Reviews for The Will of Fire Still Burns
Guest chapter 1 . 9/15
really you have that fucking uchiha help him what a lame story
LunarReads chapter 1 . 9/11
jangoman1579he does like the color orange just not overly much like his siblings.

Guest/qexfirst the author clearly stated that he was older so he would be 16 when they had sex and what did you expect in a harem/incest there are lot of fanfics just like this on lots of sites.

Jaguarian76haven’t you ever read those gender-bend fanfics, you kinda described what they are. They don’t have to look or act the same this is called FanFiction where you make a story how you think it should be in your mind. You don’t have to criticize someone for what they imagine would happen.

StoneTheLoverI agree with you and if I believe the author said that he wasn’t able to control any other element after he ate the fruit. so why did you put ice as something he can do?

ReviewI don’t really get the story and mostly skipped parts of the story that I felt didn’t need to be there or were overly drawn out. I actually like the story but wouldn’t reread until I find it years later again. I get that the story is suppose to be a harem but you could have at least put him relatively close to his age like early 20’s. I’m kinda a sad you killed off Garra as he was one of my top 5 favorite character but other than that good job on the story.
LunarReads chapter 1 . 9/11
Why is everyone complaining about Naruto? Author-Chan told us that he won’t be like regular Naruto just like in every other FanFiction you may read. If you expected him to be happy-go-lucky than you are dead wrong.
jangoman1579 chapter 5 . 9/9
Go ahead and change his name to ACE WHY DON'T YA! You're already removing everything that makes him Naruto. At this point this isn't even Naruto but a different character
jangoman1579 chapter 2 . 9/8
This isn't Naruto.

No matter how you change a Pierson l personality everyone knows there are THREE THINGS that make Naruto him on a deep level.

3) HIS WHISKER MARKS (they all should have whisker marks on their faces as they were all born while the Kyuubi was inside Kushina)
DT7JD chapter 1 . 8/31
This is a message to all who hate CU.
You need to wake up and harrass them into submission! FU CU is the motto!
Viva La Revolution.
Mary out.
MEIPZ chapter 1 . 8/31
Phoenix Holmes1 chapter 1 . 8/18
forget all those flamers. its there own fault for not paying attention. you clearly stated that naruto was twelve when he entered the academy while his siblings were nine physically and mentally due to kurama's chakra. since the academy graduates them at twelve that means naruto was physically 15 while his siblings were 12. then there was the birthday party that satsuki and mikoto threw for him making him sixteen BEFORE he and mikoto had sex. legal age of consent in japan is 13 people. get over yourselves and quit critiquing a great story because of your own prejudices.
MusicArt chapter 8 . 8/7
Gaara's eyes widened, "You! Who are you? You look just like HIM! Mother is scared of you! Who are you?-Coming from him tho I want to see the other 8 reaction
Guest chapter 22 . 7/27
Please please please please post another chapter. It's been over 4 years, the hiatus was only supposed to last a couple months, did you just quit fanfiction without informing your fans, did you start a new account, move to a different website, what happened, this is tied for my favorite fanfiction, so why did you abandon something that so many people where so invested with, just telle please
qex chapter 5 . 7/26
Your disgusting!
Think pls..if you can..let us say..for example mikoto gave birth to itachi at 18-19 yrs of age and you stated that at 9 yrs old naruto, itachi was already doing the math mikoto would be 37-38 yrs old..a 12 and 40-41 relationship?!
I can accept it if the older one is male but in this case it is not!
Before you "THINK" your story for plots and outlines do a reality check first..a 12 and 40 relationship in this story was, is, and always be disgusting!
I actually thought this story to be fascinating but you just have to fucos on DISGUSTING PATHWAYS!
What a waste of time!
I hope you die!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/12
pretty much oc story
Rosy Fire chapter 6 . 7/12
Yeah, the Naruto x Mikoto pairing is too weird. What inspired you to create that pairing?
Rosy Fire chapter 5 . 7/12
Again, it's good that this won't be a forgiveness fic. But it seems like you're trying to pair him with Mikoto, which is really weird. Sorry, I just think that the age gap is too big for this to be a viable pairing.
Rosy Fire chapter 3 . 7/12
I really like that this isn't a forgiveness fic. I've read too many fics where the the main character forgave those that hurt him/her for no reason. In my opinion, those characters are just pushovers. I'm glad that I'll get to see Naruto's family get what they deserve
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