Reviews for Acceptance
Perrip chapter 28 . 11/22
I finished reading this today! It's hella good. Hope to see more!
AlbusEques chapter 28 . 11/11
Ahhh! This is beautiful work. I really hope to see more in the near future. I especially love all the chaos throughout the story. Keep up the great work. Until next time.
bornpuppetdiedcrying chapter 28 . 10/31
I love this fic so much. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just love your writing style and can't wait to read more! keep up the good work friend!
Guest chapter 28 . 10/16
I just finished reading this. It was a wonderful fluffy journey. Looking forward to when this gets started up again :)
Sebine chapter 2 . 9/27
Mmm, butts with sashes
HellTurkey chapter 28 . 9/25
Per usual when catching up with a story (So reading an older story with alot of chapters) I'll most likely write a long and boring review. I'll make a tl;dr at the bottom though.

I looked for Pyrrha/Ruby out of curiosity. Funny thing, I didn't really like Pyrrha as a character in the show the start of it. But the longer I watched it, I kinda grew to like her. Both in the show and by alot of authors on this site, Pyrrha is portraied as a very motherly figure. And since Ruby is...well youngest of them all, and it shows very often, I thought how such dynamic duo would work. So here I am.

What I really enjoyed about the story is that it really draged the...romance? To happen. Or any semblence of crush or love in any of the character. And while I used the word drag, I didn't mean it in a bad way. Quite the contrary. Alot of people have issues with portraying some situations where characters are having fun. Some bonding expiriences. Mostly just rely on what was shown in the oryginal materal and just go with that.

And before its said that there's not alot of oryginal material to work with around Pyrrha, its not even that. You simply made alot of scenes that mattered for the plot, were important for the characters...but in reality were nothing grand. It were simple things the characters enjoyed. And it really showed

It was very...protagonist centered story. Which isn't bad. What I mean by that is that you rarely really focused on the background. It was just that. Background, any people that would in anyway interact with them, would do so to add something to the dynamic betwen...Milk and Cereal? I'm...still not sure why its called that. But moving on, it felt minimalistic. But it made the entire story more focused. It wasn't about background characters and their shananigans. It was about a specific dynamic betwen two characters. And it was refreshing to read.

A bit of a side note, I watched all 4 seasons of rwby not long ago. In well 3 day sitting. And while I read some chapters that used the scenes and situation out of the series, I really wondered about the death scene and all that ... And considering all this emotional investment of both characters, and how long it took and all that jazz? I think it would be the most depressing scene anyone would have written. No matter how you'd spin it.

To summerize: I really enjoyed it. The pacing, while it developed very long, was pretty good. You did a great job at making it both entertaining to follow their everyday stuff and make it a bonding expirience, and a belivable expirience at that. Overall its a great story and I'll be following it from now on. Cheers!
intenseshipp20 chapter 28 . 9/11
aiiii my heart qwq no lo creo, soy mega hiper duper archi feliz
es como si yo lo experimentara , así de profundo es como me llega esta historia , quiero decir LA AMOOOOOOO I LOVE THIS SHIP
pensé que sería raro pero lo amo b
intenseshipp20 chapter 27 . 9/11
ohhhh maldición me encantó esa declaración joder!
y es el penultimo capitulo? nooooooooo por favor noooooooo como puedes ser tan cruel?
intenseshipp20 chapter 26 . 9/11
intenseshipp20 chapter 25 . 9/11
ohhhhhhh al fin al fin kamisama escucho nuestras plegarias alfinnnnnnnnn
algo de que solo falten 2 me gusta u.u
por ahora disfrutare ;3 estoy increiblemente feliz joder!
intenseshipp20 chapter 19 . 9/11
intenseshipp20 chapter 18 . 9/11
ohhh ahhh ehhh omg oh myyyyy
ruby al fin al finnnnnnnn esto se prende ! calor e.e
soy sumamente feliz , quiero más!
intenseshipp20 chapter 16 . 9/11
maldita sea ahhhhhhhhhh mil ahhhhhh joder
hermoso bello magnifico asombroso! que lindo lo ultimo que dijo pyrrah y que ryby este ahi realmente como no enamorarse? es demasiado ahhhhhh
ya las shippeo ;3 love
intenseshipp20 chapter 15 . 9/11
ohh vaya esto es duro hombre ;c
hmmm como se formará esto ? jaune por un momento pensé que se confesaría a ruby , muy loco no?
intenseshipp20 chapter 14 . 9/11
ajaja me gusta!
y vayaa...el amor te cambia supongo antes la idea de un abrazo sería aterradora..pero ahora no.. tuby entro en su vida para bien y puede disfrutar más de la vida , ser ella misma , me gusta ver como la apoya bueno ambas se apoyan creo que asi deben ser las relaciones :3
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