Reviews for The Maid and the Messes
Rae chapter 5 . 2/17/2017
update please
Guest chapter 5 . 9/19/2016
So no more? Sorry about sister.
cruise1213 chapter 5 . 9/4/2016
Will pray for you and your family. To the guest who is so stupid about someone having cancer. May you never have anyone in your family experience that. If so please do not show them compassion. Maybe, if it was you they would just let you die stupid idiot and moron.
Guest chapter 5 . 12/2/2015
The story is still a load of fucking crap. Don't bother finishing it. No one gives a fuck anyway. You stupid fanbrat shit head.
writersingergirl chapter 5 . 8/18/2015
I am praying for you. My mom has breast cancer since 2008 so I know what it feels like to be stressed out. She survived it until this passed November she got diagnosed again with a different kind of cancer in three places of her body. She didn't have it as bad as the first time. I was 8 years old when she had it the first time. She is still fighting it and I know your sister will fight really hard to. Always keep "HOPE and FAITH. I will be praying for her and your family.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
All the best luck to your sister, and of course you need to take care of family first. Your story, and your readers, will wait.
Guest chapter 3 . 8/9/2015
Ah, you Brits with your mobiles and mums and the like. Such a silly way to speak. ;)

Seriously, though, this is a fun read so far. Alexis' reaction to Kate this chapter was particularly touching, and very easy to picture. I also like how you incorporated the conversation about Castle analyzing Kate's loss - it fit very nicely.

Two small things: First, there's no way she would ever be given 3 months off after a promotion like that. A couple/few weeks MAYBE, but not months. The only time I could see something like that would be between academy graduation and first assignment. Second, you had her switch from Rick to Castle right away in chapter 1, but I think that she would more likely have called him Mr. Castle, not just his last name. She does that as a cop, and since she's just met him, is working for him, and would want to be professional, calling him only by his last name is presumptuous.

Please don't get me wrong, these are minor 'issues', but I wanted to point them out.

Sharon Rossman chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
Best of luck to your sister. My prayers are with her and your family. I was diagnosed at the end of May and have had two operations. I'm doing well and beating it. I believe that God will help her as he has helped me. Again good luck and keep believing.
Caskett95 chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
I will stick with you and have fun on your trip.
coyotepup4 chapter 5 . 8/10/2015
I'm sorry to hear about you sister. I hope she recovers fully and has a long and happy life.

And I really enjoyed your story.

Best wishes :-)
hijackedbycastle chapter 5 . 8/10/2015
Family is so much more important than updating a fic! No stress and all the best!
enesbit70 chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
I hope all goes well for your be prayer for her and your famiy..enjoy your vacation
castkate chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
Hope your sister gets well soon
TORONTOSUN chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
Im very glad your sister is doing very well. Your sister should always come first.
keisha19aa chapter 5 . 8/9/2015
Don't worry take your time and I hope your sister continues to get better:)
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