Reviews for Russian Roulette: Reloaded
UnknownMagik chapter 25 . 11/19
Okay, so I totally get why you wrote Sanya as 'sovially inept' but it come across as autistic to me. This isn't a complaint, I like that part of her personality, but I wanted to let you know. I am also autistic, though on the higher functioning end of the spectrum, which means I personally relate a lot to her confusion. While I can understand a lot of what her family finds so funny at any one time, there's a lot more that just goes right over my head. Like that scene on the beach with Tatianna and Fong in chapter 25. I knew that something sexual in nature was somehow suggested, but not what or why. And her whole reaction to finding out the subtext of that conversation was kind of my reaction when reading it. Also the story is amazing and I love it. I don't know how you it without being on the spectrum, but you made a very realistic, relatable (and awesome) autistic character. So thank you, it is kind of amazing to have positive representation that isn't about us being some sort of geniuses or savants. Even if it is more implied, whether intentionally or not, I'm glad you wrote this.

So, from the bottom of my heart,

thank you
whyamiotaku565 chapter 25 . 11/3
Really been trying to ignore the Reborn and Sonya romance in the story. The author acknowledges that the age gap and the fact he's known her since she was 12 is creepy, but at the same time doesn't give a damn about it and writes the romance down anyway.

It's extremely jarring and makes me feel icky. Could the author not have made them closer in age? 'Sonya should not have grown up to be that hot.' is absolutely disgusting. I'm doing my best to ignore this subtext but the author keeps bringing the age gap up again, while I'm trying to pretend that the ages are ambiguous.

I will refrain from further comment though, since I'm not sure if they actually end up together. It could just be the fantasy of older men the author likes to flirt with, rather than the encouragement of unsavoury content that makes me want to throw up.
Sxshxaa chapter 71 . 10/7
does sonya not wonder why or how she remembers her previous life?
Guest chapter 92 . 9/12
Cherep's view of the world appears quite narrow sometimes. It doesn't help that he even comes across as pretty opinionated and hypocritical himself. He doesn't like and makes a point to forget the names of Sonya's more criminally-inclined friends but makes friends with Viper easily. He's a pacifist and doesn't want to hurt people, which same, but I don't know how he's so assured he'll never raise a hand against someone in the unlikely case his sisters- but mostly Sonya- get seriously hurt for example. He doesn't like Tyr because assassin, doesn't like the other Vongola Skies because neither does Sonya, but according to Luce's visions he'll like her even though she's a mafia boss herself too. He's pretty consistent with his dislikes, I'll admit; usually it's the killers he can't stand, hitmen, assassins, the like, but why killing people is wrong but mentally torturing them with Mist flames would be okay, I can't comprehend.

I still really like the purple dork's relationship with both Viper and his family though. It just feels a bit aggravating sometimes.
AWantOfEternalLife chapter 2 . 8/19
Also, this was me being nose-y, but I was reading some other comments saying they didn’t care for some archs, or felt some were droning on. Your writing style is so detailed though, that there’s really no unnecessary event. It’s fun to come back and pinpoint plot points I didn’t notice which makes the slower parts worth it
AWantOfEternalLife chapter 1 . 8/19
This is my third time reading this all the way through. I always restart part 2, but then want to refresh my memory so I go to like chapter 80 of part 1 but then remember all the other story points I love and end up at chapter 1. Not complaining at all. Just wanted you to know how much I love your story
Kragh chapter 111 . 5/20
This was really fun to read! I'm really glad I asked if I needed to know the anime/manga and got a no. I can confirm you were right. I'm going to go read the sequel even if I probably should prepare for my exams.
(No it did not take me 4 days to read this, I have no idea what you're talking about)
Kragh chapter 1 . 5/17
I finally got around to starting this fanfic. So far, I definitely like it.
Eragon135790 chapter 6 . 4/25
mc met reborn. wohoo. love the ff.
Auraphine chapter 89 . 4/16
I'm so glad that this arc is over, I honestly hated every moment of it.
In descending order, these are the things I hated most:
- Fong
- Ren Cai(?)
- Fong's sister
- The plot itself: This entire section seemed pointless, Sonya needs to stop letting other people decide what she should do.
Auraphine chapter 85 . 4/16
Fong and his family can fuck off.
Auraphine chapter 43 . 4/13
This whole leader of russian flame arc is getting boring, when will she learn to just say no to some things.
Auraphine chapter 8 . 4/10
Just to clarify, what does she consider her territory? Because my theory was that she considers herself her own territory, what with her dislike of being touched and her unwillingness to connect with people outside of her immediate circle.
EmiliaKyuchi chapter 110 . 4/9
Thank you for sharing this story! I look forward to reading the next part!
IheLam chapter 5 . 3/6
for the french. it would rather be "pourquoi es-tu surpris ?because cherep is a boy, you would use "surprise" for a girl.
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