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The DarkCat chapter 1 . 4/12
I adored the last chapter of this, and I'm happy that Megumi and Natsuni held ties with Kaori and Haru, ca'n't believe they got married though, but I guess that's really sweet. Oh and I really loved the part with the attic and when Megumi asked Tomomi to draw something and bring it back there, had been a routine with others I believe, it's heartbreaking and I guess beautiful that the house had been burnt down in the end. Anyway this fanfic as a whole. sure was a long read, one that I will treasure. Thank you!
The DarkCat chapter 98 . 4/11
This was, I don't even know... Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time, with Haru having to forget about Natsuno and Megumi, I hope that's for the best. Also I adored the chapters where there was the discussion between him and Hitomi. All thosenphilosophies about the world being better off with good or evil were really interesting.
I loved the ending in Sotoba also, along withMegumi's thoughts here and the fact, that she actually recalled a few good experiances in that village, the conversation between her and Natsuno in this chapter also.
All in all, this was a really fun, memorable read, still gotta finish up the side-stories though. But I feel like I'll already miss this creation, especially since it had created a new routine for me these past few weeks...
Thank you!
The DarkCat chapter 78 . 3/27
Oh, these chapters were nice, I loved the backstories to Haru and Toma, still can't believe he died though. I think it makes sense, why Haru turned to suicide that time. Things are starting to unravel. Anyway, loved these chspters, off to read more.
The DarkCat chapter 65 . 3/6
Oh, the argument between Kaori and Megumi here was nicely done and suspensful, I loved how their opinions and beliefs differed. I'm really curious, why Natsuno even told Kaori where Megumi lived, without the latter's knowledge. Megumi's suspicions about it are raising my own... Hmmm...Also the part of Ken helping out in a flower shop in this chapter is actually really nice, and I'm curious, what's inside Toma's envelope.. Anyway loved these chapters, gonna go read more...
The DarkCat chapter 58 . 2/28
Oh my, what a chapter... It was really suspensful and the part when Megumi's coworkers were ignorant to the monster was heartbreaking and creepy, I'm really happy that Kaori finally met Megumi though... Murakami was an odd character from the start, also the part, when Megumi found Ishikawa's, Amber's and that other guy's, which I can't remember the name of, faces portrayed, as suitable models was... Ugh... Unsettling along with Murakami's repetetive answers. I loved it! Also, I'm happy, that Akira started digging around about Saito's death, am curious where this will lead him to, especially, since he met Toma, talking about Toma, he spouts some philosophical stuff, I have so many questions, regarding him, though, I guess I'll have to read on. Anyway, this was a really nice chapter and I'm off to read more!
The DarkCat chapter 49 . 2/16
That was an amazing chapter. Finally an end to Fawn, he was an interestingly insane character though, with how he wished for a happy ending to his dead family and all. I'm really curious to what will happen next to Megumi and Natsuno, so I'll just keep on reading.
The DarkCat chapter 30 . 12/30/2020
Ok, back with another review. So first and foremost Amber's father is a psycho and he rather frightened me, along with that chapter as a whole. I'm wondering, what will Haru do now with such a blackmail placed on top of his head, also I'm curious, what was the second corpse, that had been rolled in? Asaka, well I'll need to read on to figure out. Poor Haru though.

Secondly, the plot with a poisoned Ken was interesting,especially when he was persuing in the school before the fashion show.. I'm really happy, that Megumi saved Kaori from Yuki though, Megumi's thoughts in the 30th chapter were really interesting, with the notion, that despite having, what she wanted, she still lacked to be happy.

Anway, will keep on reading...
The DarkCat chapter 22 . 10/30/2020
Well, time to put another review! The ending with the Bethelem hospital was insane, in a good way and I loved it, especially how that chapter left mysteries and broke the fable, that the syndicates created. It was marvelous and interesting. I'm really starting to love Haru, but, yaiks, his home life is horrible...The gruesome descriptions are epic! It's unrelated but the backstory with Amber Fawn?, I don't know, if I got her surname correct, anyway it was uncomfortable to read, uhh, thank you for that.

I'm curious where will the plot head and how will things go for Megumi and Natsuno, the fashion competition, Akira and Kaori, I'm even concerned about Yuki, even if she was a B... But you broke her ego really nicely, and gave a cool reasoning for her hatred towards Kaori, due to Yuki's father's pictures and stories. Anyway, will keep on reading, thank you!
The DarkCat chapter 11 . 10/9/2020
I just want to leave a little comment of appreciation for this mastterpiece, even if I read only 1/10. as of yet. So I love how this shapes up to be, like Megumi's relation to Haru, Yuuki's condition and Tanakas struggles, especially Kaori's poor girl, I'm curious about the soda can thing. Hmmm... I loved, that the Shiki characters are well preserved here and the OC's are really interesting to read about, I loved Nishi's clinginess and Daiki, Haru seems like a really interesting and . rather melanchiolic character. I will keep on reading. Anyway, thank you for such a complex gigantic fic in the Shiki fandom!
Guest chapter 101 . 7/3/2020
it took me three days to finish reading this story.
ClearlyOriginal chapter 1 . 10/30/2019
This is probably the only well written Shiki fanfic I found.
As in, not written by 12 year old.
EastRyd chapter 100 . 7/16/2019
Amazing. Really good job. Finding something like this in pile of garbage truly hard but it was worh it.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/28/2018
I love this story
Langas chapter 101 . 5/16/2017
Great story, but it should be more moments of Megumi and Natsuno. Nice work
MidGerm chapter 1 . 4/2/2017
could it be? someone else saw the evidence as well as me?

if you believe the stake in the heart is not enough to kill a shiki, then you may like these that help back up your claim. you believe megumi could have survived? you are not alone my friend



go forth and spread the word. perhaps if enough of us start talking about it. the shows producers will make another shiki
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