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redqueen33 chapter 37 . 9/20
Wow all was just so well written
I love the relationship between Hashirama and Sakura
I was start to think that they would end togeterher somehow
But the way you writte Tobiramas character was another Wow for me
And then Akamaru proctecting Sakura I almost cry
I hope that one day you will finish story
Cant wait for Kaguya to show up along side with Saske and Naruto
Lemons Are Carrots chapter 1 . 9/9
This story is still one of my faves I'm kinda bummed that there's still no update tho ToT um, I hope you're doing well!
Sailor Tiamat chapter 37 . 9/4
Love love the new chapter!
LadyAnime18 chapter 37 . 8/31
I'm so glad you updated again! this story and the story line is amazing! I hope you have time to continue to update and that you are able to update soon.
zombiekins5948 chapter 37 . 7/18
Please update pleeeeeease
Lorrayne Soares chapter 1 . 7/8
This fic is sooo amazing, please update soon. 3
Guest chapter 37 . 7/2
thank you!
Guest chapter 37 . 6/2
Pleaseeeeee update thissss. I would really want to know more about tobirama and Sakura's relationship. ...
AetheriusStorm chapter 37 . 5/15
One of my favourite stories that I've read in a long time. I hope that you continue to update as I think I've caught a fever for this story! Well done.
itachi13080 chapter 37 . 4/28
Yay! I finally made it here! The confessions are out!
Not to mention we 'might' get more details on what the white haired moon b*cth is going to do. I have a feeling that I'm going to be somewhat pissed when Sakura does remember all of her lost memories. Just a feeling that its going to happen at the worst of times. _

Now that their relationship just started, I can go back and read the filler chapter and not feel as weirded out by it.

LOVE THIS STORY! THANK YOU for writing and sharing it with all of us here! 3
AllySpark chapter 37 . 4/25
Oh my gosh. This is a masterpiece! Ive never read a story set in the founders time and I absolutely love it. The tournament In chapter 10 had me laughing so hard. I love this so very much and can't wait for more!
Brainysoul chapter 36 . 4/20
Omg! I was waiting for this chapter, but life has distracted me for a minute. I’m totally loving this chapter. I’d think Sakura would knew instantly how much she liked Tobirama… I guess I was kind of wrong but knowing her character I’m not surprised. Yet, I’m amazed at the development between the two and emotions that are spoken on mental level.

I’m glad that she realizes that she is in love with him.
Guest chapter 37 . 4/11
Loved this fic, and I binged read it in two days! Tobirama seems so sweet, I really hope it doesn't get super angsty between them
animeloveranimegunner chapter 37 . 4/11
Plz update soon
Guest chapter 22 . 4/11
"As much as Sakura respected Hashirama and knew that he was basically their leader, a part of her was curious as to why Madara didn't fight Hashirama on this. It wasn't until Hashirama turned around, stepping over a root in the ground while placing his hand on the bark of the tree to keep himself balanced, that Sakura immediately knew why.

On the battlefield, Hashirama Senju was a god.

In a forest, he was something else entirely"

This part absolutely GOT me, it's such an amazing line. I really love this fic. It's the first one I've read where people come back with Sakura. Your writing style is very natural! The characters are written very well too! Thanks so much for writing this fic!
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