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Pygmy Hippo chapter 30 . 11/15
Oh wow! What a way to leave off! So amazing!
stevem1 chapter 30 . 11/5
Looking forward to the next chapter. It seems like Jon is starting to get screen time, which was previously the providence of Robb.

I’d always liked Olyvar Frey. It was said to see him murdered.
stevem1 chapter 23 . 11/5
This is a very Robb centric story. Rob beats Loras, Garlan and Jamie Lannister. Jon is reduced to a wingman. He draws with Loras. My recollection from canon is that Jon was better than Robb with a sword but Rob was better than Jon with a lance.

I like the story but the author nerfed Jon to make Robb cooler, for reasons beyond me.
GoMagikarp chapter 6 . 10/4
This story is better than 99% of the trash on this site, but it still has it's issues.

Another reviewer said it best. The plot doesn't feel organic. It's clear that the author has an idea in mind and forces things to suit that direction, even if it doesn't make any sense with the setting, characters or politics.

And it's a shame since the dialogue and character voices are done splendidly. It only makes the nonsensical plot points all the more glaring.
GoMagikarp chapter 2 . 10/4
Great chapter. Everyone feels very in-character, except for Robb (but that seems to be the point).

So it looks like you're using the show ages, not the book ages. I hope that's all your using from the show since it's worse in every other respect.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/8
Please say Grey Wind isn’t dead! Also, I think it’s time for Robb to emulate Tywin a bit...the only thing Tywin seems to understand is force, so Robb needs to end the whole “we won’t harm anyone in Casterly Rock” thing and execute all adult male Lannisters. Maybe even Genna Lannister given that she’s also a Frey. And he should do the same with House Frey and give the Twins to someone else. As for who should get Casterly Rock, I kinda think it would be poetic justice if he contacted Dorne and gave it to one of the Martells. If Myrcella was sent to Dorne like in canon, she and Trystane could become the new Lady/Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. It would make Tywin seethe for the name Lannister to die out and for Myrcella Martell and her Martell children to make a new legacy. Hell, if Robb is feeling particularly vindictive, he could gift the Rock to Oberyn Martell and legitimize all of his Sand Snakes! Just a thought...we haven’t heard anything from Dorne even though Gendry killed the Mountain. For that matter, is Amory Lorch still alive?

Also, I forget if you clarified earlier, but why did Robb *not* kill Varys when Varys confronted him and warned him not to act? Obviously since Robb told him he was planning to act, he would have known or should have known Varys would ruin his plans...but he didn’t seem worried?
Alphapaladin chapter 30 . 9/8
Dangggggg... That's cold to kill your own family. It is what it is though
Guest chapter 30 . 9/8
If you kill robb off am going to stop reading this happens to much in fanfics
Time Parad0x chapter 30 . 9/8
I have to agree -
The Freys and Boltons betrayal does not make much sense -

Neither Robb nor Ned have broken a promise to the Freys or offended them in any public way ... furthermore, they were on the winning side with the Reach at least parts of them aligned with the North ... why would they do that ...

Tywin can promise whatever he wants but if he cant deliver what good does that do ...

And then we have the Boltons that is even worse in my opinion -
Roose always struck me as nothing more than an opportunist who had no intention to go under and suffer under the idiotic decision of Robb - he cautioned him against doing pretty much anything that later on cost him the North and then his life.

By the time the Red Wedding happened Robb had already lost he was just too stubborn to see the reality of it.

I mean what was the plan here?
Tywin wrote some letters to Northern houses how he knew which one to write for those letters not to find their way to Robb is anyone guess ... and he just so happens to find those in the Northern camp that would betray him - after all neither did Robb break a betrothal to the Freys nor was he losing - a correspondence that would cost those lords participating in it their heads if Tywin would have told Robb about it ... incredibly risky undertaking ... and just to believe Tywins words ... I dont know.

Then there is the fact that no Iron Born invasion happened the Northern army isnt barred from just marching North and killing Roose the moment what he does reaches their ears ... and neither are all the Stark children thought to be dead or held hostage aside from Robb.

And for that to work Roose had to be certain Robb would die ... relying on others to get the job done ... a Robb who is riding with an Army. And how did Roose plan to take the other Stark children the North would undoubtedly rally behind?

Winterfell is no easy Castle to take if it has a full garrison - it is after all the place where Winter fell ...

That all seems awfully fishy ... to me and that is not even considering that with Margery pregnant the Tyrells had any reason to fuck the Boltons up ... to get the North for themselves ... Roose is to smart to set himself up in such an idiotic way.
Order of Alignment chapter 30 . 9/7
Fucking FREYS!
alexaguamenti chapter 30 . 9/7
Greatazuredragon chapter 30 . 9/7
Ah the damned weasels...
anja.quickert.9 chapter 30 . 9/7
Supremus85 chapter 30 . 9/6
While this was a nice chapter, the betrayal of the Freys, and, as implied, of the Boltons, seems a bit forced to me. In Canon they waited for Robb to be at his lowest before they stroke. This come after his greatest victory. Robb has a wife, an heir and another is arriving. All in all it seems like too much hazardous for too carefull bastards like Walder and Roose.
Max20.7 chapter 30 . 9/6
A good chapter, I like it how you made another betrayl as the red wedding.
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