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Commenter chapter 65 . 5/3
Yay! They got Pleo back! Things are going to get really dangerous from now for the gang, since 3 separate parties of antagonists are after the Protector.

It seems like this story is coming to an end. Perhaps there is like 20 more chapters also before the showdown between Team Traveller, the Company and the Imps, but it is coming. Like all wonderful stories, you just don't want it to finish, but every amazing story has a great finale, and I am sure Fledglings will not disappoint.

I guess we will wait and see. Until then, keep up the good work. I shall be waiting for the next update.
Prime Jeremy chapter 1 . 5/3
Nidoran doesn't have fur
jakeroo123 chapter 64 . 4/7
Would you believe that it was seeing the April Fool's - normally a holiday I'm not fond of - in Guiding Light that led to me reading this entire story over the course of a week? Well, except the first two chapters, I'd already read those at one point and kept the tab open because I thought I might read the rest eventually (which clearly happened).

I enjoy this story quite a bit! I... Guess there's not much to say because there's so much that has happened?

Anyway, I'll be sticking around to see where this goes! Good luck with everything!
Anon chapter 64 . 4/2
Came from the other side of the collab, and it was cool.
Commenter chapter 64 . 4/2
I myself have read Guiding Light, and I admit that it is a wonderful story. It is interesting to see a crossover with the fanfic.

Awesome April Fools chapter, can't wait for the next update.
Ambyssin chapter 63 . 3/24
Given the area I usually post my thoughts in is about to crash so it can get dragged into the 2010s, I'm putting them here too. Because I can! XP

(Also, the irony that this chapter is out on the release weekend for Detective Pikachu is not lost on me!)

I've got to agree with some of the crew, here. If it wasn't for the fact that Team Traveler's already gotten involved in some death-defying escape acts, I'd be rather skeptical of their chances. But considering their track record, this is basically just Tuesday for them. Though I like the core idea behind it. I mean, Coil is so high-ranking that trying to indict him would no-doubt rattle [i]the entire city[/i] and give the perfect back drop for an escape. In some sense, it's actually the perfect plan. Even if it is stupidly risky. XD

And Novomarca serves as a reminder of something it feels like we haven't actually seen for awhile and that's the little guy struggling to make ends meet, so to speak. There's already a bit too much happening in this episode to really examine all of that, I suppose, so the little reminder is appreciated. Even right of the bat, it feels like this much-larger iteration of Team Traveler is having a considerably better time of things. They're able to McGuyver their ways into the mob's base with very few difficulties. And then we have impromptu Metal Gear Solid in my PMD story! In all seriousness, I do like the little stealth element that's going on here. Using orbs to distract guards. Having scents to deal with. All it was missing was some tactical cardboard box action! Also, Kiran is best Otacon, don't at me.

Now that we've reached the point where Saéta gets to reunite with his wayward son, I need to ask if there's any Don Pianta influence going on here? Since you brought the Trouble Center up in your last trivia, it got me thinking that may not be the only bit of TTYD showing up here. But I digress. I envisioned the conversation b/w Alvise and his dad going one of two ways: badly or with Saéta relenting and just shooing him off. Which has that effect of making Alvise feel a bit empty inside. I'm pretty sure that's a classic staple of these kinds of disagreements, especially if they go in the direction you took this one. Not saying that that's bad or anything. Namely since you have Team Traveler literally crash the party in the middle of things and prompts Saéta to send his son away. Ouch. So much for a feelsy moment. Why you play with my emotions like this? DX

Ah, Coil used the old "special letter in flammable paper" trick. How nifty. And very pirate-like, to really hammer home that connection. Ngl, at first I was kinda excited that maybe Thalez was involved in this because I'm convinced he's actually a bad guy. It was still cool, and to your credit (and as a good bit of characterization showing Saéta's in charge for a reason) it's not actually enough to build a case on.

[Because, Steenee, I'm making you and your partner an offer you can't refuse]
Ahhh, he did it. He said the thing! :D

[Namely by taking a long walk off a short pier inside those barrels and having a nice, long nap with the fishes]
This one's much cheesier, and probably overdoing it a bit. Especially since you already used "long walk off a short pier" in the scene before this. I think "Nice, long nap with the fishes inside those barrels," would get your point across. That said, I do like the ending bit where the parties wish each other luck. It's always fun to see the opposite sides of the law ribbing on one another like that.

And with that, it's time to return to court! *grabs the Spirit of Justice soundtrack* I see Nico's wasting no time jumping into "true culprit" mode and naming Admiral Coil. The gallery seems about as hostile to the idea as the Khura'in court was to Nick in general, so points for that one. Coil sure seemed a bit irritated, but doesn't seem to have much of a reaction other than annoyance, so that just holds me in suspense a bit more for what could potentially happen. And I'm amazed at how smoothly things went for Team Traveler getting Pleo out of the box. Like, were the spectators just too enthralled with the matches to care? I suppose they must've been... or you're leaving me in suspense for the next chapter when things go off the rails. Speaking of suspenseful, I had a bad feeling that Hess was going to try something as dumb as storming the arena since this episode had gotten set up. And now it looks like that's coming to fruition. In the immortal words of Bubsy the Bobcat, "What could possibly go wrong?"

This looks like it could be the wildest conclusion to an episode yet... even topping the escape from the pirate domain. In the meantime though, I know I'm quite looking forward to this little bonus.
Brizzly chapter 58 . 11/2/2017
I Love this story so far.
Copyrightdragon chapter 55 . 8/12/2017
Um, I'm assuming that the comma at the end of the last sentence means that you'd meant to write more...? Did you check over the chapter before uploading it because some may have gotten cut off.
Anononn chapter 51 . 5/11/2017
I'm liking the story, just binge read up to here. I'm gonna admit, I'm starting to get lost between the groups of characters though hehe
FlightfootKeyseeker chapter 5 . 4/27/2017
I like how Pleo's questioning Nida's story. That critical thinking should serve him well, especially since I think there's more going on in that story about how and why the Cradle was formed. It makes no sense to mark the descendants of the Pokemon that caused the apocalypse, unless you want those Pokemon to be shunned for something they didn't do.
WyldClaw chapter 51 . 4/22/2017
That was such an awesome chapter
WyldClaw chapter 47 . 2/18/2017
Oh no! I bet once all those pirates in the town see pleo team traveller's gonna have a wicked tough time getting of of there intact
Commenter chapter 8 . 2/5/2017
So we have pirates from Finland and Poland attacking a town in Spain? Then it is proven that they all live in Europe! I like this story already.
Copyrightdragon chapter 45 . 12/29/2016
I've been following this story for quite a while, and just thought I'd let you know that I'm really enjoying all of the effort you've put in to building up this immense world, rich with it's own history, mythology, and plenty of characters (even if they're hard to keep track of). I'm concerned about the lack of growth (physically; emotionally I can tell that they've really come a long way) with Team Travellers, as they don't seem to be progressing commensurate with the danger and difficulty of their situation as they should be. Given that they're young, and the high-level enemies they're fighting, they should be growing more quickly than this, and if they don't soon, then their odds of survival will become beyond unreasonable. I understand that things up until now have been more or less a slow reveal to the true scope and depth of their journey, but it's unrealistic to expect this sort of grinding pace to go on forever (the story does drag in some parts) with no real growth on the protagonists' part. The fact that the fates of more and more Protectors are being revealed is really neat, and the different islands with their unique cultures are cool, but I think you should also keep in mind that writing out story lines for all of them is stretching it. Not only is that a lot of work for you and your beta reader(s), but also for your audience, and on a fanfiction site where the longest stories tend to be light novel length, there aren't a lot readers that'll be willing to keep up with it all. Might I suggest finding a good stopping point for this arc? Splitting this into different "volumes" could make it more digestible, and perhaps instead of introducing a lot of characters, you could develop some of the ones you have to be a bit more three dimensional, and therefore more memorable.
gamerj14 chapter 37 . 12/18/2016
First was a Castlevania reference , and now the destroyed cabagge from Avatar XD, and I feel that probably there others but they elude me no matter how much I re-read.
It's implied that the Apricorn are use to hunt for meat ,torture/interrogation and to imprision criminals; the fact that so many are being made imply either a big commerce with them or something big going to happen somewhere...
Anyway I will be watching.
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