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Bella chapter 26 . 1/29
I love this fic please continue! So much emotion and it digs deep into the characters
Guest chapter 26 . 7/19/2015
Wow that story was amazing really diffrent from the real thing I loved it kept making me want to see thhe next chapter
Guest chapter 26 . 5/19/2015
I loved it. You did such a great job. I would live to read something else from you.

Thank you
Sonia davidson
guest chapter 26 . 11/13/2013
guest chapter 26 . 10/13/2013
update soon really good story
loventherussian17 chapter 26 . 1/19/2013
love it
matthotty101 chapter 26 . 7/11/2011
fastfivegurl12 chapter 26 . 6/10/2011
loved it keep writing!
ebi pers chapter 26 . 5/9/2011
This is an amazing, sexy, funny, cute, adorable, AMAZING STORY! i know i'm a little late to the party but WOW! I'm impressed. Most Dom/Letty fics are obsessively smutty and poorly written but HOLY COW! this was good! I Honestly LOVED the proposal and i could just SEE the water gun fight and Letty putting up with annoying customers at the shop. Nice work portraying the characters. LOVE it!


degrassijayandalex chapter 26 . 7/20/2009
Great chapter!lol with letty when she is at the haha at the kids when they are like they want the cherry pop-tarts with no icing then when letty goes to look for them she is thinking that they dont evern make icing-less .also lol when dom calls and letty is like not at this .she is probably regretting saying that she would run it for mia that .also ooh when gin stops her car outside the market and she just stares at letty then drives i like it that everyone in the team isnt working and they are all helping dom set up so dom can ask letty to marry that explains why gin was looking at letty then drove away.i had a feeling that she was going to be pissed off with lol when jesse goes to see letty at the market and then jesse almost spills what dom is going to do to .haha at this part:

"$21.55? Are you sure?" She asks.

"Yeah...It's a buck a drink, $1.25 for chips and $2.50 a sandwich. Plus tax."

"That's crazy. $1.25 for chips?"

"You don't have to buy them."

i love it how mia made the plan for dom not to pick letty up then have her go to DT then have her be mad then when her and dom get to the beach shesnot mad anymore.i liked it when dom and letty got into the sand that there were flowers ledding to the rock and that sonfused i liked it that dom was talking toletty when he got down on one knee then letty inturpts .also i love it how freaked out dom got in his eyes cause he thought that letty was going to say no to i liked it when dom told letty what his dad said that he should be with someone like letty and how right tony was!also i liked it that at the end of jess'es pov that him and gin made up! aalso lol at this part:

"So?" Vince asks.

"So, you're a lying little fucker." Letty looks at him. "And if it were supposed to be worn on my middle finger, I'd flick you off, but it's one finger over." She holds up her ring finger in a joking salute to Vince. Everyone starts to smile and congratulate us as they filter out of the garage, giving us some alone time. Vince stops in the doorway.

oh and then i liked the ending when before vince left he said that he didnt think any girl could make dom settle down and that if some other girl did he wouldnt be as happy for im having the feeling since its been ages since you updated that you dropped this fan fiction? its a shame cause i really liked this and i wanted to read more! )
degrassijayandalex chapter 25 . 7/20/2009
Great chapter!i liked it that after the movie was over and letty woke up and was like i can walk and then dom just told her to go back to sleep then carried her up the hm mia is asking dom when he is going to do something...are my thoughts of dom asking letty to marry him going to come true?im thinking thats what its going to be and also im glad that dom wants everything to be i like it that gin is choosing to either go to new york depending on and ooh jesse is going to finally tell her everything about the heists now! i wonder how she is gonig to be really really pissed off at in dom's pov when the alarm goes off then letty slaps her hand over and ends up hitting dom in the .lol when dome goes downstairs to talk to the guys and he is like ugh why cant i tell you guys you are the easy people to tell and so dom is going to ask letty to marry him so i was right! ) lol also lol when mia is like really when letty us like i will work at the store for .great chapter and i cant wait to read the next one! ) again it sucks that its the last one! (
degrassijayandalex chapter 24 . 7/20/2009
Great chapter!i really liked this line:

"If you don't want this baby," She chokes, " Then I'm sorry and that's your loss because I've realized I do...and that having a part of me and you together is the most wonderful thing I could ever think of. Now if you're gonna play the hardass, then I'll leave and raise him or her on my own. I'm not afraid." It's obvious to see she's terrified of that because she's shaking while telling me this.

i felt bad for letty when dom was like shut up but she thoguht that he didnt wanna her anything about the glad that dom said that he was really happy that he was going to be a father.i liked it when letty was like i dont wanna end up being like my mother and then dom was like you are never going to be like your and i love this part:

"Who's we?" V asks. I just glare at him and roll my eyes. "Oh." He says. I fight the urge to laugh.

vince is so .also lol when dom starts going over the new rules in the house and lol at the teams shocked and confuesed .also haha when jesse is like uhh dom wehre do babies come form haha cant wait to read the next chapter! it sucks that there are only 2 more chapters left! (
degrassijayandalex chapter 23 . 7/20/2009
Great chapter!i liked it that dom knew to give letty her space so he didnt sleep in the room with i love it how Brian is always having the .also hmm what was mia talking about everything will play liked it how dom got letty some food and also got her a corona even though she cant drink it.i liked it when letty was talking to dom near the end and she was saying that she would die for him in an instant with no questions oh letty is pregnant i had a feeling thats what she was scared about in the previous chapter...sicne she asked dom if they could talk cause it was important and then when vince offered her a corona she said no to i wonder what dom is going to say now that he knows that letty is going to have their baby! cant wait to read the next chapter! )
degrassijayandalex chapter 22 . 7/20/2009
Great chapter!i really liked these few lines:

"Dom, you ok brotha?" V asks, frowning, while sipping his own beer.

I rub a hand across my head and face. I let out a low groan. "Yeah."

"Sure? You're acting all weird and...fidgity."

"I'm fine!" I almost growl. Vince raises his eyebrows. "Sorry. Just stressed."

"Anything I need to know about? You and Let aren't fighting are ya? Cuz that affects the WHOLE house, no matter how much you two deny it."

"No, we're fine. Everything's fine." I close my eyes and sigh, slumping in my chair.

also hmm i wonder what it was that dom asked mia that she found and was in the bag...also hm dom seems pissed off at letty when he told her that they would talk later...also hm dom is all pissed at her when she asks to talk then he gets pissed when she is talking to haha at this part:

"Hey Let!" V smiles and takes a pull from his drink. "Where were you? Want one?" He points to the bottle of Corona in his hand.

"Naw I'm good." I turn him down with a sigh.

"Is this a first? Should we call the doctors to cart you away? When have you ever turned down a beer?"

great chapter and i cant wait to read the next one! )
degrassijayandalex chapter 21 . 7/20/2009
Great chapter!lol at this part:

"Ok..." Gin accepts, looking slightly confused, but half smiling. "You know what you need?"

"What?" I ask warily.

"Peanut butter."

"Peanut butter?"

"Yeah...on Oreos!"

"Naw that's gross."

lol when you go over to Dom's pov and letty is like i need to help leon with that guys paint job and she is like its some basketball guys when dom saw that guy was touching letty i thought that he was going to flip out on Tracy right then and .also hmm what is dom going to get...maybe he is going to get a ring for letty haha yea like my little dreams would come true haha...also ooh i wonder if jesse is going to actually tell gin now that he is thinking about it cant wait to read the next chapter! )
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