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quarttzblade12 chapter 74 . 11/6
Was Jesus a cloud cuz most of the shit he did could be explained that way
remember that other guy who can't die cuz of cloud flames
Nameless Angel 00 chapter 78 . 10/22
Strangely I've come to ship Galina and Scruffy, I'm not sure how I feel about that.
VVGirl chapter 1 . 10/15
Is this a Anastasia reference?!
noddwyd chapter 6 . 9/18
Euros didnt exist til 1999? Is this another change to history?
Andorxor chapter 94 . 8/23
Does she try do evade the problem,by pushing it past babyday?
Andorxor chapter 71 . 8/20
Does the lead means that someone has a rival jewel matching program with a legal front?
Dragon Lord Draco chapter 18 . 8/17
In CLXXIX I saw another case of strange characters "where I do not believe they are meant to be.
Hastening loading time with Cloud Flames was edging into that borderland of unknown that Sonya had rather wished to avoid until she got solid answers on if Omertï¿ covered Dying Will Flame use. If so, they were already ghosting the edge of allowed uses even if Liam had turned out to be 'in the know' already."
I believe the normal spelling was omertá but in this instance there is no a, and there is a wonky i followed by the upside down question mark and 1/2 symbols again. Yet another good chapter
Dragon Lord Draco chapter 17 . 8/17
In CLXIX there is an error.
"Léonard is a good friend of mine, I have not known him to make mistakes in all the years he has worked for me. He knows the height of the ramps you use, as well as the height of the stand's lower railing." The circus master informed them both easily enough, naming the announcer Sonya knew he substituted for when the man became sick or his voice became hoarse. "He was sure you were dead, or at least grievously injuredï¿ and yet, here you are. Marked, but not broken. Unlike your charming motorcycle, which I am informed is very badly mangled."
In case it doesnt show properly in the review format after the word injured there is a wonky i, an upside down question mark and a 1/2 symbol that is only one character. Otherwise good work and I'm enjoying the story so far, I love the long chapters
Andorxor chapter 25 . 8/16
That clearly a test to check if she should be babies
Guest chapter 35 . 8/4
Uuh, I feel complicated about this. The twin guardian thing is really interesting, but I like Tyr. I wouldn't have minded if she harmonized with him at some point in the distant future. Cherep not liking him is one thing, but I feel that Sonya would put aside her own likes and dislikes if the boy does find a Sky he likes. (She even followed him to the circus, which she didn't really like; she'd most likely not refuse to bond with a Sky because of him, probably out of her own curiosity too though.
...It's in fact one of her more interesting personality traits: the disparity between the allowances towards some people she considers close (allows things even a normal person, never mind a Cloud, would consider annoying) and her complete rejection to anyone else...
I still feel complicated about this.)

Anyways, thank you for this story.
Poruchik chapter 31 . 7/17
Vodka is always 40%. Almost 100% is spirt.
Poruchik chapter 31 . 7/17
September is NOT a strawberry season. It's may-june. (in Lithuania)
Aqualisa1995 chapter 1 . 7/3
I'm rereading this series since I fell out of touch with it. I just wanted to tell you that it's great writing and I love your attention to detailand even your edits to make it all more accurate. Good work.
all forms of fluff chapter 111 . 6/19
First time through.

Wow. Not the longest story I've ever read. If you count entire series as a single story that is. First off I guess I should say that I have enjoyed this story so far. It's been fun to read and interesting on a purely world building level. The only complaint, if it can be called that, is that the quirks of the Flame characteristics, as far as how an Inverted or Classical polarizations, are only really hammered home with the charters you write. (Case in point, Verd and Galina are both inverted lightings, unless I got Verd wrong that is. Ganauche is a Classical, but that is meaningless to the reader as that dynamic hasn't been explored like Renato's Inverted and Tatiana's Classical Sun flams. This might have to do with the fact that it's easy to see inverted in this case tends to mean self focused and classical for a sun is to shine outwardly. The same thing goes with Clouds with Sonya and Skull. But the other flames? One type of lighting is supposed to be tunnel visioned and the other scatter brained, or something to that effect and the only thing I can recall about Storms by this point in the story is they are obsessive, both sides of the coin...)

I don't want this review to sound negative, as this section is over and done with so anything I bring up cant really be addressed except to be told to go back and read sections of the story again for my answers. And that would be a valid thing to tell someone with questions even after reading through the story. However with a story this long some of the information needed to be gone over several times to make sure the reader keeps up. I'm not saying info dump everything each chapter. But maybe as an authors note, or what is likely the case for this story, Put up a story called Sonya's Research that has all the Flame based information. It would be a hell of a thing to write and most people wouldn't read it so it's kind of pointless to ask for it, but it would be great to have something to reference back to when reading. I already have to do that with the characters from the show and Google so I know what they look like. But reviews are also to help authors generate Ideas to improve their writing and putting all the know facts about the hard lore of the story into a reference guide would keep people from telling you that you did 'such and such' wrong. Of course you would probably have to write her Mayfia history book as well to keep the history nerds from complaining as well. But that's a hell of a lot of work to only point out and say 'no you're wrong see chapter BLANK of my history book'.

I guess since this is a rambling mess I should throw out a few ideas that have been skipping about in my head while I read this story. The flames of a fire in our world is just energy that our eyes pick up as color. By that logic all Flames in your story are just visual energy that certain people can generate/use/mold or how ever you want to classify it. By that logic...shouldn't you be able to do the same things with any flames? Not the special properties like Activation or Construction. But shouldn't it be possible to shape an axe out of Storm Flames? Or to put out a thin blanket of Storm like a Mist that only effected a single object or person? Shouldn't all Flame be able to be manipulated into near invisibility like a Mist flame? I mean eventually we get Box weapons and things but shouldn't that be based on something already in existence or a skill that has been observed?

Idea number two had been cycling since I heard about Bjorn being a Lighting Story and that is Hardened Storm flames as armor for the guy. Kind of like Juggernaut from x-men and the crimson bands of cyttorak. You could probably do something small like crimson gauntlet of hardened storm flames to grab a gun barrel and reduce it to ash. Or maybe red desentegration arch of lighting to punch though barrier intended to stop him from doing his Dama's will. I can just see Bjorn being such a bad ass in a 'I don't care what you try it won't stop me' sort of way.

I guess that's it. Sorry for the ramble. But thank you for the story. I am off to read the continuation now.
nessiesmith2012 chapter 49 . 6/11
Ok i feel a little better of verde using and taking advantage of sonya and sonya letting him.
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