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allthatjass chapter 4 . 3/25
Hey there!

Wow, what another amazing chapter! Seriously, I got so sad, so anguished while reading it, it's beautiful, the whole story so far it causes in me so many emotions. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us. Many had read it and many will yet, as long as you keep it here for us. Thank you, again. I hope you find some time to finishthe story in a way that satisfies you as an author and stop the anxiety for the readers, hahaha. I'm joking about the anxiety, but kinda serious, I am excited to see how they'll end. I still do love Merlin and Morgana, they're my otp forever I guess. I didn't like the ending of Merlin, and always wanted something good, oh so good, for those two. They suffered so much, and I believe you feel like I do, too, at least in some way. Thank you, for a third time, can't wait for the next chapter.
blue-analytic chapter 4 . 3/22
Wow. I think this is one of my most favourite story about Morgana and Merlin. Not many people write about them, so I appreciate very much your efforts. The characterisation, the emotions, the insights were spot on. This is something I rarely see in a story about them. As for the two year seperation it made me sad, I can very well relate to it. How Merlin and Morgana will resolve their situation and rekindle their bond - this is going to be very interesting. So I'm quite looking forward the next chapter. Until then, have a wonderful day!
trish chapter 4 . 3/19
wonderful wonderful update! thank you for continuing! please post soon!
horoscopesarelies chapter 4 . 3/18
Oh gosh this was lovely! Your writing is spellbinding tbh, the way you weave words together and create such vivid imagery, honestly 100 kudos! It all feels so visceral and real :')

My favorite part as a Morgana stan was ofcrs how rightfully mad she got to be at Merlin and how you let her be angry (unlike most authors here UGH)

And then ofcrs when he saw her again and how she was running away from another and then both of them just being miserable and wishing they could go back to that blissful ignorance I just! LOVE THIS FANFIC SO MUCH

Eagerly waiting for an update dear!
DPSS chapter 4 . 2/21
Good to see this again. Honestly speaking, I think this is one of the best, if not THE best, modern Mergana out there.
Cholo Palai chapter 4 . 1/30
The last chapter was very depressing.
But I love it.
Maybe I sound cruel but I'm really enjoying seeing Merlin in pain and guilty.
I hate Merlin.
I hate him for what he did to Morgana.
I glad you're making him see his errors of the past actions.
Update soon please.
ELRicey chapter 4 . 1/29
I am glad I stuck with the story. I was hoping that you would update it. I really have enjoyed this from the beginning. I can also tell you've gotten better at writing between this chapter and the previous one. It just flows better. The melancholy of their thoughts is great and very in-character for them. I think it reflects well on how their characters changed in the series. Innocent and hopeful...gradually becoming less so as time went on. However, I have to admit. I'm hoping for a reconciliation between them. I love this ship so much. I'll be interested in seeing where you take it from here. Well done.
stelmaria28 chapter 4 . 1/29
I've just discovered this story and I've read it in one go! What a beautiful writing and story! The way you describe the emotions is so well done and the way you're building this story is well thought and flows so easily. You've done a marvellous job and I can't wait for the rest :)
I luv Milarion 1201 chapter 4 . 1/28
I seriously thought this story won't be updated. But I was so happy to see that a new chapter is here. I love this story so much, somehow this story makes more sense than all other modern Magical AU stories there. It won't be so easy for Merlin and Morgana, its a lifetime of hatred, anger,betrayel, hopelessness and sadness to get over with. And not to mention, Magic. But I really wish they will end up together somehow. can't wait to read more. btw, Happy anniversary.
Meri Ley chapter 4 . 1/28
I like your story. You delved deeply into Merlin & Morgana's psyche. However, this is something that puts your story into circular pattern most of the time. I look forward for them to realise that they're the ones making their own "movable prison" denying themselves of the second chance to make it better and happy this time. Pride is a cruel, unforgivable master always that reduces anyone to nothing. Thanks for the update.
Dominus of the Dragon chapter 4 . 1/28
this is wonderful, I eagerly await an update!
Africanvintage chapter 4 . 1/28
Please come back in really love this story I want tobknow the end. Please this a really good and well written story
Meri Ley chapter 2 . 1/28
that damned episode. Will there be any cure for it?
Meri Ley chapter 1 . 1/28
So nice. And their meeting seems to me fated.
icedcoffeepanda chapter 4 . 1/27
Hey! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this update. It's a blessing to have one the the most beautifully written mergana fics updated. Honestly, your writing style is just... so unique and captivating. You're one of the most descriptive writers I've ever come across and yet you manage to keep it gripping.

The latest chapter had a palpable tone shift from the last few. It still had that mysterious air to it that your previous ones did but it was obvious how it seemed to reflect the sadness and conflict that now dominates its main characters lives. Not many people are able to pull off integrating flashbacks into the present timeline so well, especially if they're so long and so frequent. Yet you managed to do it wonderfully.

You're one of the very few writers who manage to write both Merlin and Morgana's PoV so perfectly. Usually (especially while writing confrontations) the writing comes off to be rather biased towards either Merlin or Morgana (mostly the former), but this one was truly, amazingly neutral and made the characters strikingly human.

Also, it was perfectly in line with their backgrounds in this fic, as none of them had had time to deal with the memories. They were both reborn, neither of them had been immortal and were just suddenly overwhelmed with this plethora of feelings amd memories.

Although you mentioned that you included the part with Arthur and Merlin in the car staring at Morgana purely for the sake of the trailer, I'm glad you did because they were my favourite parts of the chapter. Morgana crying amd Merlin wasting away is so heartbreaking. Gosh, they're so miserable, poor darlings. I had to re-read the previous chapters to get over the anguish of this one.

Being the kind of person I am, I hope for a positive ending for my otp, but regardless of whether or not it turns out to be something along those lines I know that it will be brilliant, beautiful and memorable, and that you will do the characters complete justice. Really looking forward to the next update.

Lastly, I must aplologize for not having reviewed your fic ealier. I admit I used to be terrible at reviewing, /Used to be/ because since becoming a writer myself I have realised the importance of reviews, and I totally understand your point. Also, I hope your married life treats you well and that you have happier days.
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