Reviews for Dimensional Links
Dracoog101 chapter 59 . 11/26
Great story and can't wait for whenever you can update it! (You forgot about Fi
Guest chapter 59 . 10/22
Just one more chapter till were officially past the half way point. Though the story has changed so much that i suspect its going to need to be all the way to the end... Hoping the next one is soon.
Guest chapter 28 . 10/15
I'm actually beginning to learn this darkspeak. Props for scrabble and weird õ's that get deleted
Guest chapter 53 . 10/2
Hi, great chapter! I don't know if you are going to remake these chapters at some point but I just had an idea that might be fun, maybe Mask can use his Zora or Goron Mask to help the main team fight Ganon, and then later he can get Oni's help like the chapter originally had. I just think it would be cool to see more of the transformation masks and since his age doesn't affect those forms, it makes sense too! Just an idea, and the battle is still really good.
DessertChan chapter 29 . 9/30
Woo new update
Guest chapter 19 . 9/16
Lmao I get that ASDFMovie reference.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 53 . 8/16
Oof. Ocarina ganondorf was SOO close. But no dice. Maybe they should ask majora about the fierce deity… or maybe demise? He might have heard of him?
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 48 . 8/16
And navi might wake up. Ocarina’s gonna get an earfull!
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 45 . 8/16
That would have been a good plan for veran to try and take over. If they possess someone they already love and is constantly in the public eye… i have a feeling that they may need mystery seeds… and that is if Veran hadn’t already eliminated her weakness or have Onox get in the way of the projectile seed.
mmandel375 chapter 30 . 8/16
You skipped
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 33 . 8/16
Bellum pulled a “Sike!”
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 23 . 8/16
I would love to see what a malladus train would look like.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 16 . 8/16
They haven’t formed a connection on WHERE the voids were formed. If nayru realized they formed where the bbeg would have fought the hero, she would be concerned at what happened to them.
mmandel375 chapter 1 . 7/24
Love it!
bermellon chapter 59 . 7/15
Oh! Tristeza.
No pensé que el 58 era el último.
Leí en ao3. El 30 es otro ritmo.
Snif! Jejeje me tomo tiempo leerlo. Fue muy grato.
Me gustó cada una de las versiones de Link.
Describes a cada uno tan carismático con sus manías y defectos que le dan gracia y caracteres.
En sí. Dimensional Link es mi favorito AU en el fandom Tloz.
Ánimo a las musas para más inspiración.
Con tantos años y no lo deje botado. Se agradece _
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