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Sightbent chapter 7 . 3/4/2015
Great chapter. It was good to see some of the Citadel races come into the story (even if only for a little bit). I'm just trying to imagine how panicked they must have felt about two planets disappearing into thin air (or space) and can't stop myself from thinking about how much more they would panic if they actually came across the people who had done it.

By the way, the part from the Thresher Maw's perspective was quite interesting. Haven't seen a Halo/Mass Effect author do that yet. Very nice touch.

Keep the chapters of this great story coming.
EchoSentient chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
Why didn't they at least sent a cloaked ship to earth's coordinate? Even if they don't intend to interfere they should be at least curious about it.
six samurai of dragon order chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
Bigs-Post chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
Great chapter and noticed no spelling or grammar errors, looking forward to the next chapter.
Imoneoldfart chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
Again a grait chapter, and I'm glad its longer, starting to look like first contact will be soon. I would suggest baterian, quarian, selerian or turian. Ever notice now many species in mass effect end with Ian?
angrycritique chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
Feels free to ignore one of the usual pretentious-'ff-net experts' as haven't read or played halo.

Ten millennia to create the ark wow what an idi0t, somebody probably took some random fanfic idea into a "fact".

At the least the writer seem to have an idea of what the forerunner technology was capable of, instead of the usual facts pretentious-'ff-net experts' love to scream around.

As an advice beware of quack experts as most of their so called "expertise" are based on fanfics facts not on solid facts.

Forerunner automated builders are capable of:
A Dyson Shell

The Sharpened Shield is roughly 300 million km in diameter with a G2 type star slightly smaller than Sol at the core, with a volume of roughly 7 septillion km(cubed) she boasted a habitable surface area of 255 quadrillion km2 (some 550 million times the surface area of Earth). Assuming the Shield has a paltry 2 km thick shell the overall volume of the structure would equal 282 quadrillion km(cubed) of material (which assuming it had a density of iron would weigh more than the sun itself); even if Didact began construction of the project immediately following the end of the Human-Forerunner war and it continued up until his exile in an 8,000 year time period as a lower limit the Forerunners would have to assemble 1,120,716 cubic kilometers of material per second.

To put it into accepted Star Wars-vs-Star trek parlance, that's the equivalent of manufacturing the second Death Star every five minutes, non-stop, for nearly eight thousand years - or stripping away an Earth sized planet every nine days. And despite this gargantuan effort the Shield wasn't the only of of its kind, many more were built and hidden across the galaxy - and to add insult to injury not only was this a secret project, it was swept under the rug by Faber because he preferred the Halo Array.

Halo Silentium; ch 3.
Powerful forces within the Council and among Warrior-Servants still supported the Didact's strategy for containing the Flood; hundreds of enormous Shield Worlds, placed at key locations around the galaxy to both survey for Flood incursions and conduct carefully chosen, system wide operations.

The Didact's proposal - along with the militarization of the galaxy - was to oversee the construction of hundreds of Dyson shells that would serve to protect native life and monitor nearby regions of the galaxy. His activities saw to the finalized development of a minimum of 673 such facilities before the Master Builder suspended his activities entirely and dissolved the Warrior-Servant caste.

Halo build time:
The signal detailing the destruction of Installation-04 was issued on the 22nd of September, 2552, thus initiating the construction of the replacement Halo Installation-04B. When Master Chief arrived on the 11th of December that same year the Halo was almost complete, with 343 Guilty Spark confirming the following:

Halo 3; Halo
343 Guilty Spark: (humming to himself) "Oh, hello! Wonderful news - the Installation is almost complete!"
Johnson: (uninterested) "Terrific."
343 Guilty Spark: "Yes...isn't it? (Short but uneasy silence) I have begun my simulations. No promises, but initial results indicate that this facility should be ready to just a few more days!"

Ghosts of Onyx; ch. 35.
A pyramid five times the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza sat kilometers from Kurt's vantage. Instead of stone blocks, however, the structure was composed of floating golden spheres that turned and glowed with Forerunner hieroglyphs etched upon their surfaces.
Every six seconds a sphere from the apex of the pyramid ascended in a shaft of silver light. As it rose, the light intensified so even with maximum polarization on his faceplate Kurt could not discern what occurred there. When the sphere emerged, three rods accompanied it, all parts spinning in null gravity, flexing, until the pieces settled into their deadly recognizable configuration a Sentinel of Onyx.
The new drone flew off into the clouds overhead which Kurt could only estimate were thousands of completed units.

The rate of construction from a single factory unit located beneath Onyx operating for over a hundred thousand years without a dedicated logistical train - which had no doubt contributed to the countless trillions of Sentinels that had formed the bulk of the planet. At peak annual production this lone facility could easily produce 5,256,000 other Onyx Sentinels, a hundred such facilities could produce over 500 million units in a relatively short span of time. Fifty Onyx Sentinels combined into a single formation are capable of overwhelming the reinforced shields of a Covenant Destroyer and boring a hole clean through both sides of the hull, within the year this lone facility could construct enough Sentinels to prove to be a "pound for pound" match in firepower for over a hundred thousand large Covenant capital ships.
EffervescentNova chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
No explanation at all as to what the Mantle is in this story or why all the varying species have taken it upon themselves. Doubly strange for the alien species who were not offered this position in the forerunner religion.

It took the forerunners ten millennia to build their Arks and Halo arrays yet it has taken humanity just 70 years to do the same.

The forerunners possessed millions of star systems, battle fleets of millions of vessels and a population measured in the quintillions and so removing a few thousand low tier species from the galaxy wouldn't have been a problem had they wished it.
EffervescentNova chapter 6 . 3/3/2015
Metastability was known if rare phenomenon among smart AIs of the UNSC, Cortana would not have been the first.
EffervescentNova chapter 5 . 3/3/2015
Data pads are surely an anachronism for a Tier 1 civilization. Forerunners had personal ancilla, AI designed to facilitate the day to day living and personal development. Military ancilla were far more capable and all ancilla could even interpret the thoughts of their hosts, one only needed think of the query and have it answered. There is very little in your story to indicate that humanity is now a Tier 1 species, building large structures and ships is not enough to qualify. High Charity was 400 kilometers across, the Covenant were Tier 2.
EffervescentNova chapter 3 . 3/3/2015
The forerunner Mantle of Responsibility was a religion more than a philosophy, a religion designed to ensure forerunner power. Would humanity adopt the covenant religion just because they are older and more technologically advanced?

The forerunners weren't the only Tier 1 species, the san'shyuum and prehistoric humanity had also achieved this level, though the forerunners were older and far more powerful and numerous than both humanity and the san'shyuum combined.

Another dimension? Why? The precursors were intergalactic it isn't necessary for the ME galaxy to be in a different universe, also not when there are world builder species like the precursors, forerunners and ancient humanity.
EffervescentNova chapter 1 . 3/3/2015
Not convinced with this integrated species narrative, even the Council races weren't integrated in this way and they had the clawing asari to contend with as the de facto rulers of the galaxy, who for their own biological needs push for deeper integration with other species.

The forerunners possessed between 1-3 million star systems after millions of years of development, even if you factor in the ability to more easily terraform these worlds to make colonization easier, 700,000 star systems is a hell of a lot to colonize in 500 years. Most covenant species were confined to a single star system in the Halo games time frame.

It's a small nitpick I know, as it doesn't really matter what year it is for the UEG or SSC since they are in a different galaxy altogether.
Sightbent chapter 6 . 3/2/2015
I wonder what the species of the Mass Effect universe would think if they could see something like the Ark being built. It would probably blow their minds.

Keep up the great story. Despite getting six chapters at once I still can't wait for more. Good luck.
Sightbent chapter 5 . 3/2/2015
They're starting to get a bit of hidden history of the Mass Effect universe. I wonder if they'll be able to realize there's a major disaster out there waiting to purge their new home. Good chapter.
Sightbent chapter 4 . 3/2/2015
Time to do a bit of exploring it seems. Good chapter.
Sightbent chapter 3 . 3/2/2015
Well their journey isn't starting out like they had hoped.
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