Reviews for The Sum is Greater than its Parts
Follower chapter 15 . 10/3/2015
Just noticed that you used hades instead of Andrew for the AI that informed Shepard and Nick wouldn't it make more sense if Andrew was the one too inform them since his the partner AI of Nick?
Guest chapter 9 . 8/26/2015
sigh... do you have to show them at the last minute
Goldspark1 chapter 15 . 8/22/2015
I don't like in the end where all the counselors all just made up. I understand they are more open because of the NSSC and they aren't on the Citadel but I was kind of hoping for them to bow to their interest groups. I actually enjoyed playing as commander Shepard and going around fixing the Counsels problem.

I still hope you have Earth and Palavan fall. It would add some suspense for the reapers to use some ground attacks. I just don't want it to turn it into, they push the reapers back. No, I want you to make me feel like the situation is just as bad in the game.
Goldspark1 chapter 10 . 8/20/2015
Thanks for providing information about why the USSC is sharing technology with Cereburus. I still wouldn't have gone down that path but thanks for providing insight for why they are sharing technology.
Goldspark1 chapter 9 . 8/20/2015
I like in the beginning where the Spartans just tell Shepards crew that they would only get in their way. Shows that they are blunt and I like that. I would not have given technology to a terrorist organization. I would have just given it to different governments.
Goldspark1 chapter 8 . 8/19/2015
I am kind of surprised that the Quaians just assume their given a world they don't have to pay anything for. I would of thought they would be suspicious of this completely unknown faction basically solving all their problems.
Goldspark1 chapter 1 . 8/19/2015
Thanks for not making humans super old in this story. 400 years sounds appreciate for the average age of humans. I hope they age slower though. Wouldn't want a bunch of 65 and above year olds all in retirement homes. That would make up over three froths of the human population doing nothing.
Jfitzgerald chapter 15 . 8/20/2015
Please update again soon. Thanks.
SpecH82T chapter 15 . 8/17/2015
You actually gave them brains? How could you lol ;)
Shifty chapter 15 . 8/14/2015
Shit! The story just got a whole lot more interesting!
Tjuparulla chapter 15 . 8/13/2015
I love Tevos finally finding perspective. The reapers failing in slipspace was odd given the councils ships passed through slipspace to visit sangri la. Maybe modify it to say the increased power and portal size needed to move a planet overwhelmed the safeties? Either way I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Umbra.Venator chapter 15 . 8/12/2015
Epic work, looking forward to the next chapter :)
indeedjaffa chapter 15 . 8/12/2015
This has been a very refreshing chapter, not just because it's the start of a new phase in the story, but also because I haven't read anything this good in about 2 months. It's hard to find stories with premises that you would enjoy, but it's even harder to find well written ones that don't slowly piss you off.

Keeping the Council away from the Citadel has to be one of the best ideas that has ever been made. A lot of freaking fanfiction stories just say the Council are the way they are because their incompetent politicians. However, at last, the logic 'All Reaper constructs at least have mild indoctronation parts' has been applied.

I disagree with some of the reviewers. The NSSC are advanced so thay can easily fix the planets infrastructure, make the populations life more comfortable with humanitarian efforts, restore order, blah blah blah during and after the transit. The average batarian could probably survive darkness for about a week with their own locally stored resourses and equipment, and plus the NSSC could probably give out food, power, and light sources during the transit as well.

Thanks for a great read.
- Appbeza
i am your sire chapter 15 . 8/12/2015
you do realise that without the batarian systems sun that the planet will freeze and without the gravitational pull of the sun (or something with the exact same pull) that the gravity on the planet is going to be above 1G and without the rotation of the planet the seasons would stop and it would be winter forever.
edboy4926 chapter 15 . 8/12/2015
Awesome chapter
Finally, it has begun
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