Reviews for Wasting Time
MoonflowerDaydreamer chapter 5 . 9/5
I love this, the story has such interesting factors
medstudent1026 chapter 5 . 9/5
i love the gradual itasaku! and i love sasukeeee
Guest chapter 1 . 9/2
I don't understand their ages. Itachi is six, right? But Sasuke is around three. I thought they had a five year gap?
oddends chapter 4 . 7/28
I'm sorry to say this but I really dislike Homaru
Louietot chapter 5 . 6/30
I like where this is going. Good work!
Veena chapter 5 . 6/23
I love it , pls release the next update soon.
Tonegawa Rie chapter 5 . 6/18
I wanted this to be Obito x Sakura...dammit...haha
pegasiger chapter 1 . 6/5
Best story ever, I hope you come back to it.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/27
Love this pairing and your story! Ending of this chapter gave me the warm fuzzies. I hope you decide to return to this in the near future as it’s much too well done to give up on. Hoping...
Silvermist chapter 5 . 5/22
Please update soon! Awesome story! Totally loved it!
Abbie Blizzard chapter 5 . 4/5
DANG! This story has me hooked! I cant wait for the next chapter xxx
Butterflygrin chapter 5 . 2/12
awww they finally kissed :3
this story has a heck of a plot you know? only, you need a beta cuz there's few misspelling. but the story itself is sooo gooood. thanks for writing!
TheOtaku Akatsuki chapter 5 . 2/10
So many boys after her heart, i thought there might be something between her and Hikaru but Itachi sounds super cute in a awkward way.
loveitasakuxx chapter 5 . 2/9
Hope you will update some day. It's really good. And the last scenes btw Sai n his mother Sakura.. naruto n his nee-chan.. and let's not forget Itachi. I loved it.
KuriKashi chapter 5 . 1/23
I am enjoying the story so far. I enjoyed Itachi and Shisui's character as well as chibi-team 7

I felt that Sakura was a little passive and not really taking the initiative in changing the future at the start (when concerning the Uchiha massacre). She did well in befriending Team 7. But I am excited to see the story picking up and now I feel like Sakura is gonna be more active.
Well done. Keep it up! Excited for the next chapters.
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