Reviews for The Black Prince
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 22 . 1/23/2019
That was amazing keep it up
nikprosta chapter 21 . 1/23/2019
Darth Lelouch chapter 22 . 1/23/2019
Great chapter but I'm already read this chapter ? Did you reupdate it or did I read the whole chapter in darklordpotter forum ? Anyways thank you and good luck.
Raging Berseker chapter 22 . 1/23/2019
Welcome back, nice interlude but I dear margaery bit off my than she could with aeryn. I for see a Margaery being put in her place since Harry would never send her away. Also I think that Margaery fear would kill this marriage before it ever truly began due to the hostility she spat at aeryn and warlock that will keep coming to assail Harry.
Excuses chapter 23 . 1/9/2019
Haha You Suck chapter 23 . 1/7/2019
Haha Edenworld or whatever.. do it like PR. If you had announced that crap with a new and final chapter of this story some people might of been interested but... lol ... no thanks. It's been too long and no one cares.
Angry Zamboni chapter 23 . 1/2/2019
rip this story, it was good
Pyromania101 chapter 23 . 12/30/2018
I'm rather annoyed that this story will go unfinished. Did you at least have the overall plot planned out? If so, could you share that?
larryevak chapter 1 . 12/27/2018
Harry is so ooc that he's Harry in name and nothing else. False advertisement.
SciFiFan96 chapter 23 . 12/20/2018
I understand the feeling of wanting to create something that is comepletely your own. It was a great story, and I'm sad it won't get an ending, but I will definitely check out your story on fictionpress! Best of luck friend, I hope you find happimess in this season of your life.
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 23 . 12/20/2018
Hope you come back to this one day. I will look into fiction press. Thanks for writing this it was very enjoyable
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 22 . 12/20/2018
Don't see those 2 ever getting along
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 21 . 12/19/2018
Didn't see that coming
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 20 . 12/19/2018
Margery is a good match for harry
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 19 . 12/19/2018
Things are ramping up
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