Reviews for Russian Roulette: Reloaded
dianille chapter 110 . 11/30
Interesting perspective from Kawahira. Pls don't separate Cherep and Sonya ah
dianille chapter 109 . 11/30
oh wow, I appreciate your forenote. This story is very well thought 3
dianille chapter 108 . 11/29
Man this is depressing. Hopefully we'll find that damn mist already! What the? Kneeling? Even for less than a second, this is Renato we are talking about...
dianille chapter 107 . 11/29
probably the same mist that Viper is searching
dianille chapter 106 . 11/29
Strange rumor mill strikes again haha. That's right, his last hit is hilarious xD I don't like this but I can't particularly blame Luce either, when someone has more knowledge, they need to endure more responsibility too
dianille chapter 105 . 11/29
Renato your concern is appreciated, truly. Ah still I want them to get married...someday. Maybe just the party and not with all of those documents. Verde and his awkwardness xD Dammit Skull, I thought Diana was a woman and your ship with Viper start to sink
dianille chapter 104 . 11/29
Well, he'll never left his classy style haha. Oh my god haha, I'm so embarrassed for them xD Oh I assume that the group of mists that Viper os searching is the same that attacked Igor?
dianille chapter 103 . 11/29
Ahhh I love them _
dianille chapter 102 . 11/29
Yo, she's teaching them like a bunch of brats xD And aw cmon, she's not that purposely cruel. Sixteen? She really is a jailbait xD Finally, Viper and his miserly way
dianille chapter 101 . 11/29
Haha, he got competition xD and I surely going to miss him. And that stupid nobody called her a hooker! He deserves to be impaled with a pike. As always, Sonya is a badass
dianille chapter 100 . 11/29
Man, that religious thing is complicated
dianille chapter 99 . 11/29
This is a sweet chapter
dianille chapter 98 . 11/29
Wife and kid? That was damn right!
dianille chapter 97 . 11/29
Haha, at least a date before he try to off himself xD Hm, at this point everyone will know each other personally when the arcobaleno gathering happen
dianille chapter 96 . 11/29
She stole so much that she doesn't even bothered to count her assets xD. I think Tatiana is my top 3 favorite character here. Oh my god! A kiss! on the cheeks, but still! Love the way she handle those that are incompetent
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