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SixPerfections chapter 80 . 20h
Well. Thank you so much for updating. Damn you for the cliffhanger! Also, just one opinion here, but I think your loyal fans will care far less about re-editing all chapters than they will about the story continuing to truck forward... just saying, I really think your energy would be best invested in that direction. However you do you, you know? Anything you choose to do is greatly appreciated.

Liked this chapter, though the whole thing being cut off by some kind of Madoka flashback and things just kinda turning into soup at the end was somewhat disappointing end to the chapter... probably because it felt like the set up for the emotional impact was blunted by ending it like that. I dunno, maybe the emotional payoff will be next chapter? Anyway love the chapter and love the story. Incredibly well written work, one of my very top stories to recommend as far as well written material goes. Pacing though could pick up a bit. That is my only overall critique though. Very wonderful overall. Thanks for all your hard work :)
V01dSw0rd chapter 80 . 10/19
Some strange letters prior to ‘Toshiro’s dad’ when talking about Yamamoto’s suggestions...

Also, Orihime should say “let me see YOUR soul gems” added word to complete the phrase/idea.

“You killed my sister, prepare to diePrincess Bride much?
Lina esrevnI chapter 80 . 10/19
Well I just reread the entire story and it's a fun story overall but I'm still waiting to see how Makoda's connection to her wish growing powers and remembering the past time line fragments is going to play out. However I suppose that the explanation and creation of a diary that she can use in the next time loop is going to be next.

I did think that having sailor pluto be the reason why they don't have problems with the time stop and time travel was a bit of a cop out given that canon Homura's behavior was actually closer to the outer senshi then the version in the fic and they had a lot of problems there.

Given I didn't remember that polynomial expansion existed at all so I'm probably going to go and read that next.

I have to say I had thought that this was further then it was
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 80 . 10/19
I owe you so many and so much god dang reviews, I did one on archive but BAh I say Bah!

the gradual approach and opening of it! after much thought considering all of bleaches dramatic first meetings and reveals, they have pance matter of factness about them that mxies with their zero chill when it comes to discussing things.

but it was such an INSPIRED idea to do this chapter from the perspective of one who doesn't KNOW yet, as that works WONDERS we already know the dread poor Homure is feeling, but were not in her mind with her right not to hit on it exactly, forcing us to think about it ourselves, and we mostly understand homura, as weve been in her head, without having toa ctually BE in there, especially cause its a wonderful reminder that each character is their ownt hing.
madoka is awesome, bu SHE cant parse out EVERYTHING like we can, as we have the benefit of the narriator and story so to speak.

lovely stuff, especially cause the reveal on madokas tied into aspect of it, I love that complication with it, the longer they loop, the more growth and potential built up in both girls keeps happening as they presumably condense and their soul gains unconscious experience.

anyway Karin was so dang FUN a true daughter of Isshin, love it.

especially because she has a bit more breathable room when it comes to explanations? so she can do stuff that Homrua isn't ready for.
well done!]

the parents freaking out was sad but understandable, especially with everyon else!
course this new complication of feedback loop should be an interesting conundrum..

but god DANG Zero decorum on Kisukes part, huh that's interesting and just immediately promt push kids out and can you see them? and the soul fry flash burn hey we got a whole NEW city of supernatural things going on!

its a good reminder of all the elements and chaos and storms that happened and people see things, cause GROWTH.

anyway. lovely stuff, all the tea throwing and just Madoka gagining awareness, and offscreen parents able to give reasonable structure to explain things...

and just oh god im LEAVING and you have to suffer through this with us!


good joke on the future kid thing, cause that god dang hilarious.

also Sakya doing her hero dream thing and applying it in such a way that she reveals the plot all aong….. pooor Houmra.
shes going to have to cosplay as Sailor Pluto with a mix of Sailor chibi Ursa, as well as Sailor Saturn.

and they we don't KNOW THING just god.

and kisuke and Kaname (Madokas mom? so tired cant scrool up to look to get proper name) clearly assessing and then summing up and just …
wondeful things.

but sloly bit by bit piece meal revealing stuff!

the Incubator showcasing why its so dangerous to, cause its willingness to COMMIT some of its forces toa t least TRY things, instead of sitting on their problems and being passive, or getting pacified... their willing to TRY against all odds even as they take injury...
your willingness to do outside contxt humor, but also clearly the wrong and ull thing...


seeing the devestation to remind us off the cost of collateral was well done as well.

everyones reactions to magic time travel after being sufficiently explained was still in character and emotion reacting to it.
Kyko combative and all the stuff,

anyway! lovely stuff. THANK YOU FOR THIS CHAPTER.

the Incubator joke with the fire fighter was funny even as it diddnt change the Incbuators creeyness.

coruse even IT is reacting to new and unexpected locations and folks. nEW STUFF AND IT HAS THIGNS TO CONSTANTLY CONSIDER THINGS JUST LOVELY.

course here just proves it isn't a passive reacting and waiting fo the story tellivions.

all the disaster of doom! good going really.

now where oh where to go from here?

anyway lovely chapter, the final reveal! course Homura giving proof for the other girls, only Kyko was relativly established well. quite odd and interesting.

thank you for all this good time! Im sorry for spelling erors you may fine, im falling asleep as I review.

ive decided to reread from the beginning again in my casual spare off time! just got to Yamomoto releasing his bankai for some fighting.

thank you for this excently long story and im so happy to continue!
54 is a bit daunting, but hoenstly if you just decided THIS time line shall surive id be qite happy...

anyway magic Madoka mom meaning new powers and all on same level playing field of fun!

thank you for the new chapter, its always great to hear from you! till i catch up again.
J flood chapter 80 . 10/18
hears Japanese restaurant eating customs
kalandrawow chapter 80 . 10/18
Love it as always. I still go back and reread the entire thing now and then because of how artfully planned out this isgoing back a few chapters and seeing the hints of the spiritual awareness bomb stand out on the second read through was just as fun as the first read. Thank you for your hard work.
bob115 chapter 80 . 10/17
Ooh seems like Madoka is starting to really remember things. Can't wait to see how this implodes lol
Yoyo T Bone chapter 80 . 10/17
honestly best madoka fanfic ever
fanficobsessed15 chapter 80 . 10/17
I'm... conflicted.

On the one hand, I'm ecstatic to get this update. Even better, the news of the rewrite coming in the foreseeable future means I'll be able to reread this story again, this time without that snide little voice reminding me that I could probably recite some paragraphs word by word.

On the other hand... I didn't really like this chapter.

To be more specific, I didn't like how the reveal was handled. Maybe it's because I'm rather unfamiliar with Bleach, but Karin's flamboyancy just doesn't feel right for the situation. I can appreciate her trying to make things easier for Homura, but for everyone else it's a very serious situation and they've been promised answers.

I wish her act kinda fell flat, or Homura went "Thanks, I'll take it from here". In general, Homura doesn't feel right for me. In the show, even at her very worst, Homura was still coherent, and this held true for the fic too. But when Karin is doing her thing, it seems like she's almost deranged and this close to a mental breakdown. I can see her feeling emotional as fuck in that situation and I understand that you're trying to humanize Homura, but I still can't reconcile this with goddamn Homura Akemi, the girl who's lived/is living an endless he'll by her own will.

Another thing: This should be Homura's moment. Just from a narrative standpoint, this is Homura making the decision to reveal Homura's secret to the people Homura considers friends. Instead, she gets completely railroaded first by Karin, and then by Sayaka.

Speaking of Sayaka: I really wish you hadn't done the Sailor Moon thing. I didn't really mind the previous references to magical girl shows, but direct comparisons to other media just feels like the author is trying to do a meta joke. And once someone starts comparing, they should logically be able to keep comparing until they realize "We're basically living in a subversion of a magical girl anime", because they ARE a subversion of magical girl anime. And at that point things are almost deadpooly and no one wants that.

I think in general, it feels like you tried your hardest to drain the tension from this discussion, when it was something I've been anticipating/dreading since Homura arrived in Mitakihara.
I do like the Madoka/Homura thing at the end though. It provides a new mystery and I'm hoping for some interesting interactions between the Bleach and the Madoka crew. Especially about the reveal.

By the way, since you're rewriting I might as well add a few suggestions (because I like to keep my reviews short).
1. I always find myself skipping/skimming the Karin/Yuzu flashback scene. It's two characters we barely care about at that point, interacting with a magical girl we'll never see again and fighting a random witch. I'm not sure how you can avoid that though.
2. The parts with the Forum when IsshinCo are doing research are kind of hard to read. Maybe you could try formatting in a different way?
3. There are a few parts where it feels like the reader is treated like an idiot. Like when Homura goes "My goal is to keep them from dying or turning witch" and everyone realizes "The implication is that her friends keep dying or turning witch". Or when Yoruichi does the Chicken and Egg metaphor about Kyubey's looks and Urahara(!) needs her to explain it. Small complaint, but it just kept bugging me.
4. The way Urahara was treated a few chapters ago. He told Homura an unpleasant truth without softening the blow in any way. In my opinion, that would warrant a "God, you're a fucking asshole". The characters acted like he deserved to rot in the seventh circle of hell for that.

This review probably seems very negative in tone, but I honestly really enjoy this fic and I'm immensely grateful that you decided to write and share this incredible story.
Lordsunshine64 chapter 80 . 10/17
already reviewed on AO3, but wanted to add how amazing Madoka's conversation, the pizza scene, and the absolutely gold sailor Pluto conversations were. So great! thanks again!
DschingisKhan chapter 80 . 10/16
It's past my bedtime, but I really couldn't hold out any longer. Worth it. This is superb. Taking Madoka's perspective for the whole chapter is inspired and has me champing at the bit for what comes next. And all this affection and care for Homura is good for my heart. I hope they manage to go on a date at some point...
V01dSw0rd chapter 73 . 10/16
“Kyoto came back bit at feelmissing a bunch of words to complete the sentence?
Deboovoir chapter 80 . 10/16
lol you keep making the mechanics of this story more and more complicated

so now madokas mom can get powers, is she gonna get strong by the end of this

"please show me captain level madokas mom" isnt something I ever would've expected to say but I'm happy just with that thought lolol

this story is extremely hype all around but I'm probably most hyped for whatever your plans are for the detective character

I'm a big fan of your stuff! it's got good mojo even if people do whip their heads around to look at stuff a bit too much

even that is charming in it's own way, keep it up comrade!
V01dSw0rd chapter 71 . 10/16
“Her friends neeHomurawhat’s up with this sentence?
V01dSw0rd chapter 63 . 10/16
I would say a cross between Weaver and Surgeon... which fits well his Bankai and how Benhime’s crimson mist is extremely maleable...
It also fits with his ‘ethical mad-scientisthe makes something out of curiosity, but upon seeing the horrific result seeks to undo his mistake. More of a craftsman than Scientist, though there is overlap.

Kiskue’s nod to programming fits inafter all, one can describe Science as Understanding the System that runs the World. In theory, with a deep enough understanding, one can calculate the exact movements Atoms would make. The exception to that are Souls!
The best way to handle getting answers is to ask, especially why should he refuse/deny. If you can give him a valid enough reason, he will change his attitude.
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