comic would have done the job, had you still wanted it.

Back to the forest. The effect the exposure is having on Spyro is another nice nod to the Slender side, showing there's a toll for interacting with such monsters. It was something that struck me throughout all of this; nothing felt like to much of a leap, belief-wise. The ideas for storing her beneath Warfang, for transport, for allowing Spyro to travel and to cure her. For such an odd crossover, it feels very lore-friendly. The sensory writing in the final part deserves a special mention too. Going from losing the taste, to hearing, to sight, being left with nothing but touch...combine that with the claustrophobia of the box, and I was breathing a little faster. Top stuff.

The ambiguous ending too...I'm okay with it. The story isn't about whether she's cured or not, it's about the lengths they go to for love. It never loses track. Like I said, your best yet. :)


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