Reviews for Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs
SPRH chapter 60 . 8/10/2022
Bro the pacing on this is UNREAL LMFAO, anything involving MJ, Eddie or Harry moves hilariously quick
SPRH chapter 47 . 8/9/2022
i kno its supposed to be a cartoony type thing, but the otto peter reconciliation has to be the least satisfying thing ive ever seen
FictionWriter453 chapter 59 . 4/26/2022
If I may offer a slight criticism, I don't think the movie date between Eddie and MJ is completely in line with the show.

In the show, Eddie says "Won't Pete be bummed?". Why would he say that if they already talked about him over the phone and why wouldn't MJ call him on talking about him twice?

Also, why wouldn't MJ just go with him to the motorcycle? Why would she wait outside and talk to Glory if she's super excited to go out with a college boy?

Sorry if I seem super critical. I do love this story! However, I do think for a sequel fic to the original show, the whole date presents some plot holes
beefie chapter 92 . 3/3/2022
beefie chapter 91 . 3/3/2022
Guest chapter 89 . 2/13/2022
Despite a wobbly ending this goes still a great story.
Thank you for such a great time
Guest chapter 67 . 2/11/2022
Ok what happened
, this isn't bad or anything but i preffered the old style of writing way more
Guest chapter 59 . 2/11/2022
Wow these back story chapters are really the best it is your insight into the characters and a really exciting as you know the story from someone else's perspective instead of just Peter's
Guest chapter 36 . 2/9/2022
Awsome i can't believe I've just read 36 chapters of a fan fiction in 1 day this is awsome and really accurate to the source material. though I really wish norman saying peters nami in the recording would've hone somewhere, but non the lell this is still the best spider-man fanfiction I've ever read
Homerthe27 chapter 95 . 1/23/2022
Welp, it's been a fun couple of days but I finally finished this story (also sorry if my review is messy, it's currently 3 am and I dont have the energy or the will to double-check this). And I have to say, that after going through all 440k words of your fic it would not surprise me that the reason you stopped writing is that you became an author and are writing the next game of thrones or something like it (if you haven't it's fine your life choices is valid in any direction you choose it to be). What I love most about your story, this last part especially is Gwen Stacey's death. I've criticized this story before about how unrealistically fluff her and Peter's relationship was before, but in hindsight, it only made her tragedy all the more heartbreaking for both Peter and MJ. She was this big and beautiful part of their lives, that they loved and cherished, and suddenly there was suddenly a dark void where her memory used to be. MJ herself is a great character here, I loved how you portrayed her character and how she deals with her feelings for both Gwen and Peter. I repeat what I said before, I am always a bit unsure when it comes to poly ships and fanfics but your handling of the subject and the maturity of it all blew me away and makes me reconsider my stance on it. It puts another layer of tragedy with her and Gwen, as she was just as important to her as Peter was Gwen, and seeing them both racked with grief was heartbreaking to read. Im sorry if it sounds like I am making Gwen's death in a way that exclusively benefits the writing of other characters than a conclusion of her own story, but she like her father are essentially tragic time bombs and at least Gwen had some agency when it came to how her story ended, with her choosing to risk her life for Mary Jane her best friend and the women she loved. And I know this might sound corny and tone-death but I love the relationship between Peter and MJ that comes out of this. MJ trying to remove Peter's powers was an awful plan and inconsiderate on her part, but it came from a place of loss and love that feels so real and understandable. It was the wrong thing to do, but it would have felt wrong if she hadn't. It's just one aspect of how their relationship as a whole feels more real and grounded and struck a chord with me on what makes MJ and Peter unique compared to other comic book couples, and why they continue to be one of the most iconic relationships in modern fiction (yes, fuck you One More Day, Mephisto, Dan Slot, and whoever is writing Amazing Spider-man this April if rumors are true). While Gwen and Peter had a so-called pure and fluffy kind of love, with them being soul mates or something while Peter and MJ's relationship feels dirty, worn but forged into something beautiful like stained glass and just as real. I almost wish that you killed off Gwen sooner just for that, but then we wouldn't have Jackle as the final villain with Carnage-Gwen as a fitting curtain call instead of a final bout with Norman. But I would have loved to see more of MJ and Peter being an official couple with as much attention as you did with Gwen, but I see the strengths of leaving their relationship where it is at the end of the story (Thank you for the timeline btw, I am amazed by how much thought and care you put into every detail you put in for it, especially for events that go on beyond what you wrote. It gave me a picture of how Peter and MJ's life was, and how Peter's life and story, would eventually end with a new beginning. I also might have used it to 'research' what events you were gonna cover in your story. So not everything I read was a surprise, but that didn't make it any less engaging) This brings me to my biggest pet peeve of your story, your attention to the other characters. As I said before, I have heavily criticized your story for being solely focused on Peter-Gwens and MJ relationships and that still stands true. Flash is all but dropped by this part of the story, which is a shame because I felt that you were doing something with his character in the beginning or at the least felt like he was gonna participate more in it, and I am annoyed that with all your talk about Sand Man maybe returning, that he comes back off-screen (Panel? Page?) especially since his schtick and run being a hero at the beginning of the fic felt rushed, and quick and underutilized (Also where is Doc Ock?) And I wished Liz would have become something more than just a jilted ex-lover of peter I would have loved to see more of her moving on from Peter and seeing more of her relationship with Harry develops and blossom. Then there is Harry, he and Osborn's while a formidable and well-written foe, with phenomenal setup, and poetic ending it their presence just feels underutilized for their story. You repeat his arc in season 1 and take him out of the story for so long that any ties he has with Peter and the others dont feel genuine. I forgot about him multiple times while I read this story, which is a darn shame because like the rest of your story, you write him so damn well but not enough. He like his mother is spread too thin across this story so when it's revealed Norman is back and alive it feels abrupt. And while I love, repeat love Norman's character, here, and your characterization of the Goblins formula and how it's a darker twist on Spider-man's powers and responsibilities (With Normans immediate plans for the green was to use it to benefit his family, like how peter tried to originally profit off his powers and to use the money to support Aunt May, as well a parallel to Peter's children later on) and the Green Goblin's writing as a whole, I personally think more time should have been spent on setting up Normans return and his role in the story. Though I should mention, that I do love the matriculate planning you put into Norman's plan, just wished it was more thorough. Harry also just kind of vanishes after the whole Goblin fiasco and we dont get to see him react to his dad's death, him trying to be a better person, he just vanishes until the epilogue. Oscorp is supposed to be the one pulling the strings this entire time, but they are not involved or expressively involved in the plot for me to see them relevant most of the time, just kinda felt thrown in a couple of times. Anyway, this is just my long and roundabout way of saying you should have spent more time with characters outside of Peter-MJ and Gwen and while your story is amazing, it had some drawbacks. But it had more than enough positive things as well. Jamesons and Peter reconciling was done very well, and I loved how both of them just understood where they went wrong and acknowledged that they do respect each other. Norman's last battle with Peter while brutal is amazingly well written and brings together all (what little elements) elements and pieces you had for his character. How Peter tries to do everything to get Gwen back (and while I thought you dragged on the religious part a bit too far), and unlike one more day, he does not succeed and accepts and moves on with Gwen's death. Your writing of the other superhero characters are in character and are flesh out just enough for them not to crowd up page time (with the exception of Daredevil calling Doctor Strange out for dealing with Demons and Witchcraft like he was afraid his 5-year-old would become a devil worshiper because he played pokemon go for too long). Peter's talk with death was introspective and not too preachy, and how they met many times but he just never remembers their conversation is a cool little touch with a splash of the Seventh Seal with added measure. And Finally, the fact you end on the note that Spider-man's work is never over is just *Chef's kiss*. It's true to Spider-mans's character and theme, something I full-heartedly acknowledged you master (but it's a shame I won't get to see Kingpin's ass get handed to him). You understand and respect Peter's voice, a character like the greats before you. Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells should be taking notes on your work right now. Because despite all the small critiques and nitpicks I have had with your story over this run, your highlights can not be understated. I don't know what you are doing right now if you writing, paying taxes, walking your dog, or dealing with other real-world problems but I just want you to know that this story and all 98 chapters have been Spectacular.
Homerthe27 chapter 71 . 1/20/2022
(got cut off in the last review) Overall still a good story, and since we are getting pretty close to the end game, I cant wait to see how it all plays out.
Homerthe27 chapter 70 . 1/20/2022
Okay, continuing from where I left off you are still doing a bang-up job. You continue to write spider-man excellently, you have completely nailed down his voice and approach to things. You also nailed down the typical parker luck to a T. And I really like your approach with Eddie and the Symbiote and their relationship. They are really are just two broken individuals who want to be better people but just can get over toxicity very easily, and I like the fact they both continue to try to mend their relationships and just dont scorch it to the ground. Evidently, both are good people (and alien) but they dont have the tools or the environments to secure the growth, so they keep falling into familiar and bad habits. (kinda like MJ now that I write this) It's a very mature take on Venom and I am surprised that it worked so well. Speaking of which, Im enjoying the other superheroes in this story. I originally thought that it would weigh the story down, and get convoluted but no you give them the correct amount of space to let them breathe on their own. I kinda want to see more of Daredevil now, and that is a complete 180 from where I stood at the last part. But there are still some hang-ups I have about the story. First and foremost I think that leaving out all the other schoolmates as well as Harry is a waste. Sure they were the supporting cast in the show but they were a fun story element and added depth to Peter's world and responsibilities and having them just almost written out of the fic is baffling. Now we dont see the actual growth that Flash for example feels like he has an incomplete story arc, you have bits and pieces here and there but you dont seem to commit to him or any of the high-school elements. Then there is MJ and Gwen's deal, normally I am not for poly-ships and whatnot, because they normally turn out to be vanilla Harems in disguise but I respect your mature approach to MJ's sexuality and dilemma. However, it gets a bit overbearing where every other story arc has to do in one-way shape or form. And I love romantic sub-plots as much as the next guy but you seem to be turning this into a romance story, which is fine on its own but not necessary what I signed up for with this fic. It's nice fluffy stuff especially between Peter and Gwen but it happens all the time, and it comes off as standard co-dependent shipping fic that you find on Wattpad compared to the rest of your writing. There is more to Peter than his love life (as fun as convoluted as they might be) there is also the good old Parker's luck but you cover that pretty well. Overall still a good story, even with the pitfalls and gripes that I had, you got a good thing going. You have great world-building skills and character writing is still amazing. Johna, Octavian, Rhino, and Harry are all done very well. Can't wait to see what you have next especially Harry, I am glad he is back but I wish I can see him more, I miss his and Peter's friendship. I am also curious to see what Norman's plans with Harry turn out to be, I caught that nugget during his story with the "wrong tape". Oh that's another thing I liked, your flashbacks stories were also really fun to read, it gave depth to the characters and it was fun to see MJ's, Norman's, and others perspective of past events.
Homerthe27 chapter 36 . 1/19/2022
I've just read up too here so I'm just gonna go over what I have read so far. First things first you have perfectly recaptured the tone and the writing of the show, it feels like a perfect continuation of where the show lead off. You do a great job at taking an updated yet different spin on the more classic spiderman stories, having MJ know from the very beginning that Peter is spider-man and just played along was fun to see be slowly unraveled as I continued reading. There were some low points in your story though, first off is that I am not a big fan of how you have been treating Harry's arc, mainly the fact that you took him out of the story. I know that this is your own story with your own ideas, but having him being sent away to Europe for the second time just feels like an unneeded retread of the show's second season. Also, I think you made him a bit too unlikeable with regard to his and Gwen's relationship. I know that you have to show him slowly get more toxic and imitating his father (by the way, are you going to address the season 2 cliffhanger?) as a way to cope but I feel with him slapping Gwen was a step too far. If you bring him back into the story, I dont think I can see a believable way for me to like his character again. A small nitpick but I dont like the way Peter treats Black Cats father. Yes, peter should hate him, but from what I remember from the show, Peter should recognize that he feels guilty about Uncle Ben's death. It kinda feels like a weird 180 when they meet again. The other small criticism that I have with your story is kind of a continuation of my criticisms of Harry's arc is that we dont see enough of Peter's classmates. We see enough of MJ and Gwen(Dont get me wrong I love seeing those two), but the other characters feel left in the dark, and dont get touched upon and that's a shame because I really do like it when they are brought up. They are just important to Peter's life balance as spider-man as his dating life and crime-stopping (it feels 80 Percent is Spiderman and 20 percent of Peters's social life), but I feel like you are sacrificing that part of Peter's story for more action scenes and world-building. The last nitpick I have with the story so far is how you are writing Gwen, specifically when it comes to her relationships. Gwen feels like she is so emotionally dependent in her relationship, especially when it comes to peter. She is more than a love interest for anyone but a lot of her story just revolves around her romantic life, and it just rubs me the wrong way. Like when she said that she only got involved with science because Peter just feels wrong on so many levels, she should like science because she enjoys it not to get a boy's attention that's so 1970's. Also, the ways she and Peter talk to each other seem weird to me, it just seems all-encompassing the way they talk to each other I can't really describe it any other way. Now I know this sounds like a lot of criticisms but there has been plenty of stuff I enjoyed about your story as well. Like I said before I love the writing for MJ, I love the glimpses we get of her home life and how that has influenced her life going forward. Seeing her perspective on events and how she interacts with Peter, Gwen and the others do wonder at rounding her out to be a more 3D dimensional character. And I really do like the build-up with her and Peter's relationship, how organic (Ha!) and steadily it's gonna be until she and Peter get together. Makes me wonder what's gonna happen with Gwen when they actually get together. Speaking of, it seems that you are following (or at least taking inspiration) from the planned and scrapped storylines for Season 3 and beyond. It helps the fic feel like a genuine continuation of the show, with your added creative spin of course that makes it your own. Your Spider-man and rogues gallery also feel exactly like they did in the show, from their mannerism, their goofs, and how they interact with each other. Spidey feels like himself and so do the villains. Im not yet sold on the idea of having the other marvel heroes being in this story (because at the time of writing the show, they legally couldn't have them in it) but I do like the effort you take to expand the world of the show, and subsequently, your fic and Daredevil, for the most part, fits in well with your story (I feel like he changed his opinions onPeter too fast) and I enjoyed the chatter that circulates him in the background, feels like a realistic way people would talk about superheroes. With all that said, I am amazed that you were able to write a 400k fic and have it finished, with a believable and fun story. Sure I have criticisms of it here and there, but what you have here is a massive accomplishment. I really love this story and I can't wait to read the rest.
Mickey2410 chapter 91 . 12/18/2021
I really liked your story, in my opinion Greg Weisman did a better job modernizing Spider-Man than Brian Michael Bendis because he respected the classic and created something unique and you did the same.

It's funny how you changed the tone of the story with the fear of doing something different that others might not like, something Weisman would do with Young Justice a year later.

I am disappointed that you did not consider that The Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers Earth's Mighest Heroes in the same universe, supposedly there were negotiations to integrate it, but no agreement was reached and they only left a wink that was his belt with his signal.

I don't know if you would read this, but I would like you to write the series of
the Avengers, but I guess you don't write anymore because you're busy in your life.
South Down chapter 1 . 9/9/2021
So the X-Men and Daredevil aren't active yet? It's just Spidey and the Fantastic Four? Kind of a blow out if you ask me.
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