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Guest chapter 59 . 10/15
Thank you so much for continuing the series. I am elated to have more to read. I have been following this story since the beginning.
Paradox Tremors chapter 57 . 10/14
You refer to "Dylan" as a boy in the last chapter, and in this one, you make it sound like he's a girl with this sentence- "Dylan wasn't a werewolf by her (his) own choice (maybe I'm reading it wrong). Sometimes, I do that; especially late at night. I just didn't realize I had missed so many chapters until you pointed it out in your last reply.

OMG! I like the little surprise Theresa threw for Draco. Talk about being knocked for a loop-I didn't see that coming, much less suspect Draco did. This is just another beautiful, little touch of yours revealing how much Draco has truly changed from the beginning of this story. Up until this story, I would have never believed Draco could ever could have a soft spot in his heart for children, much less care about their feelings. Draco put aside his own feelings and wants when he told Rachel to pick out her favorite story so he could read it to them-would he have ever done that before these events; NO! Would it have been believable in any other story? NO!

I so much like the moments when you let us in on Draco's doubts and fears-like being afraid of losing Hermione. The various, magical houses were a blast that Draco and Hermione visited. I like the last one the best-but the "Shoe" house was what got the biggest chuckle out of me. And, I would've never imagined viewing houses in the magical world as you described it-brilliant! I love it. Its just the perfect way, jumping in and out of a picture to see how house looks.

Love the story. Love the chapter. I will hate to see this end someday.

Thanks again for sharing this great story of yours with us.
Paradox Tremors chapter 56 . 10/13
Another catch- "Might (be) nice to be near the sea."

I love how "protective" Draco feels about Hermione; it's nothing wrong. Men (us), it's a natural instinct to be protective over the ones we love (even when the woman is more than able to protect herself). I couldn't have let Hermione go in the forest alone. She would probably end up protecting me more than I could her if trouble happened-but, still, I couldn't let her go alone. I'm old-fashion. I still open doors for women. Anyway, Belby was a godsent in their endevors to meeting and retreating from the werewolves. Hermione must learn to take it slow; not to expect much in the beginning. Babysteps. Take what is given to her and hope it will lead to more.

A 2nd catch-Hermione slipped (her) pack off..."

3rd catch: "Draco and Hermione were sat down at a quiet breakfast." Shouldn't "WERE" be removed or the sentence restructed to read: "Draco and Hermione were "sitting" down at a quiet breakfast." Just a thought. I could be wrong. I'm not that good at fixing things in my writing so I don't know if I'm helping or bothering you with my thoughts or isuggestions.

"-we're faire (fairly) well organized."

"Theresa nodded and pulled jotted out a few words on a sticky note"-suggestion: "Theresa nodded and pulled out a sticky note. She jotted down a few words."

I like how Draco greeted and gave his opinion (to himself; silently of course) of the first to be interviewed. That one little part gives us a true glimpse into how much he has changed. He's growing as a person. He's gone beyond being just a boy who was afraid to disobey his parent. He's grown into a man; a person who sees the world in a different light and with an understanding he didn't have before. Hermione has helped Draco not only find himself but to grow into a person with values, understanding, and tolerance of those different than he is.

Another well written chapter my friend.
orlando switch chapter 59 . 10/13
Good to have you back with a new chapter. It seems Hermione and Draco are both planning, preparing and plotting and I love to see how this works out.
roon0 chapter 59 . 10/10
Very enjoyable. I hope Hermione and Draco get what they want and need. Always a pleasure to read. Until next time.
Paradox Tremors chapter 59 . 10/9
I'm still reading...I think I found something you might want to re-look at-this sentence: "I brought some supplies. Did you decide if (you) want(ed) to come?" What's in ( ) is what I added. You probably can fix it better than I ( the actual sentence you wrote: "Did you decide if want to come?"). Maybe I'm reading it wrong. It's never good to read when you have a migraine like I do tonight, but I needed something to get my mind off of my headache.

I like how Draco admitted to himself how nervous he is about going back to the school, about facing the students, and discussing his point of view. It shows, if anything, he's more human-more "muggle"-than ever before. It takes a lot of courage to go forward and face his fears, to submit to their stares, and all.

Hermione, she has guts. Talking with Draco's mother is never an easy task, but, in this instant, she seems well prepared. I believe Hermione could accomplish anything she sets her mind to and then some.

Overall, a good chapter. Glad you're writing again. I missed your words and stories. Take care and write when you can...and remember, I'll be waiting to read each and every word. Have a good night my friend.
ady71 chapter 59 . 10/9
Dashti-the-dramione-shipper chapter 59 . 10/9
Yayyyy! Another chapter! I love how there are multiple storylines within this fic. There’s always something happening, but at the same time, you don’t feel overwhelmed as a reader. II’m so excited for the next update!
XxLost-In-The-EchoxX chapter 59 . 10/9
Great update!
Quickhidethedramione chapter 11 . 10/8
A job!
Quickhidethedramione chapter 10 . 10/8
This is adorable I love it so much omg
Quickhidethedramione chapter 9 . 10/8
Ahhh this is heartbreaking
Quickhidethedramione chapter 8 . 10/8
This is so cute! Also ironing is hell
roguesc9 chapter 59 . 10/8
Wow! What a brilliant story.
MissMegan24 chapter 59 . 10/7
Love this story! Thanks for sharing.
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