Reviews for One Tin Soldier
darkimortal chapter 5 . 10/27
I just noticed but you said Ichigo had an IPad on the plane ride to Britain but here Harry only gets a game boy and CD-player what's the time line here exactly?

Also enjoying the story so far thank you!
Pinkypi chapter 22 . 10/6
Hermoine didn't really lose her attitude until after she had to set up the DA and even then she still held some of it. It wasnt until the 7th book it mostly dropped after snape killed dumbledore when she didn't know it was arranged.
Pinkypi chapter 10 . 10/6
It was a good idea, but the brackets do denote an actual pairing of the romantic sort to even sexual sort. It's not used for other types of relationships.
Cali Michaelis chapter 2 . 9/5
Hey guys, I took to re-reading this and noticed found a description error, the Getsuga Tensho for Ichigo's Shikai is a White-blue mix, Ban-kai is the Black-red mix that you used instead.
magicanimegurl chapter 32 . 7/12
I love that Greyback was thrown in before the doors closed. It made me laugh a bit. The truth of the Dementors and Veil is interesting. Soul Society is definitely not pleased to find that out. Harry and Muramasa are perfect. They balance and help each other. Glad Harry is away and happy. There is just so much to love about this. Love it. Write on!

P.S Love the re-readability!
Riddle-Snape chapter 33 . 6/18
as Harry Potter and Bleach fan i can't believe I didn't find this gem of fic earlier... this was really great fic and I loved every second... which wasn't much bcx I binge read it in few hours of nonstop crazyness... but is is epic and it goes stright to my favs... thank you great author
Tokyo Ghoul For life chapter 33 . 5/14
i hope that you do write a sequel love the book
brianwood978 chapter 1 . 5/1
Just got through the story and can we plz get a idea of the spirit king thing? That seems like a fun plot on it's own
Guest chapter 33 . 4/25
I wish there where more HPxBleach xovers.
Shinobi Gatana chapter 33 . 4/18
This story was... for lack of a better word... great. Well done.
SafaiaFureia chapter 33 . 4/15
It'd make for an interesting sequel if you let Harry and Ichigo and the rest of the humans die of natural causes (or unnatural as the case may be) and end up going to the Soul Society as per the norm... then let Harry's heritage come to light and a debacle occur because of that...

I love the blend that you made with this though, both fandoms were true and clear and blended to a T.
shadewatcher chapter 33 . 3/7
Sqweeeee! Love love love it! XD
shadewatcher chapter 22 . 3/7
Muwahahahahahaaa! Oooh what glorious mayhem and chaos!
Khr-hibaritsuna chapter 33 . 3/7
please make a sequel...
Khr-hibaritsuna chapter 33 . 3/7
please make a sequel...
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