Reviews for Meant To Be
GirlOnFire30 chapter 11 . 3/8
This was good. Really, really good!
Dulcinea21bella chapter 11 . 4/16/2023
I just discovered this little gem this morning and literally devoured the entire thing in a day. I couldn't stop. I LOVED it. The first couple of chapters were incredibly hot and steamy. The sexual tension and the attraction between them was intense! The love and affection was SO GOOD. Excellent job. I loved this!
Jazzlynn chapter 1 . 7/23/2022
Did Edward just cheat on his girlfriend or was he lying about there being a girlfriend. And Bella’s line about girlfriend or no girlfriend bothered me a bit, you shouldn’t fuck someone who is in a relationship.
ai se eu te pego chapter 11 . 7/3/2021
good one!
Guest chapter 11 . 3/15/2021
Very good story
cullenlover88 chapter 11 . 2/25/2021
nice story
pinkshoes81 chapter 11 . 5/28/2020
Loved it, thanks for sharing x
Guest chapter 8 . 2/9/2020
I'm happy she didn't lose the baby but she almost did. How could she not want it?!She should have never got with Edward if she was going to have sex with him because the consequences of that is a baby. She is still to young. She needs to grow up some.
Guest chapter 7 . 2/9/2020
Oh no I know what that means. So sad.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/9/2020
Charlie is a good man in this.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/9/2020
I don't know weather to root for Charlotte or be be sad maybe both. But girl if a man is not interested move on point blank.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/9/2020
I liked it but Bella was showing signs of being crazy. Edward never should have kissed her and the one time I wish Charlie would get mad and he didn't.
A Sirius Individual chapter 3 . 7/8/2019
this girl needs feminism. and Bella too kinda
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7/2019
Wow soo good!
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 3 . 2/12/2019
The less experienced the Better, why would he want a whore who he can hardly please cause she has had so much cock stretching her out?
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