Reviews for One Step Forward, Two Decades Back
Tiara2010 chapter 50 . 38m
Thank you for that amazing story. I loved every word of it!
erm31323 chapter 30 . 15h
Wondering now who Narcissa might prefer over Lucius. Love that Umbridge is locked up and Fudge is losing popularity. So glad that Severus' mother has reunited with her family. Dumbledore wanting James' cloak is not surprising. I couldn't help laughing at Peter freaking out about the owls.
erm31323 chapter 29 . 19h
I love the backstory for Filch and Mrs. Norris and that Hermione and all have befriended him. Will be interesting to see the difference that makes.
nintschibintschi chapter 41 . 2/23
loved this chapter thank you so much nintschi
erm31323 chapter 28 . 2/22
Completely did not expect what Peter's actual story is, wow! Wondering why Dumbledore wanted him to get close to James and what he whether he knows that Peter is a Death Eater.
erm31323 chapter 26 . 2/21
I'm glad Lily has finally come around.
lovergyrl100 chapter 1 . 2/21
"Charlotte's Web" so many memories
nintschibintschi chapter 8 . 2/21
i just love this story it is so amazing thanks for creating a masterpiece
erm31323 chapter 23 . 2/20
I really like seeing the snippets of the changed future. I loved the last bit with Minerva being adopted into the pack.
erm31323 chapter 22 . 2/20
I'm trying to figure out what Dumbledore's deal is with the malevolent potion, why he isn't more concerned about it. He must know how dangerous it is. I love that Remus recognized and protected his pack. That part was great.
erm31323 chapter 18 . 2/19
Peter is drugging them? Was not expecting that, but it explains a lot.
erm31323 chapter 17 . 2/19
Laughing at the werepoodle. Poor Harry, he had no idea what is going on. I'm intrigued by the apparent triad, looking forward to see how that all comes about.
erm31323 chapter 15 . 2/18
I hope that James' parents can knock some sense into him.
erm31323 chapter 9 . 2/18
The always bit, oh. I loved that they both stayed with Remus. And I love your portrayal of Orion in this.
erm31323 chapter 8 . 2/18
I'm really enjoying this story so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how the future changes now. I love that Hermione spent the full moon with Remus as a Phoenix.
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