Reviews for One Step Forward, Two Decades Back
kpop1392as chapter 50 . 9/18
Awww, I absolutely enjoyed reading this story from beginning to end. I love the plots and twists, the details, the emotions, and the character developments as well. I also enjoyed how well everything was written out and planned, and how one thread of the web, connected to another.
Ashley1715 chapter 50 . 9/15
So sad that i finished this lovely story. It has become one of my all time favorites. Can always hope for a sequal?!
KnowInsight chapter 50 . 9/12
A truely ah inspiring story. Better time travel HP fanfic I've ever read. This story had truely earned a spot on my favorites list.

You might want to mark it as complete. It's always disappointing to read an old atory and find it imcomplete. I know I'm more likely to read an older sorry if it's marked thusly.
Ashley1715 chapter 50 . 9/12
Could you put this story on archives of our own?
Efloresco chapter 1 . 9/12
Noble and Most House of Black

might wanna change that in your summary.
Drnb96 chapter 50 . 9/5
Stumbled across this (can't believe I hasn't seen it since I really loved the demon story) and truly enjoyed it! Thanks for writing such believable dialogue and interesting characters. The plot is very original which given the volume of fan fiction written is not easy! Please keep writing! (I will keep reading!)
Kstorie7 chapter 50 . 9/4
Wonderfully written! Such a great page Turner!
I do have a strange question- in the middle of the book when Auror Harry has lasagna with the Snapes. The ages are off with Lyra and Orion- they are quadruplets and yet Lyra is described as young woman and Orion as a small child who launched himself at Draco. How would their ages be different here?
clausumcormeum chapter 50 . 9/1
What a cute story full of family, friends, love, and phoenixes.
clausumcormeum chapter 44 . 9/1
Oh Albus... You're the one who caused all of this. I hate the bit with Tobias the most. That was literally all his fault.
clausumcormeum chapter 41 . 9/1
Yes! A Lovegood! Interested to see what comes of old Tom & Albus.
clausumcormeum chapter 36 . 9/1
Gotta love Hogwarts!
clausumcormeum chapter 33 . 9/1
Jesus, that is horrible. I was so excited for Hermione/Lucius too (aka in my brain, some version of Draco lol)
clausumcormeum chapter 30 . 9/1
Hah. Take that Dumbledore - basically my line of thought throughout that plot point.
clausumcormeum chapter 18 . 9/1
UGH PETER. Hope they figure out this damn candy business.
clausumcormeum chapter 7 . 9/1
I love Hermione Black's relationship with Orion. It's so comforting to read their letters.
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