Reviews for As N Approaches Infinity
Vivitsa chapter 1 . 11/25
I'm ready for the ride.
JdkLeBleau728 chapter 30 . 11/18
I knew the conversation was leading up to something, but hot damn...
AshRuleZ chapter 1 . 11/16
I have to say... CONGRATULATIONS! I just started reading this fic 2 days ago, and I llike it so much that I read this fic all the way to this last chapter just yesterday. And I'm actually slow reader, so that's something. This is actually the 2nd time someone made a super long fic that got me this hooked. So again, congratulations. And I hope you'll update soon.
Janitor chapter 58 . 11/6
So I wonder if anyone realizes during this chapter that Yoruichi was sitting in Mami's lap. And was summarily crushed by any and every physical action Mami undertook from there on. Ah well, no big deal—she's already dead, technically, so she'll be fine the very next chapter I'm sure.
dylansandy1993 chapter 83 . 10/26
My goodness, these last three chapters have sent me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Mostly making me cry.

I loved it.

Because of the sheer amount of amazing character development, this fanfiction has plucked my heartstrings sufficiently to make me cry. At anime scenes I've already watched.

Would love to see more ASAP! Then again, a gem like this deserves to be updated when the author is able to. You can't rush good stories. I really love that I've read all eighty three chapters in one day though.

I had added this story to my library over a year ago. Today was the first time I remember starting to read it, yet it sucked me in. Like I said, I read the entirety of the posted material in one single day. And loved every chapter.

Though I'll admit, this chapter with Mario Kart hit me especially hard.
PinkShadowReader chapter 83 . 10/5
I just read this masterpiece of yours twice now and it was a treat to do it. First time to just enjoy the ride and the second one to pick it apart. I love it very much.

Sayaka reflecting of her own past self was very satisfying.
I'm curious what Urahara discovered with his experiment with Madoka. As far as I could tell he showed Madoka black pentagon and started make it into an egg. Then Madoka interrupted him and told him to make a purple diamond shape. Like Homura's Soul Gem in battle mode. However she should have seen Homura in battle mode this timeline so I doesn't get what Urahara got.

I'm looking forward to your next chapter!
Reinholdt chapter 24 . 9/24
I have re-read this part multiple times over the years. I just noticed the bolded subtext? Not sure what to call it. Great work. Very subtle.
Anonymous chapter 80 . 8/25
kalandrawow chapter 23 . 8/17
The seventh re-read is just as good as the first. When all my followed stories are floundering and nothing new catches my eye, up pops this story to fill in the cracks. Hope you're doing well out there.
LuckyMagicBelle chapter 68 . 8/10
Urahara's technobabble is perfectly written
Guest-Informer chapter 83 . 8/6
After re-reading this fantastic story again. I decided to take a scroll through the comments section, and found many people confused or uncertain as to what was happening with Madoka. Think back to Bleach and how Ichigo first got his powers, then think to how they were recovered. In both cases it involved Shinigami spiritual power being thrust into him. Now recall what happened in a prior chapter where Ichigo broke up Madoka and Homura. Afterward he see's that there is a portion of his inner world(a manifestation of his power) gone and missing. Where did it go? Not to Homura who already has pseudo-shinigami powers. Madoka on the other hand has no real power at this point, yet has massive potential just waiting to be sparked and given form.
I Hope that this has been informative. I have to also say that personally, someone in the PMMM cast getting a zanpakuto has been one of my biggest hopes for this story. I eagerly await an update from Corisanna whenever it is ready. Your life comes first, and you really shouldn't try to rush a masterpiece along.
Alternative Ice chapter 83 . 7/24
Took a couple days to binge this, but it was worth it.
This is a really good story you've got so far.
I really like seeing the other character perspectives, especially ones that don't get as many like Renji, Uryu and Rukia.
I also like reading their opinions on the Madoka characters, especially Madoka herself.
I hope that you bring some of the Oriko Magica girls into this fic eventually. Maybe not this timeline, but a future one.
Keep up the good work.
PatchworkChimera chapter 83 . 7/20
you're such a good author, i reread this masterpiece every few months. I can't believe this is free to read
LukeSky001 chapter 83 . 7/3
Holy shit. We are STILL in the first loop. And there are apparently 54 more of these...

Where do you find the motivation?
J flood chapter 83 . 6/23
hey I haven't seen you update in a while you okay? getting worried
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