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theking999 chapter 54 . 11/21
Could you possibly do a fanfiction about the aliens that attack romani ranch in mm
theking999 chapter 55 . 11/21
You forgot past ganon wait is past gannon oracle ganon or are they different if they are different you forgot him
theking999 chapter 56 . 11/21
There is this game called super bomber man r and in it the a main villain summons the bodies of the five other villains and mushes them into one being which you have to fight before the final boss could you do that here where demise mushes all of his incarnations into one before re absorbing them and fighting the real final battle.
theking999 chapter 57 . 11/21
For the minish vaati fight is there any chance that you could have that right after they beat him ghirahim gets sent by demise and puts on vaatis sorcerers cap I know its wierd but it would be cool
theking999 chapter 58 . 11/21
when is the next chapter
ZeldaKitten chapter 58 . 11/5
This review is kind of lengthy, and definitely a long time coming. Brace yourself.
This fanfiction was one of the first I've ever read, and the only one I've read through a good four times. The concept is great. The plot is extremely well-sewn together, besides the updating-in-progress thing. This story is amazing, hilarious, and dare I say it, perfect in every way. It is also one of the greatest contributing factors of my posting my own fanfiction in this site.
I feel like you perfectly captured all of the characters, and now I feel like I've known the Links and their shenanigans for my entire life - Dusk's tolerance when sanity has left the chat, Blue breaking the fourth wall (along with Lore and his general craziness), Mask and Ocarina trying not to screw up the shredded timeline any further, Realm having Problems, Gen mother-henning everybody into next week, and Demise being royally infuriated at anything that moves. Also the trillion little clever running gags throughout the entire thing.
Half crack, half adventure, one hundred percent absolutely mind-blowingly AWESTRIKING (is that a word?) PLEASE WRITE MORE CHAPTERS AND UPDATES YOU ARE LOVED AND APPRECIATED AND OHMYGOODNESS YES I'M GUSHING. This is uncharacteristic of me but I am so happy I found this jewel of a fanfiction. You are awesome. You balanced all of the aspects of the story perfectly and it is funny as heck, I think I may have burst a lung the first hundred times I read it.
P. S. I am curious, why did you pick the nickname Lux for Warriors Link? I saw that on the Tumblr thing and now I'm intrigued.
P. P. S. I would love to see more ZeLink with Ocarina, Dusk, and possibly Gen! They're adorable.
P. P. P. S. This is by far my favorite fanfiction I've ever read, possibly close to surpassing the Harry Potter series itself. Yes, it is that amazing Changeling.
- ZeldaKitten, formerly zacekitten
Zantetsuken Reverse chapter 32 . 10/16
Yay! This chapter is incredibly sweet. Aryll is Steam's great-grandmother; did he know her as a child? It's kind of interesting to realize that almost everything in Spirit Tracks is less than a hundred years old, including the castle. I think of castles as old, so...
Wind's grandmother teaching Gen how to make soup! And with her granny powers, knowing not to put lobster in it.
And Gen learning to fly.
Sketch trying to confront his phobia. He's got a lot to work through. For a Link, to be a 'liability' in his eyes has got to be painful, but I know none of the others see him that way.
Also, I might have asked this before, but Sketch is required to go through water during his game. How did he deal with that? Was him fading like watercolors after he did the water dungeons?
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 32 . 10/13
D'aww, Steam and Wind being cute - nice to see that little dynamic ironed out. And that at least one Link has fathered a Zelda, with Wind firmly Setting That Aside For Now. Honestly, my theory - derived from the way Demise phrased his curse on those with "the blood of the goddess AND the spirit of the hero" - was always that all the Zeldas are directly descended from Gen and his Zelda, and all the Links up to Ocarina/Mask (and on to Dusk) are a branch that split off at some point and ended up as a cousinly/cadet branch that occasionally got back together depending on chemistry and circumstances.

It would be mildly amusing to see Dusk and both Ocarina and Mask work out theirs. I strongly suspect that Dusk knows and hasn't said anything, because he's not stupid. I also suspect that Midna might know and would have no qualms about bringing it up.

Oh, and I can't WAIT to see Gen's Zelda and Groose react to all the Links.

Also, Aryll continues to be adorable, and this is an interesting change-up of the fight. Well done.
Reiko x 3 chapter 32 . 10/12
I feel like this is the time to cue epic boss battle music. The question is do I go with final boss battle music - since these two were the final bosses of their respective adventures - or do we use mid-boss battle music since they have effectively been demoted by Demise to that particular status? This is an important question to resolve since it will effect what music I listen to while reading the next chapter. I take my musical ambiance choices VERY seriously. ...I'm going to end up browsing YouTube for ideas again. I just know it. ...I also have no regrets over this eventuality.
CureCaligraphy chapter 32 . 10/12
I keep looking for my name in the credits and not finding it. I'm sure it's somewhere but I Cannot Find it.

is this my first review on this story? can't be.
why am I rambling again? I need to stop doing that.

uh. I had a thing I wanted to say, right? if I had, I forgot it. I will say though, this story is. so good. I love it to bits.

... oh right, I think I wanted to ask if you ever read the manga version of Twilight Princess. that one's. that one's a doozy. and five to ten times longer than any other manga adaptation for some reason. Really good, though.
Ikibli chapter 10 . 8/3
i loved the part where blue obliterates the fourth wall
chao-hellsing chapter 58 . 7/6
what's with the update?
Smith of Swords chapter 1 . 7/1
Just started a reread and I noticed a few things. You need to update the prolog because it says you've updated to 27 when you have gotten 34 done. Also Stech's condition is called aquaphobia not hydrophobia because hydrophobia is the term sore something that repels water and aquaphobia die too late stage rabies. Look it up. But this story is great
icicle.c.cold chapter 58 . 6/29


You're a terrible tease! Every time I get a new email I get all excited and then it is just a noticed that updated a chapter!
Edwardbeyer chapter 58 . 6/23
No worries, It can be irritating to revamp a work. Keep on writing dude/tte! This had been awesome so far, and I look forward to more awesomeness as time goes on!
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