Reviews for Grow Young with Me
Clyo-Potter chapter 31 . 9/25
Wow! This chapter was incredible. I'm not so sure when I found your story but I never regretted. This story is amazing, so emotional and great; I like the way you managed to write about the wizarding world from Abby's perspective, you can feel her excitement and dread at the same time and is something really worth it to read. I like your Harry too, he is kind o f the way I always imagined.
I can't write to much what I think about your story because, first: now I feel like I have to read your story all over again just for finish in this amazing chapter, and second: because English is not my first language so I can not express completely what I want to say but trust me, is everything good.
Thank you for write this lovely story and share your enthusiasm about these books.
Sorry if there mistakes in my writing, like I said, I'm not native jejeje.
daled73 chapter 31 . 9/24
Glad to see you continue the story. Sometimes it is very hard, I know. FWIW I found this mining the favorite story list of another author whose works I like, and I find some of the best stories that way.
HappyReader chapter 31 . 9/23
REALLY Excellent writing! I love the clear personalities and voices of the characters, especially Abby’s humor and quick witted nature. Awesome story! Love every chapter!
Guest chapter 31 . 9/23
What a pathetic story!
HalcyonTwig chapter 31 . 9/20
This fic updated! I was hunting it down, because I wanted to read it, it being one of my *favorites* and seeing a chapter, posted this year, filled my heart with joy. Take all the time you need, this fic will forever remain one of my favorites and I am so so so grateful that I have it at all. Thank you so much for bringing this into the world
Piletorn chapter 31 . 9/6
Good story. Thank you for sharing. It could be ended now with very little more written tbh
Averyk chapter 31 . 9/1
Alright. Been a LONG time since I read this story. 4 or 5 years, but every bit as good as I remembered and getting better. Keep up the good work as you are a very talented writer.
Darkshot99 chapter 31 . 8/14
Amazing story, fantastic job with it, I do not read many stories about post Hogwarts on this site, but you have done such an incredible job with this story that you had me intrigued the whole time, and I am eagerly waiting to see where you go from here. Once again fantastic job and have a wonderful day.
SunnydayToday chapter 27 . 8/7
literally the best Harry/OC I have ever read. I have been searching for so long. but no more. this is it
anon chapter 31 . 7/26
Love it! Thanks for story and we hope you keep at it for as long as it takes
Cherryberry123 chapter 31 . 7/21
I'm so glad to see you updated! I remember reading this a few years ago and it was such a good story that I kept thinking about it hahah.
jingerr chapter 31 . 7/19
Amazing Story. first time I'm reading a Harry Potter Next Generation story. can't wait for the next chapters.
jingerr chapter 22 . 7/19
why do I have a feeling that Harmony planned the whole Teddy coming out of the fireplace with hair changing colors
Ladis11 chapter 31 . 7/17
Wow. What an experience ! This is so... powerful ! Thanks ! It's great, it truly is, it made me cry more than once and i got way too into it, like, damn it, why am i on the verge of crying for lil Albus being magic defficient ? It's a freaking story, i shouldn't be soooo emotionaly involved. Lily is way too adorable and the story and Abby, and... fuck, it's amazing ! Good job !
octayoung chapter 31 . 7/13
Please finish!
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