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cmenaster chapter 45 . 9/16
I was pretty hard on Chapter 43; I had some complaints about its reveals. But this is a good, solid update with some interesting ideas.

Overall I've really enjoyed this fiction. It took the series I grew up on and greatly expanded on it, making a but more sense out of it and bringing in some really interesting concepts. I particularly like what you did with the Yeerks, and Visser Three.

I would definitely like to see more.
SuperSaiyanTeemo chapter 45 . 9/12
my first animorph fanfiction read and it has been glorious. Visser 3 is very well done and I love reading the parts from his pov. morphing capabilities in this story are scary good and brilliantly explained
luxorar chapter 1 . 9/11
Could you send me your personal views and methods of writing a good reboot fic like you currently are, in my opinion? Because that's the majority of my own story ideas.
Rich Larson chapter 45 . 8/21
Just wanted to say that this is absolutely incredible work. I loved Animorphs as a kid and this has surpassed it.
Quibbloboy chapter 45 . 8/22
I check this fic for a new chapter pretty much every day. This story is, without even a shadow of a doubt, the single best fanfic I have ever read, far and away. And yeah, I'll say it - it's probably one of the best pieces of writing I've ever read, period. The complexity of the characters, their depth, the effortless grasp on voice, is like nothing else in fanfiction. The plot is engrossing to the point of being addictive. Every element from the base series is tweaked and tuned into a cohesive whole, and honestly, it surpasses the original books in basically every way.

I'm not just gushing to gush. I actually mean every one of these praises.

The only downside is waiting for new chapters. In the hiatus since this most recent chapter released, I reread the entire original Animorphs series, plus. In the hiatus before that, I completed an entire semester of school. I desperately don't want to see this story trail off into neglect and die.

Anyway. Even if it never gets finished, five stars or whatever. Do yourself a favor and read it. All that good stuff.
Guest chapter 45 . 7/3
What would happen if Temrash morphed a full Yeerk ? Also, where is Tobias ?
RWannabe chapter 45 . 6/2
Thank you for this chapter. I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ordeal left for the characters to deal with. And I'm just the reader.
QuantumHax0r chapter 45 . 5/29
Glad to see the update!
Clever way to continue the story from the rather grim point where the last chapter had left off
h4rt chapter 45 . 5/21
This is the greatest fanfic ever written or conceived.
Please, keep writing.
Your work is appreciated.
Guest chapter 45 . 5/20
I'm quite glad to see this fic back. Keep it up for the nerds who love it.
Ben chapter 45 . 5/20
Holy shit, short fan fiction or fan fiction that still stays close to canon in some way might be in one category, but I am amazed at what you've done so far and look forward to where you are going! Don't beat yourself up or feel like you have to work for free for strangers, but I *will* enjoy immensely anything you choose to post. Even if (especially if) you think it's "not good enough" or something. Best wishes buddy!
bchinchen chapter 45 . 5/21
Brilliant. I can feel the desperation and hopelessness and yet there's this tiny little crack letting in a small but significant beam of hope. Thanks for the update and brilliant story. I don't know how it could return to triumph from here, or whether it will, but I have faith that whatever you take it the journey will be fascinating. Until next chapter...
HexasMancer chapter 45 . 5/20
that went dark! But at the same time, I was expecting it. Not that I was expectng all of this. Labyrinths within labyrinths. Thanks for coming back. Look forward to more when it comes. Top marks.
DaystarEld chapter 45 . 5/20
Fantastic chapter, as always. The "dream sequence" from the beginning, combined with the Ellimist popping in to say hey earlier in the story, makes me anticipate Crayak's eventual inclusion, as if V3 wasn't badass and awesomely crafted enough of a villain (which he totally is).

What would this version of V3 do if he found out that he's a chess piece on the board of a mad god? He wondered how he might appease gods on either side of the board before, but if Crayak's character is the same in this as it was in canon, their end goals are rather at odds.
Flower248 chapter 45 . 5/20
I'm glad your back! Is sort of figured the last few chapters were there beginning of the end. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
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