Reviews for Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs
Mia chapter 52 . 9h
Haagh, I'm hungry for more! Interesting to see your version of mark, I kinda like him in the show, thought he didn't got a lot of screen time, and I liked what ou did with him :)

Mmh, "return" of a goblin, I wonder.. one of the Osborns? seems a little too early, especially with the clone saga supposed to come not far after, Kingsley? Probably, he didn't get to wear the hobgblin costume himself after all, or maybe... Menken? It would be both surprising and somehow hilarious. Oh well, I'll see in the next chapter, I'm waiting it with impatience! :)
Mia chapter 51 . 17h
Heeey, I see Rhino like the Avengers movie ;). I like him here, I like what they did with his character in TSSM and I like how you portray him :)
Luna Lillyth chapter 52 . 11/23
gordhanx chapter 52 . 11/23
Molten Man is back and the only one who can stop him, is his own sister. While we don't get much of them fighting, as was promised last time. seeing these two together, as their alternate counterparts was equal parts awesome and tragic. They manage to calm him down, and MJ breaks things off with him. I'm kind of mixed, on how to feel with Mark. On the one hand, while he might care for MJ he was still kinda on edge, and not the learning type at all. But seeing him become normal, only fall down again was a bit sad honestly. If we hadn't gotten all that slightly abusive stuff from last chapter, I'd probably feel a bit more bad for him. But as is, it was still sad seeing him back to square one. And while MJ doesn't seem to effected by this, it would be interesting seeing her deal with this later on. Though with no home left, there's only one place to go…Parker's place! At this point, it should just be a motel XD . Seriously though, it was nice seeing MJ crashing at their place and interacting, with the family. It was fun and very cute. Nicely done on this chapter. Looking forward to seeing, which goblin you're referring to next time.
Guest chapter 52 . 11/22
For a chapter that was said to be Molten Man Vs Firestar, there is actually little to no Molten Man Vs Firestar in it at all. Also never make a OMD reference. Thats just something no one ever appreciates or likes.
Rassilon001 chapter 52 . 11/22
Well this definitely helps lead more naturally into the trio's future apartment... poor Molten Man though. And poor Firestar too, having to come in and save him and MJ like that. Super awkward. I'm very much liking this expansion of the subdermal armors regeneration, it linked together three seemingly unrelated villains and advanced the story well without being too obvious.

One thing I loved about the cartoon, it started threads for storylines in innocent places, in early episodes you got cameos and events that later blossomed into full fledged battles and villains and other things. And this story does a BRILLIANT job of re-creating that, so well done. Keep up the exceedingly excellent work.

Can't wait to see what's next.
Mia chapter 21 . 11/22
Your Flash and Electro are adorables tbh. I really enjoying this so far, the re-written parts and little additions are great! And I actually like re-reading the old stuff I might have forgotten. Keep it up, it's really good! :)
gordhanx chapter 51 . 11/20
All right, so we've got a new arc eh? All right, looking forward to this. First off, it was great seeing Peter & May, just talking about Spider-Man, coming to terms with it and just being there for each other. It was honestly very heartwarming to watch (plus the moment between May & JJJ was a thing of beauty). On the flip side of things, seems the MJ & Mark are having some relationship issues. Guess even with Molten Man gone, MJ still can't avoid trouble. Granted, it's been a while since I've seen SSM, so I can't tell how close this is in terms of character, but after everything Mark's been through, seeing him go back to his old ways was kind of…unrealistic. Maybe that's the point, that some people can't quit no matter what, but I don't know. Regardless, it gave us some very interesting if tragic and realistic, relationship drama with the two. As we move to the bog selling point, Rhino vs Scorpion, while there wasn't much of them fighting each other, their interactions were enjoyable and seeing Ant-Man help take them out, was pretty fun. Though with the development, of newly regenerating armour (and the possibility of Sandman coming back), comes the vicious return of Molten Man…oh boy, things are about to get, a little too hot for comfort. Really good chapter. I'm looking forward, to the next one.
Guest chapter 51 . 11/19
Honestly the filler chapters are quite entertaing before we have to dive into your Clone Saga arc. Next is Molten Man vs Firestar, so is there going to be more new things after that or dive into the arc immediately?
Windona chapter 51 . 11/19
Oh wow, I'm really enjoying this new arc with Mark. I like the aspect of the subdermal armors repairing- it makes sense with the nanotech particles explained before, and helps explain why the scientists can't cure guys like Rhino and Scorpion without making them look useless.

I like the new arcs with Mary Jane. Her and Hobie was sweet, sad, and realistic. Her and Mark shows her having detective skills, strength, and cleverness. I like how well used she is in this fic, especially with the updates.

I also like how much better integrated the arcs are, and how the relationship drama is a slow build up.

All in all, can't wait for the next chapter! Liz v Mark should be very interesting, especially given the contrast of how they got their powers and how they view them.
Luna Lillyth chapter 51 . 11/19
Dang, the humor was just to soften the blow wasn’t it?
Should really learn my lesson about trusting cute things...
I believe this deserves an “Oh snap!”
Luna Lillyth chapter 50 . 11/19
This was an awesome take on the body swapping madness.
Wonderful work. :)
Rassilon001 chapter 50 . 11/18
And so ends the Superior Spider-Octopus arc. A fun one, I admit. I rather enjoyed your portrayal of Doc Ock in this story, showing despite his many flaws he was and could well be again a decent human being. His relationship with May was genuine enough, and he did seem to bond well enough with Peter the same way he has in countless other incarnations. Over being geeks before all else. It's sad seeing him fall into darkness again, though he really knows how to up the stakes destroying Spider-Man's life, dismantling it piece by piece.

Other highlights: Storm vs Electro, very sizzling. In fact Electro in general with his meltdown and man-crush on the Doc (understandable) and providing an excellent mutual foe and forced team up for the eight-legged duo. His return to being fully human was equally satisfying, though I doubt it'll last for long. I suspect Doc Ock, however, is finally done being a villain part of the story. His arc is well and truly over. And Wolverine, of course, is always hilarious with his snarking and his snicking.

And now... send in the clones...
Plasmatroopa chapter 1 . 11/16
Bah, FFN posted the review while I was still typing.

As I was saying, the Prowler arc made Peter and MJ's friendship feel a lot more significant and natural than it was in the original draft, where they never really interacted much until it became more plot relevant.

As far as Kraven's Last Hunt goes, I liked the addition of Chameleon, a good way to incorporate his comics backstory into things and free him up for use later; didn't like how the prison break was used to shove him aside originally. I'm not sure where to stand on the rewriting of the ending scene; I very much like the exchange between Peter and Kraven much more than in the original draft, but going for a knife instead of the gun did make the reference to (and twist on) the ending of the original story a bit less overt. Not too keen on MJ and Gwen's 'date', but there was definitely leadup to it from Prowler so it's not bad, just not really my personal preference.

Captain Stacy starting to show up more before his death was nice; helps make it more significant to the narrative when he's offed later. And I didn't really realise this until reading the rewrite, but Spider-Man's lack of reaction to Morbius' death in the original draft was really jarring and out of character looking back on it, so seeing it more properly addressed here is nice. Not much else to comment on.

Still think Tombstone is the best arc in this story, and not much was changed to improve or weaken it. Did notice the lack of the 'How much did he pay you to sell your soul' line though. Didn't see much different with Superior either, so my thoughts on it are essentially unchanged; good work on closing the book on Doc Ock and Electro, though the Hobgoblin stuff leading up to it is still a bit on the 'eh' side.

Interested to see how Molten Man goes, seeing as it seems to be going back to the Sinister Six villains (who kind of disappeared after their arc the first go-round), and after that the Clone Saga's reeling it's head again. Fun.
Plasmatroopa chapter 50 . 11/16
Carnage and the Sinister Six hadn't changed much from the original rewrites, but then again, neither exactly needed a lot of changing to begin with. They're fairly solid arcs and the scenes that are added mainly serve to better transition into or out of them from other arcs.

Speaking of which, Prowler. This was a pretty nice addition to the story, all things considered; funny as continuing the original running gag with Hobie Brown was, he didn't really add anything to the story other than just being there, so seeing his character more properly explored and expanded on was nice. Also, definitely a good idea to have an MJ-centric arc considering how prominent she becomes later on; her interactions with Peter were good and it definitely makes things feel a bit more
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