Reviews for The Ghost in the Wheelchair
vilnolin chapter 1 . 11/23/2010
so...reading the reviews here made me think of one thing:

Has no one on this site graduated high school?

seriously, 'i think this is cruel!' 'you suck'...

reviews are made for comments and critiscms.

and considering i've been on this site since it came out, i have to say, i'm ashamed of everyone here who had to leave nasty comments.

fuck, i hate shippers (you know me, scar, lol!) they flammed my page for an Alec/other fic.

the point of the matter is this:

this was fucking epic. its funny. and people take FICTIONAL CHARACTER OBSESSIONS way too far.

feel free to flame me. i enjoy an awesome argument.

wait...does that mean i'm mature? god i hope not. scar, we need to piss these people off more. i'm maturing.
FiveOfFive chapter 1 . 4/4/2008
Great, now I have this un-healthy desire to read a Mole/Logan fic... I've been thinking about it and they would be so cute together! I actually like Logan and always felt a little bad for him b/c Max so obviously belongs with Alec, but I hate Asha with a passion and I never wanted him to be subjected to her evil. But Mole is awesome! He could be so good for Logan, and they would be just about the most adorable couple ever!

Anyway, off that tangent and on to how amazing you are. This was brilliant, and funny, I hope it's never deleted.
djonie chapter 1 . 1/21/2007
MUHAHHAAHAHA that was just ... :D oke no words can discribe THAT MUHAHAHA ...shit I just can't stop laughing... man, I just love the way think girl!
aku-neko chapter 1 . 8/11/2005

I read this over at GBM and had read a bit about the reviews here on Of course, being as nosy as I usually am, i just had to mosey on over and read them.

I truly don't know which was more entertaining: the reviews or the story.

You know, the funniest thing is I initially forged into the DA fanfic universe as a MW afficionada. I have no idea how it is that I ended up reading AND liking MA fics.

I enjoyed the dry humor that was used when you talked about Logan. I'm also pleased as punch that Logan finally accepted that Alec and Max make such a fine ass couple.


ate8888888888888 chapter 1 . 10/30/2004
Ok I never read M/L because - EW - but I read this because it was yours and I'm so glad I did. Frickin' hilarious. I love the imagery of Logan pouting because he'd been ignored to death, something I prayed for for almost two seasons. And you've renewed my faith in the whole M/L genre. Now I can grin widely and think of Mole whenever I see that label instead of grimacing and thinking of dirty old men fawning over their young and confused prey - gotta watch those frown lines forming, gotta keep myself young and pretty. Thank you for the laugh.
loralee chapter 1 . 7/28/2004
lol great story ! i was woundering why u put M/L 4 this story but M/A 4 all the others ! thats was good dude !
redbiird chapter 1 . 4/6/2004
that was just funny. The very idea of Mole/Logan cracks me up completely (almost as much as Logan/Pasta, though I can't recall where I read that from).
And in response to Death to Shippers and all the other reviewers, DTS has a point (We really shouldn't fight over shippers), BUT people have a right to ship for whoever they want. I'm M/A, myself, but I don't diss M/L (and I don't mean Mole either). There are SO many writers out there who portray Logan in a positive light, but somehow, M/Lers keep dissing M/A and flame them at their fics (anonymously, I might add). Why do this? I mean, as I said before, people DO have a right to ship who they want, so lets just keep to ourselves and not diss other people, okay?
And I resent that comment about shippers being under 30. I happen to know people who are over that and enthusiastic shippers. Maybe *YOU* (Death to Shippers) just need to grow up. (and what kind of creative name is DEATH TO SHIPPERS?)
Chaosti chapter 1 . 3/16/2004
Ok, let me start off by saying that I thought this fic was really funny. But let me also say that this has got to be the first fic I've ever read where I got more caught up in the reviews than the actual fic.
I heard that there was a big commotion over the reviews, and then I just had to read them. All 61 of them. Now, while I was obviously pissed off by Death To Shippers' review, (and BTW couldn't she have thought of a less hostile name?) there were a number of other people who just plain made me upset. So I'm going to say a few words to the less offensive, but still immature reviewers who were overlooked in the wake of DTS's review.
To agregaza: Have you ever actually read anything else by Scarlet? She has written a number of other fics, all incredibly good, and most of them don't bash Logan. Try Perfectly Matched at the Nuns With Pens site. If you don't like it, fine. But at least give it a chance before completely dismissing everything else Scarlet wrote based on one fic that was just meant to entertain people. Now who's being childish?
Keeping the Faith: Thank you for keeping your comments to yourself. But who are you to tell Zol to be ashamed? Unless you are personally related to her and in a position of authority over her, which I'm sure she would object to, then leave her alone.
White kittie: I'm sure no humiliation was meant on the part of Scarlet. She did, in fact, answer a challenge for the couple she supoorts. She happens to support Mole and Logan as a couple. You got a problem with that? Mole is a fine anomoly. What's wrong with him, I ask? Mole just happens to be my second favorite transgenic. He was just hilarious. And frankly, Logan could use a little humor in his life.
Let me interject here and say that I have nothing against Logan, personally. I think that he's a fine character and would make a great friend for Max. I say friend because, in case you forgot, Logan is 34 compared to Max's twenty years. For those of you who can count, that's a 14 year age difference. So, when Logan was twenty himself, Max was six. That's right, six. He's almost old enough to be her father. And some M/L shippers start flinging around the word incestuous. How about "statutory rape"? I realize that they never actually got that far, for which I am thankful for. It would have completely ruined their friendship.
Now, who else am I forgetting? Ah yes, to whoever left the review after M/L Fan's review. In fact, this is for both of you. M/L indicates whatever the author wants it to indicate. To the other reviewer, you want to know what I think is "as dumb as a box of rocks," if I may quote you? Reading a fic you clearly didn't like and reviewing it not with the intent to offer constructive criticism, but just to be mean. And if I may ask, how exactly do you know how old Scarlet is? Physically or emotionally? Are you a friend of hers. If so, then tell her to her face what you think instead of wasting your time reading something no one forced you to read and then submitting a review for which I would imagine she wouldn't welcome.
On to Harper: I have nothing to say to you except this: As I recommended above, if you would be so kind as to visit NWP and read Perfectly matched or Learning To Live, I think you will find that neither fic even remotely comes close to saying anything bad about Logan. In a response to your challenge, I challenge you to find anything degrading aimed toward the right honorable Logan Cale in either fic. Thank you for your time.
Well, that's it, almost. Now all that's left to say is that this fic was just intended to make some people laugh, and possibly to relieve stress from the chaos that is everyday life. And we should therefore treat it as such. Read it, laugh your proverbial butt off, and then leave a review indicating your gratitude toward the author for taking time out of her busy schedule to write and post it just for us. If in fact, you did not enjoy it, I suggest you consider this: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
One more thing and I'll leave you to chew on my words. Am I the only one who noticed that not one single flamer left a signed review? Feel free to go over the reviews with a fine tooth comb, but you will find nothing but anonymous flames. There is a grand total of twenty signed reviews besides this one. Once again, let's whip out our calculators and do the math. 62 divided by 20 is almost exactly 1/3 of all the reviews. Not to mention the fact that two are Scarlet's own comments on her fic. And every single one of those signed reviews indicates somewhere that the reviewer enjoyed the fic. So what does that mean? Are the flamers scared to leave a signed review? Afraid that someone you angered will email you to death? Tsk tsk tsk. Feel free to email me and say whatever the heck you want. At least then we'll know who you are and how to respond to you. I swear, it's like arguing with ghosts. And we all know how productive that can be. I thought some of you had better things to do with your time.
TheGoddessJamie chapter 1 . 11/1/2003
I read this again, and I just *HAD* to leave another review.

*Note that my last rerview was SHOCKING! God, I cannot believe I typed like that, anyway, so I read this again when I should be doing assignments. OH well, shit happens. I adore this story and still cant believe it was never taken down.

By the way, the following quote:

Communication, Logan raised his eyebrows, sliding through her. Interesting.

"I guess that was a 'yes'...?" Max looked at Alec and Logan slid through her yet again.

Is just gross, do you realize the double meaning of this? I was gagging like crazy.
em chapter 1 . 1/26/2003
I read this story ages ago and while it was funny it was no where near as hilarious as some of the reviews you got.

I especially love Death to Shipper's little review. If she's so above it all then why does she give a flying fuck whether or not people engage in shipper combat.

I think this story embodies all that is good in the 'shipper war'; it's funny, it's clever and, despite what Death to Shippers thinks, it doesn't actually hurt anybody.

I can't wait to read your next story!
Shameless chapter 1 . 1/22/2003
you know what i think? i think that Death to Shippers was a spoiled little girl who always got what she wanted. i think that when things dont go as she planned, she erupts. i think that she needs to take a good long look at herself in the mirror, and i dont think she'll like what she sees. a bitter, pathetic, middle aged woman. a hollow, empty shell. thats what i think. flame me if you want, hunt me down, i dont care.

but i will leave with this one parting shot: you think that we're all immature preteens? or superficial, petty, beauty centric teenagers? well, maybe some of us are. but i know a bunch of shippers, and they are all over the 30 year mark. they are some of the most caring, loving, steadfast and just genuinely nice people i have ever met, and you're trying to tell me that according to you, they should all be shallow, pathetic, miserably bitter and addicted to mindaltering drugs and cosmetic surgery who shy away from deep, intellectual conversations because they have the mental capacity of a tomato? i dont think so. i think that you are a pathetic and bitter person who takes all your anger and frustration out on us because you can't live your life the way you want to.

I think that you are the one who has the mental capacity of a tomato, because you have lowered yourself to 'our level' just by posting that.

*You* are now an idiot, because you have lowered yourself to posting a degrading and demorilizing response to a story that was intended to be humorus.

Shame on *YOU*!
airaloki chapter 1 . 1/22/2003
ok, i have something i want to say to everyone, especially the people who are making such a big deal about this.

GROW UP. It's just a story! you don't see people flaming authors who write books professionally, do you? If scarlet was a profesional writer (which she should be!) i'll bet that most of you would not be writing reviews like this.

You would not publically degrade other people in this manner. Because thats what you're doing. All the M/Lers are taking this way too personally. It's a story. It is something that Scarlet has written in order to entertain herself and others. If you have a problem with that, do as a lot of other people have already suggested: Don't read it.

It is very simple to just keep scrolling down the list, or to read it and then laugh, shrug it off and continue. I've done it many times, and I'm sure many people do too.

As Lexa has already said, 'i might be the BIGGEST m/l shipper ever and the BIGGEST m/a hater ever but that was just damn funny.'

So how is it that she can say that, can find the humor in it, and other people can't?

Now that I've finished ranting, I'm going to go read some more fanfic.
KEZZA chapter 1 . 1/6/2003
this story rox and is so funny!

even IRC hates M/L woooooohhoooooooo



luv KEZ
TzAmZ chapter 1 . 1/5/2003


here's what i think of all those flamers: GET A GOD DAMN LIFE! if u all think this story is so sick or immature or whatever y the hell do u bother finish reading it and giving a review? cmon dnt u all have better things 2 do?

no offence




TerriWrym chapter 1 . 12/16/2002
Scarlet this story was very funny. You fufilled the challenge word for word, in a way that no one else had thought of.

And about the shipper war, I am not a shipper at least not a Max/anything shipper. I don't even like Max's character. So when I read a shipper story I look for the story not the ship. And while I am a little put off by the constant Logan-bashing I enjoy reading anything that is creative and entertaining.

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