Reviews for Witches of Westfield
Amanda Lea Zimmerman chapter 36 . 5/4
this was awesome! great job!
Crypt chapter 35 . 3/1
I’ve read this story a couple of times now, and Lucius Malfoy’s plot is absolutely fantastic. Well done indeed.
Huffing101Badger chapter 36 . 2/25
I don't commonly comment on stories, but amazing story here. My one problem with this story is that I feel like the obsessive love that the women have for Harry is glossed over with Tracey especially. The rest are well backed up in my opinion, but Traceys seemed a little forced. However, overall great read, one of the few stories over 200k that I didn't give up on due to story drag.
GuestM chapter 21 . 2/22
The story so far was interesting. Very interesting because you include andromeda to be harry's lover. Its hard to find that kind of relation after the war and not in time travel story. I was... ok for hermione, luna, and Daphe with them part of it. I can't be chooser. But again for daphne and tracy romance? That again I give up theres enough for me to find so this is where I will stop reading it. I really don't tolerate yuri for most part. I ignore it for most part but it has come to a point where I will stop reading any story that even has a hint of yuri no matter how great the story is or interested I am.
DalkonCledwin chapter 4 . 2/13
Harry actually met Andromeda and her late husband during the Battle of Five Potters, as it was into her yard that he and Hagrid crash landed.

I'm willing to bet Daphne's going to be most annoyed with both of the men in her life come the start of the next chapter.
DalkonCledwin chapter 3 . 2/13
You ever planning on telling us what he’s using that other manor for?

Oh Harry, you never tell a girl you're taking her shopping!
DalkonCledwin chapter 1 . 2/13
Harry only travels by Floo one solitary time during the entire course of his seven (six) year ride at Hogwarts, and I personally believe that even Merlin himself would have fallen flat on his face after rolling a Critical Failure on the die roll needed to activate the Floo system! Simply put, the fandom has taken that one Critical Failure and blown it way out of proportion, which they also like to do with Harry’s attempts to use Portkeys for some unfathomable reason.

It’s also worth mentioning that the only conceivable way in which Harry’s reputation would be ruined by that one Floo journey, is if Rita Skeeter just happened to be hiding in her Animagus form at his eventual destination. Even then, she’s far more likely to focus on the fact that Harry Potter was inside of Borgin and Burkes, rather than how he came to be in that shop in the first place.
IRanOutOfIdeasForMyUsername chapter 36 . 2/9
IRanOutOfIdeasForMyUsername chapter 12 . 2/9
These cookies are gluten free right? Right?
IRanOutOfIdeasForMyUsername chapter 11 . 2/9
Thanks for the cookie but do you have any milk?
morcheller chapter 7 . 1/27
I love your story and it pains me to say this but, with regard to your A/N about the start of this chapter I must say that it disgusts me. I have had relations with many women and the ones I now view as being at the bottom of the heap are those who act like the one's portrayed in the lingerie shop. On top of that, I am now and always have admired small breasts. Larger ones get in the way and do not age well at all.
Please note: this is not a criticism of your writing, simply a personal opinion.
Naienkon chapter 36 . 1/27
I added this story to my favorites list to read awhile ago and forgot to read and boy did I miss out. this story was amazing. loved every minute of it in every way!
PapaMidNite chapter 36 . 1/24
Great story and great recommendations. Some I’ve read and some I’ve never heard of. Keep up the good work.

H.h chapter 23 . 12/30/2020
La verdad que es el peor desarrollo de personaje principal que he leido, me ha llegado a dar asco su personalidad, es un mentiroso que juega con las emociones de todas las mujeres, por ser un indeciso que no tienen iniciativa ni sabe lo que quiere. Y no se comunica las cosas importantes, como que esta casado, o es jefe de 4 familias, o es un inepto que quiere hacer todo, pero no tiene capacidades.
La verdad que ha sido el protagonista mas perdedor que he leído como fanfic.
HR chapter 22 . 12/30/2020
Odio los protagonistas sin personalidad fuerte, después de ser manipulado toda su vida uno pensaría, que tendría ideas propias y no iria reaccionando a todo lo que le pasa,

como no le dará vergüenza que su esposa tenga que estar borracha para consumar el matrimonio, y que ya vio que lo engaño incluso antes, toda la mierda que si te es infiel con otra mujer no cuenta, es caliente, que hombre no le gustaría, es una mierda en una relación real, ya que es pasable cuando es una aventura y sabes que es solo tu pareja, pero cuando se intenta formar un trió sin el consentimiento de la pareja es engaño e infidelidad
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