Reviews for Child of Lightning
Guest chapter 46 . 5/16
Hi! I loved that you updated. This had become one of my favorite stories to read and am always waiting for the next chapters to be uploaded. I really love the relationship of the characters you write here e.g Thor Thor Regulus Regulus Harry;dudly;Hermione;Draco;Luna;etc... Also that there are not too many oc's.

I'm always excited with what the next chapter is and rereading this never gets boring although I have to admit that the earlier chapters is less refined and there are typographical errors and redundancy in the work but I could see that your writing did improve through the years though there are still some errors here and there but nobodies perfect.

I hope to read the next chapter soon. You certainly left us a bit hanging there.
pendora59 chapter 46 . 5/15
great chapter!
I hope read more soon.
Lucy Maud Montgomery chapter 46 . 5/12
Love it
twinklegoesthesea chapter 46 . 5/10
L'archangel chapter 46 . 5/10
Thank you for the update!
angel897 chapter 46 . 5/10
another interesting and enjoyable new chapter to read thank you for sharing with us
Guest chapter 46 . 5/10
As someone who has been following since you started this story- I love how your writing has progressed and changed. It’s a great story and I’m always so happy to see an update!

Also- definitely check out Grangers enchanted Facebook page if you can’t find a beta. There’s some great people in there always willing to help out or direct you to someone who can! :)
Emqm9 chapter 46 . 5/10
AHHH What a great update. I love this fic. Even the early chapters, I can't wait till the next update keep up the good writing. :)
venyr4686 chapter 37 . 5/10
Yay! You're back. Thanks for the update.
pclauink chapter 46 . 5/10
Glad that Natasha and Regulus got the hammer...
I hope Loki gets to earth but without all the drama of the avengers movie... natasha knows him sooo she knows he is not bad ...
liz.onia chapter 46 . 5/10
It always makes my day when there is an update from you. Thanks for the great chapter!
Lairenna chapter 46 . 5/10
I wouldn't call them garbage. Just less refined. I was actually just planning on rereading myself to remind myself what's happened.
roon0 chapter 44 . 5/7
everyone is in trouble, I can't wait to see how they get out of it. thank you so much for the update. keep safe and good luck with your projects.
Dragon Whistler chapter 45 . 5/4
I just love your stories. I'm so grateful for writers like you. Writer's block sucks but each chapter becomes more and more intriguing. I'll patiently wait for each new chapter because creative genius cannot be rushed.
roon0 chapter 43 . 5/3
what a packed chapter and so exciting.
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