Reviews for Child of Lightning
McKmaster25 chapter 37 . 10/18
Please, please keep writing! I really, really want to find out what happens next.
quakeskye chapter 37 . 10/18
Oh hell yeah! That some good shirt!
Stonecastle chapter 1 . 10/14
I only recently started to read the story but hooked I can't wait to see how everything plays out
Guest chapter 37 . 10/11
Nice I can’t wait to view the next chapter!
Alex Sez 1995 chapter 37 . 10/10
I love your story, it's amazing, the plot is too good not to read, yesterday I started reading your story and it was not until today that I had the time to finish this chapter. I love the way you write to Thor, whenever I read stories that show or deal with him, reflect him as a man of pure muscle but no brain, an almost comical character, being a prince would be wise to assume which is more serious and intelligent than the way they portray it, but well now that I've read your story, I know that all the stories I'll read about Thor from now on will pale in comparison. I am intrigued that you have made Petunia such a good character since most HP fans hate her but I enjoy the change. In short, your story is one of the best I've ever read and I can not wait to read more, your way of writing and representing all the characters I love and I was surprised how much the couple ThorNatasha liked, this being the first story I have read about them, they are adorable and frankly I think they make a lot of sense as a couple. In short, very good work.
StealingATimeLord chapter 37 . 10/10
Oh my goodness! Eeeppp! Thor!

Love this story so much. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
Calista Suxen chapter 37 . 10/10
Please hurry and post the next chapter and the many more after that!
Guestz6426 chapter 37 . 10/1
While I was not happy, I understand that you have a life outside of this. If you find your self not being able to write another chapter when you wanted to at least update to explain that you have not abandoned the story and that you will come back to it when you have time.
NickPicker99 chapter 2 . 9/21
Just so you know the Russian revolution that overthrew the Tsar happened in february 1917 during ww1. 1914 was the year ww1 started.

If you are using another timeline just ignore what I have already said.
sue-cassandra chapter 37 . 9/14
Dragon Whistler chapter 37 . 9/10
Omg cliff hanger much?! I'm so glad that you are back to writing this story again. I can't wait for the next update!
love is overrated chapter 20 . 9/8
loving this so far. awesome character personality that you write.
KittyWolfM chapter 37 . 9/4
Wow i can't believe been almost a years since your last update. Odin is a fool if he thinks he can find and hurt Hermione. She is well loved and protected. Definitely looking forward to your next updated
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 37 . 9/2
Oh wow. It’ll be a lot harder for Thor to get his power back and to protect Hermione now!
Guest chapter 37 . 9/2
Geez, what a wonderful story you weave. There are some spellings and grammar that can be corrected but nothing that takes too much away from the story. I recently found this and been reading non stop.

However, if I may suggest one thing, or rather just state an unsolicited opinion, this could turn a lot better if you remove the romantic plot for the children. Pairings usually ruin the story for me as well as for other readers. Since they are only 11 and 12, I dont think it's necessary at this point. Considering the adults in your story never had serious lasting relationships before now, taking out the romantic pairings can only make your spry much better to read
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