Reviews for Demons of the Past
kenriot1214 chapter 10 . 6/8
Wish this story was complete
Lotte2265 chapter 10 . 5/28
Please UPDATE! ;)
BiUnicorn Brittany and lesbo chapter 10 . 4/5
Plz update
TheWayofLife-447 chapter 10 . 4/4
I have recently found your story and I see the potential and I am reviewing to say that I love this story and I want to see you continue it. If not for me then for your readers.

nora chapter 10 . 3/23
write more chapters now faster
sarahrachnathomas chapter 1 . 3/21
I really enjoyed this, I know it's been 3 years but please continue this!
Pointeofdance chapter 10 . 7/14/2017
I have really enjoyed reading your story. I love that you have a clear future plot line from season 3 on and you're incorporating traits into the story (I think the Oliver as Ra's scenes are my favorite). I'm really sad that you haven't updated in a while. But I'll still hope!
Guest chapter 10 . 4/9/2017
Will we see a new chapter any time soon?
Jason Hunter chapter 2 . 4/9/2017
The Pilot was really good keep up the good work
Guest chapter 10 . 4/9/2017
I know your taking some time off with school and all that but when you have the time could you make a new chapter and update this story please everyone been waiting for a new chapter even me but it's alright you can take all the time you need.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/9/2017
It's been almost a couple years there has not been a new chapter since please update and continue this story me and everyone else has been waiting for a new chapter.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/9/2017
Your doing a great job with this story i hope you continue this story.
Jason Hunter chapter 10 . 4/9/2017
I really really like this story please continue this story it's really great.
jeffhardy2426 chapter 10 . 1/11/2017
god damit update please
Gianna chapter 5 . 1/1/2017
I found Artemis' wording at the end to be a bit weird.
" I want to just as much as you save my brother,"

First there should be a period, not a comma, after "brother"

Second, I think that this wording would work better.

"I want to save my brother, just as much as you do."
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