Reviews for Path Already Traveled
Black Fungus chapter 17 . 8/7
That was good but it would have been cool to see what has changed between the 3 of them. Going to bed Thanks. oh look I get four hours of sleep I will read some more of your stuff tomarrow!
Black Fungus chapter 15 . 8/7
What! Wait! what the hell. ugh, I fall off the cliff...
Black Fungus chapter 14 . 8/7
Oh, damn you! I have like to get up in 5 hours! Can not stop reading! thanks. The story is great!
Black Fungus chapter 12 . 8/6
This is way late but Sometimes I do not leave reviews on all chapters because I just want to get to the next one because I just cant wait to see what is going to happen. That and I have about a 3ed or 4th-grade spelling. :) Or, I want to write a long one and have to go and look up words and write it on paper and come back later. That is just me so maybe other people do that too?
Black Fungus chapter 11 . 8/6
I have something in my eye...
Black Fungus chapter 8 . 8/6
like did not have lots to worry about. You went and made Sam crazy.
Black Fungus chapter 6 . 8/6
Oh Shit, Cass blasted and I think Sam messed up his wall. Man, you just so mean!
Black Fungus chapter 4 . 8/6
Oh, crap. I hate me some uriel!
Black Fungus chapter 3 . 8/6
Man, this is making me tense. Sam is going to get all big-headed anyway because he is from the future.
Black Fungus chapter 2 . 8/6
Sam need to cool it! Be young Sam not know it all Sam. ugh. It would be hard.
Black Fungus chapter 1 . 8/6
wow, you think they would have dinner or talk about stuff Sam would not do. Well, that s because I am a little fuzzy on all the crap he did or did not do. He knows what he is doing. I hope. I hope Cass comes out of this ok. You sucked me in. I can get ready for inspection later.
aapenname chapter 17 . 10/20/2017
This was really good. I normally don't like time travel stories, but I'm a sucker for Castiel going back in time to work with any of the Winchesters. And Sam and Cas don't get enough plot lines together (because Misha and Jared can't stop being silly together long enough to film scenes), so this was really great. Thanks for sharing!
aapenname chapter 12 . 10/20/2017
Ohmigawd. Dean jealous of Cas and Sam's relationship is the most precious thing I've ever seen. "My brother! Mine!"
alaskanbirdfriend chapter 12 . 9/19/2017
no you must fix their friendship
alaskanbirdfriend chapter 6 . 9/19/2017
fuckin hell shitey mcfuckhands no

he blasted away the good 'un

yer not supposed ta do that ya know
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