Reviews for One Step Forward, Two Decades Back
Alice's Escape chapter 4 . 7/20
While I really enjoy this story so far, I do find it a little odd the fact that there has been no reaction from seeing things and people from her past like Lucious and such, but when she lands eyes on Peter she is filled with animosity and rage, when in my opinion she could feel the same about Malfoy. Just something that somewhat bothers me. But perhaps it will explained in later chapters. I salute you with this story idea, keep up the good work
Stardust 101 chapter 50 . 7/19
This story deviated wildly from my expectations, and I have to say I'm greatly impressed with the way you subverted the future-past time-loop trope. Additionally, this is likely the only fic that will EVER make me ship Hermione and Shape in any romantic capacity. You managed to weave a captivating story full of heartfelt characters with well-planned histories that, despite my misgivings in early chapters, made me eager and willing to witness the end. Well done.
Guest chapter 42 . 7/17
God I hate this fic. I have been trying to read it for years and it just makes me sick and sad every blasted time. i get it. You hate Lilly. You hate Hermione. And basically anyone who was a hero in the actuall canon. This thing was really well written. I can see why so many people liked it. But it takes what was best about the series (theme) and twists it. It's like saying if the Jews had just been a little more German-like there wouldn't have been a need for a holocaust.
Guest chapter 36 . 7/17
The long-winded tirades against Hermione Granger and anyone not part of the elite crowd of pure bloods is the only off-putting thing about this story. It seems like the writer actually hates the character she chose for the m/c in a fanfic. I have read a lot of pure-blood Hermione stories like this, and they all seem to miss the point of the original books. Of course, that is a fan fiction writer's privilege...and one must admit that if this story were original fiction, rather than fan fiction with established characters, I would enjoy it quite a bit more. Genuinely hope the writer is busy publishing something original somewhere. The story itself was quite good.
tanadhari chapter 50 . 7/16
This story was so amazing! I can't believe it's over. Thank you so much for writing this!
tanadhari chapter 36 . 7/14
I'm getting so close to the end of this amazing story and I'm so sad! I really wanted Lucius and Hermione to get together, even though I started reading this story because it's HGSS. Tbh I'm on the verge of tears.
Guest chapter 50 . 7/14
Wow, what imagination and recall to keep straight all the little offspring.
I really enjoyed this story. So sweet and such heartfelt moments like Eileen and Severus/Severin getting Tobias back. It just feels like this story makes more sense of the senselessness.
Thank you for writing this story.
tanadhari chapter 25 . 7/14
This story is still so good. The more I read, the more enthralled I am! I hope that it's Orion that's able to get through to Lily. I think his ability that Hermione commented on of being able to blend into any social situation would help him be more relatable to Lily.
tanadhari chapter 18 . 7/13
I have heard amazing things about this story for years! And it's already so good and I feel like I've barely started. Thank you so much for writing this! Out of everything that has happened so far, I didn't think that Peter would do something like that to James and Sirius! It's simple and almost guaranteed to work, as no regular 11 year old would check snacks from their friends for tampering! This is such a good idea and I can't wait to see where it goes.
Guest chapter 43 . 7/3
Funny A/N. So true.
I’m getting a little sad as I see the number of chapters left to read dwindling away...
Guest chapter 40 . 7/1
I’ll say, I had to graduate from hankies to the towel I was sunbathing on
Jordan Ripley chapter 50 . 6/22
Wonderful. Loved it. Now heading to your page and hoping there was a sequel. I hope that life has been treating you well. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I got out of reading your book.
FlowerChild23 chapter 50 . 6/22
Holy cow this is amazing
Jordan Ripley chapter 48 . 6/21
It's like reading 2 stories at once... Hope your finals turned out the way you wanted them to! Loving the story and sad that I only have 3 more chapters to go...
Sissy Boo chapter 43 . 6/21
When you have Remus remember his dad before he was bit, you say that thankfully Greyback is dead. A few paragraphs later in the article on Lyall in Azkaban, you have Greyback alive. Which is it? Dead or Alive?
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