Reviews for The Black Prince
ABZB13 chapter 22 . 5/8
I like this quite a lot.
era-romance chapter 1 . 5/3
I kinda hate ur story...not because it's poorly written but because Harry just isn't, I don't no, enough I suppose?
SpiderRealm chapter 5 . 5/3
Loved the chapter!
I was expecting the ghosts to be more like the ones at Hogwarts, not these angry and sad things. Still love them! :D

And I love the beating Harry gave Joffrey!
SpiderRealm chapter 4 . 5/2
Loved the chapter!
This! This is the reason I hate Robert so much! The way Elia and her children, along with Lyanna's children were murdered just sicken me!

I hope Harry will be able to bring Elia and her children peace! If he won't give fire and blood for Maegar, maybe he will for them.
SpiderRealm chapter 3 . 5/2
Loved the chapter!
I figured Harry was going to be straight in this story. Most stories have him as straight or paint a female OC with his name and physical appearance. I believe I'm mature enough to bear with it, the way things are going and how the story is so well-written is too good to give up just because of some pairing!

And while it pains me that Harry craves Cersei's love, it's perfectly understandable considering the dreams he's having.

I never mentioned this in the last review, but I love that he can see and interact with the ghosts he sees! I hope there are some more scenes with this! :D

And I hope Harry will be able to make his wand wherever he goes, I want him to be able to do magic so badly! :D
SpiderRealm chapter 2 . 5/2
Loved the chapter!
I have a bad feeling about Aeryn, either she has a crush on Harry (I get the feeling she was the girl he smiled at in the first chapter) or she's one of Varys little birds. The flock of birds at the end of the scene certainly makes the latter more possible, and the first is almost possible, too.

I hope Harry's punishment for leaving again isn't too severe! I hope he won't be made to flog someone else! D:
SpiderRealm chapter 1 . 5/2
Very interesting!
I think I tried reading this story in the past, but couldn't get past either this chapter or the next because I haven't read the books or watched the show and didn't know who was who or what was happening. I think I'm ready now! :D

I love how you're mixing magic into this and I'm already hating Robert as much as I hated him in the books.

I honestly don't care what the pairing for this story is (but I would love if Harry was paired with a man when he's old enough), I'm just here for the plot. If he's paired off with a woman, I'm going to just have to grit my teeth and bear with it. xD
Brytte Mystere chapter 22 . 4/21
Oh gods, this whole story is beyond amazing.
Be sure, if you ever update it, I'll be here to read it.
Regardless, though, it has been a throughly interesting read, and I've loved every second of it.
To be honest, I had never expected to find such a high quality crossover, but then, you cone well recommended.

I had never cared for Cersei or the other Lannisters, but damn you certainly made me do so.
I wonder, though, how far from canon are we still? Has Jon Arryn figured out Cersei and Jaime's secrets? Or was Harry's birth enough to quell the suspicions? After all, you've made clear he *is* Robert's son, if only biologically.
Are Dany and Viserys still a thing? With Pentos in ruins...

Again, love, love, looooved this fic. Thank you for sharing.
Brytte Mystere chapter 8 . 4/20
CawaSnow chapter 1 . 4/12
You have not uploaded a new chapter since November. I hope everything is alright. :3
LunaDragAngel chapter 22 . 4/5
Very appreciative of the added drama of Harry being the true heir, while also being thought the second son. He is still in a position to inherit while being able to see & portray the maliciousness of Jeffrey & the cold practicality of Tywin. Enjoyed the innocence he enjoyed with the Nameless, & how he mourns the boy he was but endeavors to grow & survive as a man.
jongur chapter 22 . 4/2
daamn. i hate reaching the end of something so great! suuuper story. keep up the good work :)
user51s2r chapter 22 . 3/29
This story is full of awesome. This last chapter is still percolating in my mind, but I think I understand the direction the story is going. Overall a very good story with interesting characters.

Well worth reading!
user51s2r chapter 10 . 3/29
The chapters before this one, were great. They built up to this point and then chapter 10 slammed it down. Very impressive.
user51s2r chapter 1 . 3/28
a very interesting 1st chapter. Sucked me right into the story! very good!
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