Reviews for Ordinary Loneliness
Zeremy chapter 26 . 3/12/2017
So first I'd like to start with that you are a fantastic writer. I love how you sort of had the "underdog" get the super attractive guy instead of the usual supermodel type. I could certainly relate to Lindsay and its nice to have a story where its not all unrealistic looking people. Since I've never seen a place where there's all super hot people. Anywho i end this with saying again great job I loved it.
J.J. Swan chapter 26 . 2/7/2017
I was reading your other story, An Ordinary Reckoning, and decided to read this one, too! I am so very glad I did! It's a well crafted story! I just love Lindsay! By far, she is my favorite character! I love how her and Damon are together - the compliment each other so well! I really enjoyed the mystery throughout the story and the plot twists you kept throwing out there. This is one of the best stories I have read so far!
Xquisite-Mischief chapter 26 . 6/11/2016
'Ordinary Loneliness' should get more reviews, it's a fantastic story and even if it's not Delena, it's more than perfect. It's actually so much better than Delena. Lindsey's and Damon's chemistry is on point and I admire you for writing such a realistic relationship between them. The honesty between them made it so much better- adored Lindsey for being so honest with Damon and treating him like a man and not like a broken toy. I don't know why, but I always felt with them (and I even cried a few times). I wish there was someone like Lindsey on TVD, someone who actually deserves Damon (I'm kind of anti-Elena because she is so selfish). Also I'd like to see more of Stefan and Damons relationship. It'd be great to see some pretty childish scenes between them.
Xquisite-Mischief chapter 5 . 6/10/2016
So, I found your story and I'm amazed. I love it and I love the relationship between Lindsey and Damon. Have to admit, I feel her pain and I got all teary because what happened to her could happen to me (I have zero self-esteem, hate my body, and I'm afraid that someone would 'use' me... Got pretty hard trust issues). Also, I relate so much to her 'eating-problem'. Either I eat the whole kitchen (most of the time) or eat almost nothing, feeling the sensation of hunger.
Haru Maru Stark Salvatore chapter 26 . 3/4/2016
W I love it..this story is really wonderfull I love Lindsey/Damon :-) congrats for good work:-)
Dannisita chapter 2 . 11/28/2015
I'm on to this one now, you are seriously creative! I just feel so bad for her right now
delenalu chapter 26 . 10/23/2015
Chapter 26 brings us the confirmation that the true central character of your story is Lindsey. She is the center of this world, her beneficial presence truly change social dynamics, alliances, solidarities, friendships. Of all these social relationships, I choose three:

1. Lindsey-Liz: Lindsey and Liz communicate instinctively with the solidarity of two women who were able to see, beyond the false appearances and beyond his cynical mask, the true Damon. These two are somehow, symbolically, the beginning and the end of this laborious effort to discover Damon's humanity; moreover, the disease of Liz makes her a possible image in mirror of Lindsey, if she wouldn't be turned into a vampire.

2. Elena-Damon: Elena... she gives up easily, too easily, to him, since he is the love of her life... Or maybe that is the problem: he can be the love of her life, but certainly she is not the love of his life.

3. Lindsey-Damon: Lindsey continues to be his balance, with her irradiant generosity, with her infinite capacity to find solutions, with her empathy, with her strength to fight his demons, only for him, only for his sake.
None of them is no longer alone. This is her greatest miracle.
delenalu chapter 25 . 10/22/2015
Two very important themes of reflection:

1. They are blood bonded/mated... At first, I think I was as disappointed as Lindsey. A love preordained, decided by fate, don't says me anything, don't thrill me, in return a love built on emotion, suffering and joy, a love for which the two fight - well, that touches me for real. It's a symbiotic relationship who somehow responds to my existential dilemmas... :) At the beginning I thought that the antithetical differences between them could be actually a special type of complementary and now I have the confirmation: "They truly did complete each other" ... The power of love! :)

2. Your theory about the sire-bond starts from TVD, but goes further. I love it! It makes sense, it's beautiful and romantic, it's a love built on the foundation of free will, but goes somewhat beyond the limits of the perfectly rational choices. Their love grew organically, on the other hand it was logical to happen, because of their consubstantiality they couldn't not love each other, despite their apparent differences (and their fundamental - "ordinary" - loneliness is just one facet of the problem).
mommy4thomas chapter 26 . 10/22/2015
I absolutely adored this story! Very well written and a very original concept. I loved your OC Lindsey and I loved how you wrote Damon. You didn't veer too far off the Damon we all know and love from the show but through Lindsey, he became a better person and found where his heart truly belonged! Wonderful story, truly!
delenalu chapter 24 . 10/21/2015
1. "Happiness", it's the word that condenses perfectly this chapter.
- Lindsey's perfect and amazed happiness when she discover her playful side. Her hapiness at the new sensation of an infinite freedom, yet limited, paradoxically, at the beneficial horizon of kindness and generosity. Her happiness with ethical accents when she feeds vampire style without breaking her moral principles. Her practical happiness when she manage to compell the airport security (which is too rigid). Her innocent happiness to have a consistent meal, whenever she wants, however she wants. Above all, her total, complete, absolute, ultimate happiness to be his, to be with him, to be loved, just like her blessed soul deserves.
- Then, Damon's happiness that her adaptation to the vampire life is done smoothly, without shocks. (For someone as disciplined and balanced as Lindsey, the "practice" couldn't not be ok!) His happiness that he can caress her, spoil her, love her, his hapiness that she loves him, that she agreed to marry him.

2. Three additional observations:
- Damon's happiness is totally altruistic, disinterested. And I really like your version of Damon, especially because I always intuited his generous side, that we can see intermittently when he takes off his cynical mask.
- Your perspective on the adaptation to the vampire life and on the connexion between the vampire's biological age and his behavior is logical and coherent.
- Their discussions are adorable and radiate love, harmony and consonance... happiness!
delenalu chapter 23 . 10/21/2015
The previous review was for Chapter 22, but I think you get used to me being bewildered. :)

1. No, I can't believe it! Damon accepts (well, for now only as a virtuality) the possibility that she wouldn't want to complete her transition... The Damon that I know shouldn't give in so easily! He would have saved her life with the risk of losing her love. In a heartbeat! Of course this is about the evolution of the character, which has grown enormously, reaching to value more her choice then his choice, however I would like him to believe more that he can convince her!

2. Paradoxically, the more introspective Damon becomes, the more he opens to her and manages to verbalize some difficult subjects, such his deep pain when she said that she had given up not to him, but to the idea that he will ever come. That was a milestone in his evolution to self-knowledge and introspection.

3. Their discussion, before the final decision, embodies an approach to vampirism from several perspectives: practical, moral, spiritual, religious, evolutionist - an original analysis, in fact a deep and eloquent meditation on the human condition... Logical arguments are combined with fun and superficial arguments: she, a gourmet, could eat henceforth all the chocolate she wants without fear that she will fatten. :) But her principal argument pro is that she could not bear to leave him again!

4. I liked the idea (and I appreciated its originality!) that not only the individual temperament, but also some traits relating to the psychology of the ages (the biological age) are important for the vampire typology.

5. Their gestures for completing the transition are predetermined, slow, intermittent, and, officiated by an expert in the field, they compose obviously an initiation ritual.

6. The first steps in her vampire life are ritualized too: Damon teaches Lindsey self control, frustration tolerance, making love vampire style and feline jumps, he warns her about the hyperbolized signals sent by her sense organs and checks the sire-bond (very funny and very... Damon this scene!). :)

7. Damon's statements are always spiritual, funny, dense, subtle, intelligent, with a dose of self-irony. I like your Damon!
delenalu chapter 23 . 10/20/2015
1. A chapter - I was to say "an episode" (his wonderful "visual" aspect it's to blame!) - highly symbolic, in which is performing some complicated rituals, full of emotion and especially very original (you get an A for your creativity!). :)

2. The pendant that Damon received from Lindsey has the deep significance of a new beginning, boosted by the strength of the symbol itself (the mythical and magical implications of thunderbird in Native American cultures), by Damon's promise that he would wear it forever and by the ritualistic gesture (so thrilling!) of Lindsey, who gives him, with the pendant, the gift of life and light and a spark of her spirit. In a metaphorical way, through this jewel she'll be with him forever!

3. "No more darkness" in Damon, it's the diagnosis of the expert in supernatural souls, Bonnie. :)

4. O Lord, Lindsey will become a vampire! Although she didn't chose it, I am glad that it has happened. I don't know how I would have supported the idea that she would leave sooner or later, and he would live for the rest of eternity with a hole in his heart. I anticipate that they will still have in their lives suffering and pain, but the promise (at least virtual) that they will stay together warms my soul... :)
delenalu chapter 21 . 10/19/2015
Lindsey has cancer... and this is the trigger for an avalanche of feelings, questions, dilemmas, emotions, that define the characters (especially Damon and Lindsey), through their actions and interactions.

1. Lindsey/Damon:
- At first I was angry with Damon for that he didn't come to Lindsey as soon as he learned she has cancer. However, his decision (actually yours, as his creator) was correct, was absolutely consistent with the character (it was in fact a non-acceptance of reality, a denial).
- I hardly breathed when I read the wonderful fragment containing Damon's confession, a historic moment, because Damon hasn't an introspective, a self-reflexive structure. They say repentant sinners have the chance of redemption... In conclusion, he is "a good man who has done bad things" - the quintessential definition of Damon!
- Damon became the man who is now thanks to Lindsey, thanks to her unconditional and total love. She gave him the gift of love and, since she loved him seeing him as a man, not as a monster, those around him began to see him and to love him. And even if she will leave, her gift of love will remain, and he will never be alone...
- He promises her to be the better man. For himself. Not for Lindsey, not for Elena. It's another gift, the gift of self-recovery, the gift of reconciliation with himself...
- I wonder why Damon doesn't gather his courage to propose her to turn. Lindsey should accept it, to not conflict with her beliefs that the dichotomy human-vampire is simplistic and erroneous and that the individual should be judged only by his facts and by the choices he makes.

2. Lindsey/Elena
- My heart broke when Lindsey talks about her limited time, in contrast to the eternity that DE would have. So much dignity, so much retained pain, so much love! Only for him, always for him, because she doesn't have anyone but him.
- Paradoxically and sadly for Elena, just when he became a better man, he is not hers anymore. The difference between Lindsey and Elena is that Elena wants him to become a better man, while Lindsey thinks he is already a better man! Love is really magical!

3. Lindsey/Stefan
- I cried all my tears when Lindsey talks to Stefan about Damon's sadness. That's equally my conclusion, that behind his bad boy mask (his defense!) hides a soul which is sensitive and fundamentally sad.
- Just like Lindsey, Stefan thinks that being a vampire does not radically change a person, that he continues to make his own choices. It may be Damon's argument in his quest to save Lindsey!
delenalu chapter 20 . 10/19/2015
1. The chapter begins and ends with two heartbreaking scenes very well managed, although without excessive sentimentality.
- The initial image retains first her terror that his coming, his presence there, beside her, could be just a dream, and then her need for intimacy, her need for the direct physical contact, her need for him. The longing is overwhelming and because he sleeps and because for now he is still there, she can allow herself to be weak, to suffer and to miss him.
- In the final scene, when she thinks that nobody sees her no longer, she finally collapses, while he leaves her the umpteenth time.

2. I want to mention some stylistic choices that I liked a lot:
- The (almost obsessive) repetition of the word "always" indicates (or maybe rather suggests), on the one hand, that she has assumed her status of a constant in his life and, on the other hand, his conviction that she will constantly be there for him.
- A phrase that retains perfectly the essence of Damon: "the way he had of turning snark into an art form"! Because his words are unique and dense, often funny, always smart and original.
- For her, in a subjective-emotional way, his image is composed by a sum of sensations: visual (the changing color of his eyes), acoustic (the way he sighed in satisfaction), tactile (the feeling of his cold feet against her legs)...
delenalu chapter 19 . 10/17/2015
1. There is something that I like and also something that makes me sad about this new phase of their relationship. On the one hand, we have the balance, the strength, the greatness, the ponderation of a fulfilled, mature love - and I'm really impressed by your choice for a subject so fresh and atypical! It's the poetry of the quotidian simplicity, the exemplary human value of the small things, without dramatic and spectacular developments, without extreme passions... However, the hopeless romantic that I am sighs because their reactions in slow motion, because their feelings calmed by the distance in time and space and by the routine. I was hurt when I "saw" how they interacted after years of an infinite longing. "Like they had been married 20 years" - Ric diagnosis correctly - a harmonious couple, but ... whitout surprises, without passion (?).

2. I suspect however that for Lindsey it can be a shield, a protection... she can't afford herself to resurrect whenever he comes only to die again and again each time he leaves. About him... he never has excelled in knowing himself, in returning to his inside, and now, then his feelings are even more antagonistic, as Elena appeared in the equation, he is even more confused. And we return again to the routine, this time to a benign, even beneficial routine: she will be there if he wants, whenever he wants.

3. For the peace of my Delena soul and for my deep, even recent love for Lindsey, I would like that the conflict Elena/Lindsey doesn't exist.
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