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Mazie chapter 9 . 4/11/2004
Write a more detailed one... I wuz kinda confused at the part where Yami attacked you... ;.;
I am shaking! That wuz such a good story, I think I'll print it out no matter how many pages it takes! oh, Miah will LOVE this!
Daisy chapter 8 . 11/14/2003
That (sniffle) was (sniffle) so (sniffle) sad (sniffle). I (sniffle) have(sniffle) no (sniffle)ideas (sniffle) for (sniffle) a (sniffle) sequel (sniffle) but(sniffle) I(sniffle) would(sniffle) love (sniffle) to(sniffle) read(sniffle) one, (sniffle) though.

memefuufuu chapter 9 . 8/22/2003
oh! i have a gr8 idea 4 a sequel. have Secret tell her hikari the story on how her and Yami were reunited. oh,by the way, i luved the story!
kaibascutie chapter 9 . 3/29/2003
oh don't worry about it! you keep dishing out the good stuff (which is like everything!) and i'll be here! i'm glad you did this story. it was very enjoyable! - so keep it up, don't stop k?
kaibascutie chapter 8 . 3/29/2003
i'm going w/ yamy on this one: 0_0...i mean what a sad ending! i can't believe! so that's the story huh? well at least yami was able to help you secret before it was really too late. but phew talk about your that was just wow. great story, very interesting and dramatic and all that good story stuff! (gives standing ovation!)
kaibascutie chapter 7 . 3/29/2003
0_0 bakura? wow i'll never look at him the same way again! phew i'm glad that everything turned out well though! (wipes sweat)
seashellz chapter 8 . 2/4/2003
seashell: the ending is sad! noooooo!

sea cucumber: lets think of some ideas here.

seashell: Happy ending next time!

sea cucumber: don't like happy. (seahsell: *gasp*) well if we wanna see a seqil then we better get some ideas coming!

seashell: right! continue... ideas... continue... Ah! got one! Bakura's milleneum ring homes in on the milleneum items right? so it could pick up on the bracelet!

sea cucumber: ok.. and... it would have to happen sometime in the future, we're in battle city now and i don't know what happens later but it wouldn't fit in now. And remember, right now Yami can't remember much of his past. that could be used to your advantage. to thicken the plot, there could be some kind of confusion thinking that Secret is the enemy. i mean, so far about half of the item holders were evil, so they may think she's out to get them too for a while.

seashell: *nod nod* yeah!... yeah! and then... ummm... maybe Secret trys to explain that she's not evil...

sea cucumber: And she doesn't remember everything either! maybe suffering as a slave, but she doesn't remember Yami except that he was pharaoh. I mean, after 5 thousand years of rest, the memory starts to rust...

seashell: *nod nod* but it ends happy!

sea cucumber: I don't think so... I think they should all die! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

seashell: NOOO! O_O

sea cucumber: haha! just kidding hikari! just kidding. still. don't have a 'happy, sappy ending' as i like to call them.

seashell: well is our idea workable? hope you use it!

sea cucumber: remember. say "NO" to 'happy, sappy' endings!

seashell: hope it works! and write more soon!
Topaz Roales chapter 9 . 1/29/2003
WEll, I try to think of things for a sequel. I really want you to do a sequel, so does Minnie and Minnie wished that she could get in tack with you. Oh, welll. Well, me and Minnie say, Peales do a sequel and if you decied to do one...good luck.
DarkElf chapter 9 . 1/28/2003
YDE: _ Before i throw some ideas for you, i just want to say

thanks for mentioning me in your thank yous!

DE: Yay! _ yamachan likes M&M's too! Anyways, when Yami duels with the mysterious dude

in your last chapter, i thought about Seto Kaiba,

since he was supposed to be an evil

sorcerer in his past life. Maybe you could write

something about him in da sequel.

YDE: Okay, now it's my turn! (pushes DE off the computer.)

DE: Hey!

YDE: For Secret and Yami meeting up again, you could have Faith receiving the

Millennium Bracelet from her mom or dad (who had

traveled to Egypt), and then having a scene when Yami sees the Millennium Bracelet

and thinks that he's seen it somewhere before. And then... uh...

DE: What? And then what?

YDE: Can't think of anything else... Oh well. i hoped i helped ya! _
Kuria chapter 9 . 1/26/2003
Me: DANG IT! It just ~HAS~ to be over. -.- Anyways, ideas for a sequal? Let's see...something that involves me and Yami! *sparkles*

Yami Bakura: *shoots down sparkles*

Me:...ANYWAYS, how about something that involves Malik(NOT MARIK PEOPLE! I WILL NEVER CALL HIM MARIK! BWAHAHAHAHA!) and him trying to split Yami and Secret apart or try to steal everyone's items or kill everyone like he usually does. Ja ne! Hope to see a sequal! (Yes, my spelling sucks. -.-)
I love bakura chapter 9 . 1/26/2003
yay. dont worry about the fluff thing this was a exallant story. You could have the sequal in the future where they find each other and love happens all over again and then some how they discover there past love life - exellent.

Yami ilb: *tear* that was so special you are so nice because you got my hikari noticed *goes and puts ax away* now i dont have to hurt you-

me:*sweat drop* sorry about that she gets a little crazy when she has sugar...

Yami ilb:dont we all?

me:-_-;; sad

by farwell se ya i will miss you and i will read the seqel!
KindCalypso chapter 9 . 1/26/2003
Can I read the two illegal fics? LOL

I really loved this story and I can't wait for the sequel. How about you incorporate how Secret and Yami's relationship is now? That would be cool. Anyways! You're a great author and you got a lot of talent.
Laie Himura de Fanel chapter 9 . 1/25/2003
MM..why don't you make the continuation about present times?

Secret and Yami found each other one more time...sound interesting, ne? -**

(Sorry for my bad English, but I'm doing all what I can! ยก)
Destiny Rains 13 chapter 8 . 1/21/2003
shay: 0_0 *blink* uh... *blink blink*

malik: *looking at shay* uh...

ryou: that was so sad! you died? who was yami fighting? who was the guy with the staff! *Gaps* WAS IT MARIK!

shay: caml...down ryou...OH MY RA THAT WAS SO SAD!

malik: *anime fall*

shay: OHMYRA! You should do a sequel...*grin* How about your guyses wedding!

malik: ...guyses?

shay: guyses, guy's, same diff

malik: -_-;

shay: but...ooooh! that was SO SAD! I stil loved it though. I'm adding it to my fav stories! SO SAD! yet so romantic...*sigh*

malik: O_O''

shay: what? was...i dont see how ishtar and bakura could want to kill yami!

bakura and ishtar: *Glaring at shay*

shay: um...oh crap, i pissed them off...O_O HELP!

ishtar and Bakura: *start chasing shay*

shay: AH!

ryou: -_-; well, i loved it too. but who was everyone? what card was it? I'm confused...:S

malik: *sigh* your hainging out with shay too much, ya know that ry?

ryou: not.

malik: *sigh*

shay: *runs up* WellIlovedit! . GottagoBYE! *runs off*

Ryou: Ja Ne...

malik: ankh wedja seneb...
DarkElf chapter 8 . 1/16/2003

YamiDE: o_O grow up you crybaby hikari!

DE: s-s-s-s-sorry... (Sniffles.)i hate sad endings! But i still love... love stories...

YDE: Well, since she's too emotional to review, I just want to say that we both love this story and we hope that you write more in the future! ;)
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