Reviews for More Than A Memory
Guest chapter 27 . 10/19
Great story. The flashbacks provided a nice memory to correlate with the present. You also did an excellent job with the time in updating and completing a wonderful au!
CSColifer Fan chapter 27 . 2/23
This story was beautifully written. The use of flashbacks was brilliant and the storyline itself was handled with great sensitivity. I loved every part of it. Thanks for writing it.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/29/2017
I'm rereading this today and just wanted to drop by and say how much I absolutely adore this fic! I know exactly what happens but it is just as good as reading it the first time :)
amsrule chapter 27 . 7/19/2017
So heartbreaking and amazing! loved it!
Emilee Amethyst chapter 27 . 6/7/2017
This story was amazing! I loved it so much and enjoyed every chapter. Very well written and I had a hard time putting it down. Stories with lost memories are one of my favorite things to read and you knocked this out of the park. Thank you for writing it!
Guest chapter 17 . 5/16/2017
I'm reading this May 16, 2017! after the season finale...and for me! The series finale. Not coming back! I love Colin more than words can say, and I want to see him...but can't watch him without Emma/Jennifer So...I've been despondent (since Jen released she wasn't coming ep? Big deal..ah...NO!) the day after the CS wedding! Big high then crushing low. The finale was lovely (to me) but everybody's (i.e. Fandom) so happy they all got their HEA while conveniently forgetting nobody has a HEA if there's a new curse, they're in a new town, forgotten memories etc...that's not my idea of a HEA! That's pure hell!
So...back to your lovely story of a HEA! I'm so glad I chanced upon this story, now at this low point for me, because this story has the hope, love, the HEA we all wanted for CS but with a future that IS HEA! Thank you! I know you wrote this awhile back but I only found it now and it's quite lovely. You're a very good storyteller/writer! Keep writing! You're good! You'll only get better and better
Tony7323 chapter 27 . 5/4/2017
Nice story I enjoyed it well done...
fallingforthecaptain chapter 27 . 6/27/2016
I really enjoyed this story so well written and I loved the flashbacks too! Perfection
fallingforthecaptain chapter 23 . 6/26/2016
Oh such a cute chapter I love that he remembers but him and Liam are so so cute together!
zielona-karuzela chapter 27 . 4/6/2016
amazing, beautiful story. thank you
Ness fan 01 chapter 27 . 2/3/2016
This may be my new favorite fanfic. It is so well written - kept me wanting more so much that reading this entire story is all I did with my free time for two days. Sometimes I rush through these stories - too much detail/repetition. With this one I wanted to read every word. Thank you for sharing your immense talent.
Guest chapter 27 . 1/4/2016
I liked the flashbacks to get us to the point of the birth.
What a beautiful family. I hope we at least see a CS wedding on the show, if not domestic bliss :)
Thank you for the lovely story. Helping me get through the hiatus.
Guest chapter 26 . 1/3/2016
So very very sweet. Loved the second proposal. Love that she knew something was up, but was still surprised. Beautiful and lovely and perfect for them-especially after all they have been through. Loved this chapter.
Guest chapter 25 . 1/2/2016
Loved this chapter and the breakfast. Love their "this kind of wonderful" life. Really like how David and Mary Margaret are an extension of their family. Sweet interactions. Great gift idea for Liam. Lovely family reconnecting time.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/2/2016
I'm so glad they finally know for sure now. And I love that in both instances, Killian had a great reaction to Emma being pregnant. No woman should have to face such a monumental time in her life alone and/or without support. I wish all women would be met with the same enthusiasm and excitement that Killian showed Emma when they found out they were pregnant. Thank you for writing such a positive interaction of a couple finding out about their pregnancy. Even though it is fanfiction, it gave me hope for a real life situation like this. Thank you.
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