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Guest chapter 20 . 1/18
Girl .. I know you've been getting a lot of heat and you're probably sick of hearing it and this is all for the sake of plot and story development. BUT we are literally 20 chapters in and the long awaited meeting between Jack and else was that?! We had two, long, agonizing sex filled chapter of Astrid and Jack, which imo didn't need to go for that long and that detailed, but you give jack and Elsa THAT?! I'm actually pretty insulted. Do whatever you want, it's your story and your pair g. It I clicked this story because for else and Jack and I'm getting none of that in 20 chapter and a million words later. I'm basically skimming at this point because I need a hack and else moment to happen. Like, there is nothing. And I'm about to drop this story. Maybe it would be better is Jack and Elsa had moments here or there or you didn't make Elsa a complete bitch but I really don't think I can continue this story. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just really not feeling it. It is a well written story. But I cannot. This seems like everything else but jack and elsa.
FranQuel chapter 14 . 10/28/2020
I remember how today to start this story, and harshly criticize this chapter a few years ago, because this chapter did not enter my head, but I think I'm a little more mature and less jealous with a fictional character (Jack), and I will continue reading his fanfiction.
Who chapter 49 . 6/8/2020
I have to say THIS...IS...EPIC! Beautiful and smoothly written! (Applause and eyes crying here) The story; catching (if six days glued to the phone reading almost non-stop tells otherwise XD) the characters are excellent (thumbs up); complex and I dare say, true to character. I can see them in my mind while reading like a movie (and isn't that what reading is about?). Lots of love to you! I am grateful for having found this fanfic; is that thing I didn't know I needed until I read it ;) I truly hope this review reach you to let you know that your hard work, commitment and dedication is immensely appreciated! Can't wait to see the rest of this amazing story. I was primarily here for the ships, which greatly convey the definition of SLOW BURN in bold letters, but now I am attached to the story as well, and how this ends. By the way, I'm all in for the Merida and Koz ship ;) didn't know I would ever write that bold statement down, but here I am... Going down with this ship as the song says hehehe (smirk) There is always a first time. Anyway, thank you for sharing and read you in the next Act XD
P.S. Your theme songs are always nailing it. I love them. You being a Marvel fan too..High five! Love its movies. And also I like how you put movie references everywhere in the chapters or make the character put them in action; it is truly funny and sometimes heartwarming (_)
Who chapter 30 . 6/6/2020
I KNEW IT! Sleeping Beauty plays a huge role here with Elsa! I was a little confused with the chapter, but at the end it was like Ufff! Can't wait to read the rest. By the way, the soundtracks and music selection is perfect for this, they are so epic and dark and emotional. (insert Pacha's ok signal) XD I am a soundtrack lover myself so I love when other people make reference to them.
Who chapter 29 . 6/6/2020
WOW! I AM JUST... THIS IS MIND BLOWING! (explosions sounds in the background) Okay, so, first I got to say I am really happy to know that this is story is complete and I get to continue reading till the end, cause this is one big cliffhanger! I started reading this fantastic story like maybe 5 days ago and can't not put it down XD The chapters are long (which I love, but also sometimes is kind of frustrating), very detailed and is very appreciated, and so well written. Bravo! It is clear the monumental effort your put in this and I hope it is well rewarded. From my part, you have my love and praises for this work well done! Not gonna lie, I don't see any possible redemption for the Valkyries from the Ghosts, except maybe saving Eugene and Kristoff from Unity. The Jack and Astrid one-night stand, it is to expect from such a passionate fandom for people to oppose such thing, but I wasn't a bit unsettled by that, I knew since the beginning that the OTP for this (according to the story description) is Jelsa, and you did warn us many times so... Also it was necessary for the plot, I support that. Evidently you have to break some eggs to make an omelet ; ) The adventure of Pitch and Hiccup was like reading World War Z; spooky but exciting! Anna and Kristoff are cute. I like reading a different Pitch is refreshing, such a complex character here. How you had made the structure of this world and its history is so nice and awesome. Distopian. Showing both sides of the war as to speak. I hope everything goes better from here they have suffered so much. Neve's death was SO emotional, I shed years. Also the long wanted sister's reunion! DX I hope Elsa open her eyes soon, but again she was so blinded with revenge :( You have written this so smoothly and sure you are taking your sweet time for our ship to sail. Congratulations! The end of this Act was so high with Jack ending as leader and quitting rule 6 UFFF...
Frosty ginger chapter 28 . 6/5/2020
just kill everyone why don’t you
Frosty ginger chapter 20 . 6/4/2020
Ahhhh I can’t say how much I love this story!
Frosty ginger chapter 15 . 6/3/2020
So sad to see this as much as I love jack and Elsa and was shocked that jack and astrid got together I can’t wait to see the drama that comes later!
Who chapter 4 . 5/31/2020
"Glorious and worthy..." It better be! Hahaha XD the Jelsa description is funny!
sunnylass chapter 50 . 12/5/2019
This is really my kind of story. Thank you!
california poppyseed chapter 28 . 7/27/2019
Tristan688 chapter 14 . 5/30/2019
I just skipped the smut scene so that I wont be bothered by it too much when I read the rest of the story.
Tristan688 chapter 4 . 5/30/2019
why is it that the pose that Jack takes here sounds like the neutral pose a monk in for honor makes.
EternallySky chapter 50 . 4/30/2018
After much prodding by my little sister to read this Jelsa fic (slow, SLOW, burn fic) and that I was never into the ship - I've finally given it a shot. I don't usually read these fics where it's over 100k long and the story isn't concluded because I'm afraid of the author never finishing it and I'm left to die with so much questions left unanswered, and the true ending alluding me. I'm not one for sci-fi or action either, frankly, everything this story has I wouldn't pick it up at first glance and give it a few chapters - if not for my little sister who kept prodding me. I must say, after a few chapters, I am fully invested into this story of where it goes and how the characters end up. It's been awhile since I've read something this insanely long and interesting, so finishing it in 2 weeks while reading it in class, late into the night before work, during car rides, lunch breaks, dinner, leisurely, etc., was really nice and a good distraction from life. I'm not into sci-fi, but I love fantasy and it's easy to see that in this story, and now, I don't mind the sci-fi at all.

So I knew this was gonna be a long review finishing the story. Because the story was already completed at the time of my reading I didn't feel there was a point in leaving a review of my thoughts for every chapter since it wouldn't be as engaging or fulfilling a year later. I know you get a lot of reviews, but I hope my perspective helps you in any way coming from a reader who finished this story all in one go.

I would just like to share my feelings of what I felt and thought over the progression of the story, which is in no means to criticize or change anything you should do with your story (not that you would, because it's your story), this was simply how I felt interpreting your story:

My favorite character is definitely Elsa who has the most misfortune and tragic character story. Everyone's always giving her shit for wanting to be a Valkyrie and hunting her own kind, but it sometimes really infuriates me when she was also a product of her circumstantial situation - they MADE her into the monster she was, so that's how she became to be. It makes her all the more tragic coz she's been alone this entire time searching for her sister and they (Unity, her parents unbeknownst, etc.) set her up for the biggest downfall finding out Anna was a Ghost and will now always work towards a redemption she will never fully get, especially from the Ghosts. Even if by some miracle they forgive her, she would never forgive herself. So, it makes me really mad when they shoot her and the Valkyries to their emotional lowest every chance they get just to feel a tad bit better about themselves. I know it's hard to sympathize for them and think of their feelings and their past without humanizing them for the Ghosts, which is what grief and grudges does to someone, but they're not the only ones in a fucked up situation placed in the world. I wish they were able to see the struggles of what made them into a Valkyrie to understand their side better at least, Frost and Hiccup does it sometimes, but I feel like it wasn't enough.

It pains me to say that, while Elsa is my favorite character, Anna is my least favorite character. I would like to put it in her thick head and Frost the most of what Elsa has been through. Anna knew she was all Elsa had left, and understandable that given she was shut out by Elsa for 3 years, she moved on with her life and became a Ghost. Anna had EVERYTHING Elsa never did. Despite being a Ghost, going on dangerous missions with low survival changes, an abnormal - this girl had everything. She had a second family to take her in, a home that wasn't empty, a true love to start a new family with, a best friend to laugh with, people she could trust, something to look forward to in life. For the last 6 years of her life Elsa has been utterly alone while consumed in vengeance and nothing more than a political war puppet until she finally opened herself to her own teammates. No matter what the Ghosts are hurting, they had each other and more than the Valkyries ever did. It's too bad Jack or Anna (all of the Ghosts to the Valkyries, actually) doesn't see that, not that Elsa would let her feel like it's her fault about it or anything. The way Elsa holds in her composure, anger, grief, sadness, etc., I was really hoping for a scene where she finally lets it all out like the movie and leaves into her own ice castle so she wouldn't hurt anyone, or be alone because that's all she ever knew. This stark difference between the paths the sisters took made my heart bleed for Elsa. Aside from that I.. just don't like the way she talks? Especially the way she talked to Rapunzel during the tail and on the Star to Jack about Elsa during their reunion. Sometimes, I feel Anna plays herself off as a victim too much. I'm not sure if because it seems too OOC for her or how unlike the Anna in the Frozen movie, she didn't try as hard to reach Elsa. Elsa only ignored her for 3 years in the story, but in the movie Elsa ignored her since they were children. I also wondered if you were gonna explain the origin of Anna's white streak being because of Elsa or just because it is.

Sorry for that long rant, it's not in anyway to tell you to change anything, but just me wanting to express my honest feelings.

So, that's out of the way, onto the rest of this review. The universe building is fantastic and the story is very intricate I cannot wait to see more. It's ironic that all the characters are fairy tales or made up, yet it all still takes place in United States and such, with the history still being there, though decades later. I think you nailed the personalities down for all the Valkyries, Hiro, and Hiccup so well! I cannot wait to see more of Hiccup and Astrid, a fave ship of mine. Their burn is almost as slow as Jelsa, but I feel it.

A lengthy review to match a fraction of what you write in a chapter...

I look forward to reading the rest of the story (I'm already 2 chs in the sequel, actually...)!

Thank you for putting your thoughts and writing on this site for me to read.
Fenris Jin chapter 50 . 1/4/2018
Mulan in the house! Oh and let's not forget the guardians. XD

Also, in the interest of paranoia, really Hans? Letting your little brain decide over important things is not the way to go. I'm disappointed with your master villain capabilities. One must always be wary of smart, sexy and suggestive women. I was wary for him even before the mention of a spy from Alliance. Even if Jafar could also be the spy, one does not discuss evil plans during orgasm. Too bad 007 was a thing of the past. XD

I wonder if Henrik is laughing at his little brother now. Mocking him about Alliance spies and all. XD
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